False Awakening: Dreaming About Waking Up

a man dreaming he is awake

Have you ever had a dream in which you’ve woken up, only to then wake up a little while later for real?

Perhaps you even got out of bed, started your morning routine and then snapped out of a fantasy breakfast to find yourself back in bed?

Waking up twice in a row without falling asleep in-between sounds impossible. But that’s what it can feel like if you have what’s called a false awakening.

False awakenings are remarkably vivid dreams in which you think you’ve woken up. Only to then later realize that you were, or still are, asleep the whole time. And like dreams generally, they can range from being fairly mundane to quite distressing.

In this article I’ll be looking at false awakenings and ways to manage them. You’ll find some practical techniques for preventing them if they’re upsetting you.

And I’ll also look at ways to become aware that you’re dreaming, using it as a stepping stone to the fascinating world of lucid dreaming.

False awakening poll

In 2016 I polled 557 readers regarding their feeling about false awakenings. The majority, 324, said they found it distressing. Interestingly though, 91 said they enjoy it or find it interesting. A further 59 said that it can lead to a lucid dream.

graphical results of a poll about false awakenings

Too real to be a dream?

One of the fascinating features of a false awakening is just how vivid and real it can seem. So much so that you might not question the reality of it, even if you have some feeling that it could be a dream.

Quite often the experience takes the form of waking up to then do something quite normal. You might get dressed, go to the bathroom or sit and have breakfast for example.

Typically it’s only when you wake up for real that you realize what happened, and puzzle over what a remarkably realistic dream it was.

For some people though, there might be a few more episodes yet before the eventual real waking. It’s uncommon, but repeated false awakenings all within one sleep are not unheard of.

This extended version of multiple false awakenings is sometimes referred to as nested dreams, or dreams within dreams.

It might sound a little like the stuff of movies such as inception, but these dreams within dreams do happen and can leave you feeling like you’re trapped inside your dreams.

False awakenings can seem so real that perhaps even on finally waking up you might wonder whether you’re still dreaming or not.

What causes false awakenings?

False awakenings don’t yet have any firm scientific explanation. It’s understandably a difficult area to research, especially as scientists still don’t agree on why we dream. The two most common theories are:

Worry or anxiety

If you’re worrying about something happening the next day, you might dream about getting on with the day. Your brain might then dream of waking up, perhaps as the starting point for rehearsing whatever it is you’re worrying about.

Some also believe that expectations play an important role in dreaming. If you’re worrying, you might expect to sleep badly and wake up in the night, or need to wake up early for an important day. This could influence your dream and create false awakenings.

Sleep fragmentation

Your brain can be in more than one state of consciousness at once. So it’s possible that the part of your brain responsible for dreaming and also that for consciousness are both active. This fragmentation could then lead to vivid dreaming of gaining consciousness and waking up.

False awakening or sleep paralysis?

False awakenings are sometimes confused with one of the scariest of all sleep disorders, known as sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis can occur either upon waking up or falling asleep. During an episode your body is paralyzed but your brain is conscious and aware of your surroundings.

But what some people experience is a false awakening in which they dream of waking up and unable to move. This can of course also be very frightening, both in the dream and when you wake up and remember what just happened.

In the article I wrote about sleep paralysis, many readers have since described experiences which sound more like a false awakening rather than sleep paralysis.

The key difference is that the paralysis does physically occur during sleep paralysis; you will lie in bed and feel unable to move at first except for perhaps your eyes, a finger or toe.

On the other hand, the paralysis during a false awakening takes place purely within the dream, and you will usually then wake up in your bed and be able to move normally.


False awakenings are not thought to be an indicator of mental illness. In fact they are quite common, and it’s thought that most people experience them during their lives. So in that respect they don’t usually require treatment.

However, if you’re repeatedly having them and they are distressing you, then you can speak to your doctor about it. They might consider the following options:

  • Dream rehearsal therapy (see the article about stopping nightmares for more on this).
  • Anxiety or stress treatment if thought to be a cause.
  • Medication in certain circumstances, for example with associated PTSD.

It could be though that the best option is not to worry about it and try to accept it as a normal part of dreaming.

Alternatively, there are two different paths you can go down in terms of self-help: stopping them happening, or using them as a tool for lucid dreaming.

