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Welcome to No Sleepless Nights – a resource and blog which aims to help you sleep better at night.

photo of ethan greenMy name is Ethan Green and I’m the creator of this website, the writer of most of the articles, and unfortunately a bit of an insomniac.

Part-time insomniac

It’s not an official term, but I call myself a part-time insomniac because it comes and goes. It’s just one of many light-hearted ways I’ve developed to cope with it.

Ever since my early teens I’ve struggled with insomnia, and still to this day in my thirties it’s an issue from time to time.

With some key lifestyle and attitude changes though, I’ve managed to reduce how often it occurs.

To tell you a bit about my background, I studied Psychology in the 1990s at University College London and worked in mental health for many years.

My understanding of sleep and sleep disorders, however, doesn’t just come from my education. It comes from a combination of personal experience and a huge amount of time passionately researching the topics I write about.

It’s important that you understand this background though. If you’re reading this site to get help, or even to do your own research for educational purposes, please remember that I’m not a doctor or medical professional.

What I am though is someone who knows how to research and cover a topic comprehensively, and provide the kind of information I know people want. And importantly I’m someone who cares about what you have to say.

So please use the information contained in this site as a complement to medical treatment or research on scientific websites, not a substitute.

The aims of No Sleepless Nights

My core aim with this website is to help you get the best night’s sleep you can. And there are 4 main aims and principles which will hopefully help you achieve that:

1. To provide information about sleep in everyday language

You can find an enormous amount of information about sleep-related topics online, but there are two problems which often crop up: either the source contains lots of medical and scientific terminology, or it’s over-simplified and doesn’t explain important details.

So the aim here is to cover important topics in sufficient detail, but in a way that can be easily understood by everyone.

2. To provide a wide range of self-help techniques

Most people have heard at least some of the common self-help techniques for insomnia, such as drinking relaxing tea, not watching TV in bed and taking exercise. But there’s a whole world of self-help techniques that go beyond these well-known tips.

The aim is to provide a vast resource of all known self-help techniques, and keep you informed of new ones as they appear.

3. To encourage and respond to your participation

In my view, the most interesting parts of this site are the long comment threads on some articles.

What makes them so special is how much comfort other readers take from them, and the sense that people are sharing solutions when the medical world sometimes yet have enough.

Here are some of the best examples:

  • The personal stories people have shared about sleep paralysis.
  • The unusual but common jerking or falling sensation due to hypnic jerks.
  • People discovering what exploding head syndrome is.
  • Finding out that making strange groaning sounds goes by the name of catathrenia.

4. To provide detailed sleep product reviews

I pride myself on conducting thorough tests and reviews of sleep products. Whether it’s a larger piece of equipment like a bed cooling or heating system, or something small like earplugs or over the counter sleep aids, I try to present both the best and most affordable in each category.

My hope is that my personal experience and knowledge of these products will help you find something which meets both your needs and your budget.

Reader comments and testimonials


Thank you so much for this article; it contains a lot of enlightening information. Reading the comments from other sleep paralysis sufferers is also helpful – I don’t know anyone else who experiences this on a regular basis and it’s nice to compare notes.


Your article helped me confirm “where” my snoring comes from and helps me narrow the types of solutions. Thank you greatly!


Thank you for this site. I have had three frightening incidents when I wake up from loud knocking or trumpet blasts in my head only to realize it was nothing real. I thought I was going mad or that I was dying. I have never heard of EHS. I am so relieved. Now I know it is nothing to worry about. Thank you.


So thank you for this website, thanks for telling the world about this problem. I am sure that it will help a lot of people like me. And to the others who posted their sleep paralysis stories here, I hope you will learn to lose the fear of these nightly experiences quicker than I did.


I had never read anything about it before and I’m glad I’ve found this article to help me understand my dreams better


Thank you for this article. I am writing this in fact just after several episodes and deciding to read about what I may be experiencing online, so it is very nice to see an in depth write up on something I have tirelessly tried explaining to friends and family members who have never experienced this before.


This is such a wonderful and informative article! Thank you. I think I finally know what is happening to me. I know for sure I will be more at peace now going to sleep knowing that what is happening is normal for some.


This article is, by far, the most thorough one I’ve read on the subject. (I hate forums; a bunch of people talking about the problem and not the solution.) This piece has given me some ideas as to how to approach this problem. Very good article, thanks.


I really learned a lot from your article about confusional arousals…I really liked the article about improving your quality of sleep naturally, and plan to try some of your suggestions…Once again, thanks for the wonderful articles!