Self-help for false awakenings

It’s one thing to wake up properly after a false awakening dream and then lie in bed thinking about how odd it was.

It’s an altogether different experience to become aware of it whilst you’re still in the middle of it.

How do you gain that awareness though? And once you do, do you decide to try and wake up or go with it and see what happens?

The answers to those questions are part personal choice, and perhaps part whatever level of awareness you actually manage to achieve.

So let’s take a look at what you can do in the throes of this strange experience.

1) How to wake up properly after a false awakening

If you have a false awakening, you might just wake up naturally afterwards anyway, sooner or later. A moment of awareness within the dream may never actually happen.

Even if you do realize you’re dreaming it doesn’t always follow that you can just decide to wake up; sometimes it can take a little effort. Especially if it’s an unpleasant dream which somehow grips you.

If you do realize you’re still dreaming rather than awake though, here are some actions which might help you wake up for real:

  • Try and focus your mind on moving a finger or toe. When you gain control of that, move to an arm or leg if you still haven’t woken up. This is also a very effective technique if you’re either experiencing sleep paralysis or are dreaming of being paralyzed.
  • Try blinking rapidly in the dream.
  • Focus your gaze on one thing in the dream.
  • If there’s a mirror, try and look at yourself.
  • Try and do something complex in the dream.

All of those techniques of course require a certain level of awareness though; you’ll either have it or you won’t in any given dream.

Let’s now look at what you can do if you’re not in such a rush to wake up, and like the idea of exploring your dreams a little further.

2) Turning a false awakening into a lucid dream

If you’re the adventurous type, then the idea of lucid dreaming may be an exciting and fun one. And false awakenings are often reported by the lucid dreaming community (for example in the world of lucid dreaming) as a potential bridge.

In some ways it’s a fairly straight-forward concept. First check that you’re dreaming and therefore become aware that you’re still inside the dream. Secondly, get moving and explore to your heart’s content.

Becoming aware that you’re dreaming can be confusing though, especially when you just dreamed that you woke up.

Here are some techniques to do a reality check and find out which side of the dreamworld your feet really are:

  • Try and remember facts or figures. It can be difficult to recall factual information, such as your current address, mobile phone number or someone’s date of birth. If you find it difficult, then it’s a sign you may be dreaming.
  • If you’re in a familiar room, try moving into the next room or hallway. You may find that it suddenly changes into something which shouldn’t be there.
  • If there’s any writing, numbers or symbols in the dream, try and read them. Reading can be difficult in dreams and you may find the words or numbers blur or morph.
  • If in doubt, you probably are asleep. Despite the fact that your brain can create incredibly vivid scenes, if you’re even asking yourself if you’re dreaming, you very likely are.
  • If doing a complex task, perform a reality check. If you’re in the bathroom, see if you look normal or not. If you’re eating breakfast, check if the food tastes as it usually does. If you’re in bed, check if the bedding has the right texture or feel.

The idea is that any of these reality checking behaviors can trigger awareness that you’re in fact still asleep. If that doesn’t then wake you up, then you’re free to explore a whole imaginary world of possibilities.

If you’ve never experienced the kind of awareness that doing these things would require, don’t worry about it. Even reading this and remembering it may help trigger that awareness in the future.

If you want to explore the idea of lucid dreaming further, there are lots of online resources which claim to help you learn the skill.

Do note though that scientists are still largely unconvinced about the efficacy of any one technique. For example, a review of scientific research by Heidelberg University in 2012 suggests that the techniques don’t work on demand.

So it may be that time, patience and a little luck is required if  you’re to master the art of lucid dreaming.

Ways to prevent false awakenings

Using false awakenings as a bridge to lucid dreaming doesn’t appeal to everyone. And if you regularly have nightmares or unpleasant dreams, you may be far more interested in getting out of them. And of course you may just struggle to gain any control in your dreams.

In which case there are some things which might prevent them. Or at the very least help stop them happening again the same night.

Please note that these ideas are not set in stone as cures; they may or may not work, but are definitely worth trying. In many ways they are suggestions which are thought to help a variety of sleep problems, not false awakenings specifically.

  • Avoid caffeine, especially in the evening. False awakenings may happen more to hyper-sensitive people, so avoiding stimulants like caffeine might help.
  • Try to calm your mind before going to sleep. If you struggle with anxiety or stress at night, you might find it helpful to do some mindfulness exercises.
  • Do regular exercise. It might also help to go for a short walk in the evening before bed. And if you have a false awakening, or series of them, then getting out of bed and having a short walk or doing some stretching might help prevent it happening again.
  • Have a light snack before bed. The article about good bedtime snacks has some ideas for you. And if you experience an episode, get up and have a snack or some milk, then go back to bed.
  • Try and keep to a regular sleep pattern. This is one of the most effective ways to help you sleep better in general. Getting enough sleep, avoiding sleep deprivation and having a stable routine can help prevent strange things happening when you do sleep.

Your thoughts

Have you experienced a false awakening, or a series of nested dreams? What happened and what did it feel like?

Have you had an experience where a false awakening has then led to a lucid dream? Do you think it’s something you would like to try and achieve, or would you prefer to just stop them happening?

Feel free to share you story and views in the comments below. I’m sure other readers will also find your experience useful and interesting.

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  • I find I only have nesting dreams when i take a nap and have something covering my eyes (usually a pillow yo block out the light). When I “wake” all I want is to take that pillow off. It sounds stupid but having that pillow there and me not able to move it off is terrifying in everyway. This helped me figure some stuff out about it and I thank you

  • I am also suffering from this problem and i thought before paranormal activities is happening to me but after reading this article i am feeling better and i am able to convert it into lucid dreaming… Which is really cool i am able to dream whatever i want😎

  • I’ve had multiple false awakenings when I was younger. the most was 3 times in a row and it truly made scared out of my mind trying to understand what is real and what isn’t anymore.

  • I have these about once a month. I always know I’m dreaming but then I wake up in my bed but I know I’m still dreaming so I scream at myself….”wake up” so I do laying in bed, buy I’m lying in bed still in a dream. Sometimes this happens 10+ times before I actually wake up. I sometimes walk around a bit before I scream at myself, cause I don’t know if I actually woke up yet. The only time it really scared me was when I fell asleep on the couch and I could here my kids and I knew I had to wake up but I kept waking up in the same sleeping position but was still in a dream. This certain false Awakening happened 20+ times. I think it took so many because I was worried about my kids and knew I needed to wake up. Crazy Everytime it happens but that one had me on edge for days. I sometimes have sleep paralysis but we’ll leave that for another day. Thanks for listening.

    • Omg!!! Exactly what happend to you happend to me!!! My baby was sleeping with me and I was so desperate to wake up because of him and I couldnt wake up!! I even hit my head on the floor in the dream and also thought thay maybe I was dead😥😥😥.

    • Hey I’ve exactly the same dream. I’m doing daily stuff with superhuman abilities like i can fly, jump around I’m almost fluidic but i keep screaming at my self to wake up and almost get vibratory sensation in my head, in the dream (don’t know if that’s for real) and after multiple attempts I eventually wake up to find it was only 20-30 minutes since sleeping and I felt like it was wayyy longer! Scares the shit out of me. Wonder some times if i got possessed

      • Sadly same thing happening to me
        Whenever i tells my friends they says you are joking and at that time i thought if i had sword at that time i cut them all😒

  • Such an interesting read, thank you! When I dream about my house, it is never the one I live in now, but when I have these dreams, it’s always my house, and it’s always scary. I can usually understand my dreams, but these ones freak me out. One time I woke up three times within a dream and got scared later while shopping, because I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming again or not (I was not).

  • Ack! I’ve been having these every time I wake up at some point during the night. Like if I happen to consciously wake up at 3-4 and do a task for a bit (usually work as I’m an artist) then I’ll go back to bed. It’s always a recipe for these for me. Mostly I just find them annoying. My usual tell is grabbing my phone and if I can actually read the screen I’m usually awake. Sometimes it fools me tho and I will end up halfway across the house before something happens to set me off. A lot of times during these I will hear someone walking in my room, which used to scare me but anymore it’s just another way of knowing I’m really not awake.

  • i o lot of research about my dream which im awake but still dreaming.. i’ve been experiencing this thrice in different day.. the scenario of my dream was repeating where i am half awake of my dream and i force myself to fully awake in real.. its too hard too explain what im.trying to say.. i hope you understand..