First of all, I would like to thank you for collecting all this information, which I’m sure is very helpful to a lot of people who suffer from any kind of sleeping disorder. Especially for people suffering from sleep paralysis it can be a huge help firstly getting explained what happens biologically with one’s body, and secondly simply being aware that one isn’t alone.


I’ve worried quite a bit over all of these various experiences over the years, but finding this article has offered a bit of relief. It’s reassuring to find that not only am I not completely alone in experiencing things such as these, I’m also not necessarily insane or going to die from some sort of hidden brain tumor. Thank you for this article.


This website has been invaluable to me. After reading about hypnic jerks on various sites, I discovered this site. Once I came to realize that they do not indicate something serious, besides the massive sleep deprivation they were causing me, I was able to read through all the suggestions here. I knew mine were caused by some acute anxiety I was experiencing, and two suggestions on this site helped me tremendously. Laugh them off, believe it or not, and realize that it means my body is about to fall asleep. I am so incredibly grateful for this well written site, maintained by someone who obviously cares. Thank you, Ethan!


Thank you for this article and for spreading awareness of exploding head syndrome. Knowing that I am not the only one is a great comfort, as well as knowing that the disorder is not necessarily being harmful and I will try to remember this next time.


I really appreciate you posting this article. I always like reading what other people have to say. Not that I’m happy other people are having these problems because I wouldn’t wish anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, etc. on my worst enemy it really does suck and it makes you feel like you’re going to have these problems forever, but because it helps me in knowing that I’m not the only one having these problems. Because when I’m going through an anxiety or panic attack I feel like I’m the only one. So thank you again for this. Best wishes to you and everyone else for restful nights in the future.


Thank you for all the information that you have provided. I think your site is brilliantly informative! I’m also glad to hear that I’m not so different to others with the same life long problem. Best wishes, and great dreams to everyone.


Thanks for this informative and comforting website. I really appreciate it and I know others do as well.


Thank goodness I found this, I’ve thought for years I was slightly insane…I’m in tears here to finally know it is an actual disorder and not me being crazy.


After nearly 20 years of pretending my experience didn’t happen I’ve just found this page by chance and can finally tell people what happened to me without feeling crazy. Thank you so much for the detailed article!


I am happy to finally have some answers and to know it really is a thing and I’m not just weird. Thanks so much for the help!


…This site, however, has been the most beneficial to me in understanding the nature of these bizarre and frightening experiences from earlier in my life (thank you Ethan). Such a relief it has been to learn how common SP is and some of the common “themes” of the experiences. I also appreciate the presentation of what is thought to be at play physiologically during SP… instead of the typical theological explanations.


Thanks for the great article Ethan, it’s very helpful, clear and comprehensive, I’m looking forward to your next ones. Keep up the good work!


Firstly, thank you for writing this article. It’s been really interesting – not to mention reassuring – to read, and similarly I have found the comments helpful too. (For instance, I hadn’t heard of Exploding Head Syndrome before, but I recognise it as something that’s happened to me a number of times, so it’s nice that there’s an actual term for it and that I’m not the only one experiencing it..!)


This is so interesting to me, and I’m so relieved to hear that other people are having the same experiences. Now that I think back on it I probably had “sleep paralysis” my whole life and just did not understand what was happening.


Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to all of our comments…either way you have reassured me so I am no longer fearful. Thank you again.


Many thanks for these articles! They have assured me that what happened to me last night has happened to many people and I shouldn’t worry.


Thank you so much for comments/articles, they have really helped me understand all this jerking I have been experiencing. Thanks again everyone! At least now I can give my problem a name!


PS – i really like your website. Great explanations of hypnic jerks and sleep paralysis, among other sleep-related topics. :)


Hi Everyone, I’ve read all these posts and glad that I am not alone!


Firstly, many thanks for the site. Without which we would all believe that we were cracking up!


Again, thanks for reading and double thanks for inciting such an interesting subject without all the ‘mumbo jumbo’ popular in other articles of the same topics…I’ve been returning to read new comments as they come in. there has been some interesting reads to say the least. keep them coming!


I would like to start this post by saying I read every comment above and feel grateful I’m not alone


Thank you so much for this concise and informative piece. It is incredibly useful and I feel much more informed and able to talk about it.


I feel so thankful having found this site because you take time to answer the comments. It is a great thing for us, to have answers or even explanations. So thank you.


I find this article to be the most informative & helpful I’ve found. Even compared to sites where doctors write comments & such. They write one or the other of your listed reasons, but not all.


I had never heard anything like it (Catathrenia) and we have been fighting it for quite some time now. This article has really helped because now I feel a lot more understanding of the situation!…thanks for the helpful info!!


Hi. First of all, I wanna congratulate you for the great website. It helps me a lot, and I believe it helped lots of people too. I’m so glad I found this, because I thought I was alone, and I couldn’t really explain what was happening to me. And if I did no one would understand.


This is amazing.. I cannot believe the amount of comments here.. Well done for allowing people to comment.


Great article…this is just what I was looking for and I will try a few of the tips tonight…it’s a comfort to know that I’m not the only one who experiences these frequently and knowing this alone may help me get better sleep.


I’m very glad to find this community with tons of great ideas and a motivated moderator running a dynamic site that will send you to sleep – later that evening when you need it, not while you’re reading it!


Thank you for this information I feel like a weight has been lifted as I come to find out others have the same problem.


I’m so glad I found this article. I’ve been experiencing these symptoms for a while now and didn’t want to tell anyone about it for fear that I was going crazy or something. Now that I know about it I’ll tell my parents and seek help from a doctor.


…super article and site, very reassuring knowing I’m not alone.


Thank you Ethan for increasing awareness, compiling stats and allowing people to not feel so alone in their experiences.


Hello there. Thanks a lot for writing this! You have no idea how much I laughed (I don’t know why) after finding out what I had been hearing was actually a known symptom! I almost cried from so much laughter…So, yeah… Just felt like sharing my experience with this syndrome. Reading this page felt like meeting a stranger you have a ton of things in common with. Thanks again!


I randomly stumbled upon this. I really appreciate what you’ve written here – with such attention, care, humility, and thought. You’re providing a great comfort to folks!


Wow! I am so relieved to know I’m not alone with this! I’ve been experiencing these hallucinations for years…My heart is always pounding when it happens to me. I’m thankful I came across this article and read a good bit of the comments. Thanks for easing my mind about this!


Thank you for your insight and encouraging words to stand for what I believe in and to also keep an open mind toward the people I am asking for their help. I do feel better after reading your thoughtful reply, I appreciate your articles here and it has helped me to open a dialogue between my sons, my husband and I so I can feel more comfortable talking about it.


As I’m from the UK the top and first thing I went to was the NHS, then found another website similar to this, a few other random ones, then this. This site being the most informative and helpful (especially in the early hours of the morning)…thank you to who wrote this post, to make me understand what’s going on lately.


Thanks for referring me to that article. I read it and I think that’s what’s happening to me. It was really starting to freak me out…thanks again…your web site here really helped me to understand what people can go through.


Hi there. Just wanted to say thank you to Ethan and the creators of this site – it has provided me with some very reassuring information and Ethan’s responses to people’s problems and concerns are very well considered caring and sensible.


Hi Ethan! I just stumbled upon your site today and was so happy to find it! You have such an incredible amount of helpful information here. Thank you!


Today was the first time I have found out what is going on with me while I sleep. I could just cry. I have never shared this with anyone. I thought it was just me and the way I sleep…Thank you so much for this chance to speak about this syndrome and all the other folks that shared their stories. I feel so much better knowing that i am not alone


Thank you for this article and forum for people to share their experiences. I’m sure this has been helpful to a great number of people!


I can’t believe I found this article/research: it describes perfectly what I’ve experienced only three times in the last year… Thanks for the great post.


Thanks a lot for this information Ethan. Its really helpful. I have been experiencing these for last six months and get really anxious and panicky when they happen. I talked to so many doctors about it and could not really verbalize the experience. But after reading your article, I feel more relaxed about it now. Hopefully I will be able to manage it better now.


First of all this article was so very helpful because it explained a lot of the things happening to me…and I would like to thank everyone who made this article happen (not being cheesy) you really changed my life. Thanks


This article was extremely informative and helped me to understand what happened to me yesterday.


I had no idea what catathrenia was until I checked the internet. I enjoyed the article and the comments. I don’t feel so alone now.


Oh my God you have no idea how thankful I am for this article. For the last few nights I’ve been seeing things as I’ve been lying in bed, and as a writer who usually gets all her writing done at night, I’ve been too afraid of the things I’ve been seeing and hearing to focus…And here I was, wondering whether or not to call up my local priest or wiccan group for help. I don’t know how to thank you enough!


Thank you for your article it is enlightening and I see that I’m not the only person who suffers with this condition.


I am so happy to find your site today, you have pinpointed the issues and have explained it in a way that is reassuring, that I don’t need pills right away and I can work on my healing. I will soon work on breathing exercise and mindfulness and try not to worry about not being able to sleep enough, and sure with lots of prayers!