  • This happens to me all the time. I have many nested dreams where I think I’ve woken up only to realize that I’m actually still dreaming. When I become aware that I am dreaming but can’t get out of it I try to yell help in my dream because I know if I can yell then my husband will shake me until I actually can get out of the dream.
    The nested dreams drive me crazy!
    I also have nightmares and become aware that it is a nightmare and then try yelling help again so that my husband will wake me up out of it. Thank you for the info.

    • I learned to control my dreams when I was very young (5 or 6 yrs old). My nights were ruled by nightmares and my mom, who was very likely exhausted from me waking her up to tell her about them, suggested I take control of my dreams. All I had to do was realize I was in charge and could make anything happen. From punching the kidnappers literally to the moon, to flying (low flying bc I could never overcome my fear of heights), I had it down. In my adult life, after experiencing more loss and trauma than a day of Lifetime movies, my dreams became to terrifying and disturbing to gain control over. So my concern now is waking up from these dreams, which is not always easy. I have two methods that work for me. I visualize what is REALLY around me, where I am Sleeping (my bed? the couch? hotel room?) what I am wearing ( which pjs or did I fall asleep dressed? If so, which clothes) and is my husband beside me or one of my children… once I can recall my real atmosphere I feel a suction-like sensation at the back of head and I’m able to wake up, as if I’d been placed in a sling shot and thrown back to reality. I don’t expect anyone to be familiar with the sensation, but it’s crazy so I wanted to share it. I can actually use it as a way to escape the chaos of my nightmare, while I calm down when I am unable to recall my REAL surroundings correctly, because I will still experience the sling shot sensation.. its not easy to explain but it’s pretty neat. My other wake-up method is calling out to my husband, which is not easy to do. It has to be able to wake him up, so once I “find” my voice, I will repeat ” Tim wake me up” over and over until I am able to speak out loud enough for him to wake me. Fortunately for me, and not so for him, his sleep Cycle has adjusted to accomodate this since my nightmares have increased to almost every night.
      I also experience sleep paralysis along with sleep halucinations and because of the intensity of my nightmares and hallucinations I avoid sleeping if possible. I only need 3 to 4 hrs of Sleep to feel rested and at my best, so it’s not difficult to just not go to sleep. It isn’t unusual for me to get through 2 nights without sleeping at all. I have never watched horror movies or anything with unprovoked violence, so my dreams do not come from those sources. They are vivid and terrifying and truly sick and twisted on a level that I cannot express. It terrifies me that these things are originating in my mind. I am a mom to 6 children, so my life is Disney and I LOVE children, and animals, and I sincerely pray for those who do or speak against my loved ones. I don’t have enemies, and I truly care about everyone. without a psychiatrist and hypno therapy, is there a way to find out the source of these disturbances, and to possibly find a relief?
      I don’t want to use any drugs or sleep aids, bC I fear I will lose the control I do have over my dreams.

  • I have always been a vivid, lucid and false awakened dreamer . Not only that, but I have predicted Countless pregnancies .. sounds strange.. I know , I’ve gotten the nick name “the baby guru”. Most times Ive shared this information Before the individual even knew they were expecting.

    With the false awakenings, I used to think that I was dreaming about the future and then watching it unfold. Although him not certain that’s not what’s happening , false awakening sounds now that I read of them seems like what I deal with ..way too often.

    In the past few months these feelings of having woken up but continue to dream are occupanied by what I can only explain as a feeling of gravity . It makes me feel very comfortable and is if i am being pulled down or in different directions .. the dream becomes can sometimes then turn lucid bc I start asking myself if I am awake or not and when I do question it , I get this intense physica, alomst painful feeling . It can be so unpleasant that I then feel trapped .. it’s like two states of consciousness pulling me in different directions .. last night I had what you called “nesting false awakenings” which is typically, but the gravity pull was so strong that for about 6 hours after I truly woke up , I felt my perception was distorted.. disconnected .. it all still felt very dream like.. eventually this feeling disipates and without recognizing the very moment , things go back to a more normal state.
    Until I sleep again..

  • I often dream like this. Personally I don’t like it. It seems that dream 1 is always something frightening. Then in dream 2, im trying to wake my spouse so he will wake me but I can’t open my mouth, I can’t move. Finally a 3rd type of dream in able to wake up but I somehow know in dreaming at this point.
    It’s just very scary to me.

  • I dont know if many people get this or its just me , I’ve looked up for research and can’t find anything … So here we go some nights doesn’t happen all the time but has been recently in last 3 days ! If I fall asleep early cause my body needed it my brain would fall asleep around about 10pm then all of a sudden its like I didn’t sleep or did I . I would wake up well let’s say my brain would wake up for no reason and I think to myself did I even fall asleep or have I been awake all along , sounds freaky buts its scary and when it happens I panic and pinch myself also look at time if it time moves its real I think… I then also will match the time on my phone to other times on clocks /TV etc so i believe if time moves forward I’m awake if time don’t move its not reality.. Now while I’m panicking I also imaging waking up my partner who sleep next to me before I wake him up . but other times if I fall asleep before him it happens so when my brain wakes up when falling asleep at 10pm it wakes up at 1030 so I didn’t even sleep long , now as I was saying I would wake up and my partner still up I would ask him “am I sleep or awake” ? His respond when I havent been asleep yet so your defiantly awake. Then I ask did I fall asleep as don’t remember falling asleep he would say yes you were asleep…confusing right ?! So what is happening and why …. I keep myself awake possible later much as I can as I don’t like it . sometimes I don’t let myself fall asleep till 3am in morning but my brain wants shut down early say about 130 or 200am but it still happens half an hour later …to me it feels like ive slept for ages and then I look at clock and that’s how I know I didn’t sleep long . I’ve tried not looking at time every time but I panic more if I don’t. As I do it to check if I’m in reality or dreaming… Then sometimes I fallen asleep woke up for no reason getting into a panic attack state thinking I’ve slept all night and thinking it’s the morning when i only drifted off for few mins . yet again i look at the time cause i thought was the morning .Its hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have or experience it.

    • I had this happen when I was younger I wanna say it was waking up during a certain stage of sleep(I can’t remember how I know that)

  • I had a false awakening and a sleep paralysis in a same dream this morning. First I woke up, start doing my regular things, then I realized I can’t leave my bedroom because I am still in my bed. First l panicked and tried to wake myself up again. I thought I did. I was pretty sure this time I was awake. Then I saw this guy whom I have never seen in my life sitting on a chair behind a table and talking to me. I was answering him and having a conversation then I questioned myself what in the world this guy doing in my apartment? I managed to open my eyes half way and I saw part of my hand was in my vision and the guy was still there as well, but there is no way I could move anywhere. Then I freaked out and started screaming to myself to wake up. When it didn’t work, I calm myself and start focusing on my finger in front of my eye. And Through my mind I was trying to find the nerves which makes my finger move. It took me couple seconds but I manage to wake up. This is not the first time I am having this experience but i never liked them nor i am getting used to them.

    • I had a similar thing happen where I think I’m awake started my regular routine then it becomes very hard to move and I can’t leave the room so now I know I’m sleeping I may go through it a few times before I finally able to wake myself up I find it a little scary it’s happened to me many time so I’m very aware that is a dream but I can’t wake myself

  • **** I know this is a lot but I wrote it all down it my notes when I woke up, at the end of all this I had sleep paralysis and had a hard time waking up and when I did wake up I wanted to go tell my mom but I couldn’t move like I could if I really wanted too but my body was so tired. In total I think I woke up like 3 times in my dream and it was really really vivid I thought it was real life********* So all after noon since 2 til about an hour ago I was thinking about stuff before I took a nap like you know how u play stories and stuff in your head So I was like half awake kinda for the first part And it started off I was at like at a friends house house and I went in and a friend I’m in a fight with rn asked if they could ask me a question and then they said something about this girl Names Madison I know and you so I was like wtf no I hate her Liam’s not dating her she’s ugly so I went on her sc story and I watched a video and I remeber it vividly and then I was at a football game watching people but for some reason it was cement and it was big Stairs like it was tall and there were these 3 windows in the school that were high up and they were sitting in them and I was like oh that’s scary and almost fell down the many stairs of the bleacher cuz I was at the top Just wait When I put “”” around it I didn’t actually wake up I just woke up in my dream So then I “woke up” from that and I was like oh that’s a werid dream like I actually thought I was awake like I felt half awake and I was like “omg what if I fell down all those and like broke my ankle that would be I’m embarrassing” and went back to sleep kinda but I was like half a sleep and this felt like real life and I was like someone get me a piece of paper I can write a book rn I have so many ideas so I suffle around my room to find paper and a pencil and again I thought I was awake like I thought this was real life and I started writing down stuff with my eyes closed and then I got up and went to go show my mom because it was good and I started reading it to her and like I remeber what I said it was like “this is my story bevause I feel really creative right now by Rachel or something: and then it started like … this is the and then there was a scribble on the page and I was sitting on the couch with my mom beside her and my dad was sitting in his spot eating dinner it felt so REAL and then the scribble looked like a stick man but like scary and my mom pointed it out, so I was like that’s creepy I guess I’m sleeping in your room tn. I’m like “I must be dreaming this is so werid” so I started smacking and pinching my legs so hard and I could feel the hit on my hand and like felt myself hitting it was just like my legs were numb and then I was like screaming cuz I actually thought this was real life and I was scared I was like “what’s wrong with me is this a dream” and then I was like to my dad”pinch me” and he did but it was like my leg was numb and then the power went out and I was like “oh fuck no that’s creepy” and then my parents were laughing LIKE IT FELT LIKE I WAS ACTUALLY TALKING TO THEM LIKE IT WAS A NORMAL CONVO. And I was like wtf and I was freaking out cuz I thought I already woke up from my nap and that this was real and then a dark figure comes at me and I’m like screaming and my parent thought I was just messing around and my dads like “your not dreaming!” Then everything went black and I was sleeping in my bed again and I was like thank god that’s a dream and THIS IS WHEN MY SLEEP PARALIS WAS ACTING UP. And this has happened before we’re I “woke up”and I could move but I couldn’t open my eyes and so I was getting up to tell my mom like it happened before in real life before I’ve woken up and was unable to open my eyes but I could move so I thought this was normal and I was trying to go get my mom and I fell and I was crawling on my floor feeling things to go talk to my mom on the couch and . I thought this was real too like I thought I actually woke up this time and I thought the one before this was just a bad dream and then I’m like “I can’t open my eyes” and she’s like “go FaceTime someone” over and over and I’m like mom I can’t I can’t open my eyes and then I felt conscious kinda and felt I was in my bed but I couldn’t move like I had sleep paralysis and then I finally woke up for real and I couldn’t move for a while cuz my body WAS SO TIRED and then I came out and told my mom everything And what’s creepy is that my body felt tired and also I actually felt like this was real life like crawling on the floor cuz I couldn’t see, Ive done that before and like I felt everything I feel in my room and I felt myself hitting and pintching myself it was like my legs were numbAnd my parents were talking to me like normal like it felt like I was really talking to them but I was like zoned out cuz I just woke up And it was the same black figure reaching out to me as the first time I had sleep parlaylis Cuz it was the first figure in my first sleep paralysis but it wasn’t as vivid Cuz it was the first figure in my first sleep paralysis but it wasn’t as vivid and like I felt like I was in a different world cuz I slightly felt myself in my bed but I was real and awake in my house each time I woke up

    When I asked for the piece of paper it felt like I was at A friends house for a sec at a sleepover and it was like I was asking a friend for paper but when I got the paper and pencil
    i was back at my house

    Big blocks messy writing in dark writing ( so I think it wasn’t my writing)

  • I have had these for 3 nights now… i honestly thought i was awake (have had insomnia before), but my sleep tracker says i was in rem sleep. Kinda explains why i haven’t been able to nap though.

    • I woke up and saw someone at the end of my bed then i woke up again. I was so frightened buy it i couldn’t stop shaking and crying. My husband was away at the time so i knew no one should be in our house. Absolutely terrified.

  • So far, this is like my third or fourth time having these dreams and for some reason I just can’t stop it. It happens Everytime I nod off.

  • Well from reading this article I think I might have sleep paralysis.
    I’m 19, African American, male.
    This all started about 2 1/2 weeks ago. It happens every time I’m about to wake up. Okay so this is what happens to me.
    As this episode is happening I’m fully aware that I’m sleeping. I know that because I just know. So I’m lying in bed dreaming away then as I’m about to wake up. I’m still in whatever position I fell asleep in. But the scary part to that is that no matter how hard I try to move, it feels like my body is glued to the bed. So I can’t move nor talk in that matter the last time this happened to me was about 45 minutes ago. I think I was humming or trying to hmm in my sleep to get someone to wake me up. It was that terrifying.

    • Same exact thing happens to me sometimes I’ll even tell myself in my dream to lift my head up or I’ll come to discover more obstacles of why I can’t get up inside my dream I’ll prop my body against the wall then I’ll wake up for real it’s scary

    • I have experienced the same thing and it’s been going on for a few years now. When I have an episode I’ve gotten to the point where I tell myself to roll outta bed. The fall will wake me up but I wake up flailing my arms around as though I’m actually falling outta bed. I’ve only experience sleep paralysis when I take a nap. Maybe it’s because in the the back of mind I know I have to get up very shortly which why I have those sleep expierences. It’s as though my mind can’t shutdown but my body has. Anyways, if it happens again try telling yourself to roll outta bed.

  • This just happened and it was very distressing, I false awakened about 6 times in a row. Each time I would reach for my tv remote (which was beside me on my bedside table) or my phone ( which was under the pillow next to me) as it actually was in reality. I reach for the remote to turn the tv on because when I have nightmares I put on cartoons. So I would reach for the remote the tv wouldn’t turn on, reach for my phone and I cannot type. I was well aware I was dreaming and the cycle would start again sometimes I knew I was still stuck, other times I thought okay I am finally awake. It happened so many times it my dream state my body was trembling like a seizure. When I finally did wake up I was still in the position I was when I feel asleep except my entire body was drenched in sweat from panic. This was one of the scariest times it’s ever happened to me. Being stuck in that state reminded me of the insidious movies. My teeth hurt I just have been so stressed I was clenching my jaw.

  • I too have just started having these dreams. It started about a week ago, I wake up and I find it really hard to move, I feel heavy and I see my closet is open and I grab my iphone to put the flash light on it and I see a bunch of bookbags on strings dangling in the light. Then i wake up again and check the closet with my flash light and I see a ghostly girl walking up to me slowly and her image is flashing on and off like a strobe light then I wake up in real life. And then this morning it happened again I wake up and the blankets are dangling over the bottom of the bedso I reach to pull the blankets up over me and something is tugging the blankets back and the figure stands up inside the blanket like a halloween ghost costume with a white sheet and holes in em for eyes then I wake up again I grab my blankets and then a dog jumps out of nowhere attacks me in my room and bed I finally wake up in real life very very scary like stuff you see in a movie

  • Constantly I wake up from a dream into another dream, this happens what feels like 100 times a morning. It is causing me to be unmotivated to do anything during the day and is becoming more than just a nuisance.

  • I’ve had multiple times that I’ve gone through this. Most of the time it takes me 15 try’s to actually get up. It’s kind of terrifying for me. I am actually conscious of the fact that I need to get up and I try everything in my dream to wake up. Once I tried to squeeze my pillow hard so I can wake up but it failed. I feel trapped whenever this happens

    • I had similar experiences several times in sleep. Even this morning and that’s why I started reading this😁. I repeatedly tried to put off my blanket but I couldn’t and all of a sudden I gained control and did it

  • Been researching this Lately I was so confused at what was happening to me. It was quite scary. Lucid dreams happen to me quite often but I started having dreams where I couldn’t tell if I was conscious or unconscious. Waking up seeing my husband walking towards the bed and laying his hand on my foot knowing good and well he couldn’t possibly be there because he works night shift and once I woke up to a massive spider sliding down a web towards my face and I began swatting at it. It was all so scary because I knew it wasn’t real but it felt like real life. Then I saw this about false awakenings which made since. I wake up in the dream then get scared and eventually wake up in real life and I’m terrified the rest of the night because my mind can’t wrap around what just happened. I literally saw a man and felt his hand on my foot and it was all so real. Why are they always scary? I wish I had the dreams where I wake up and have a normal morning like some of these other comments. Am I the only one having terrifying ones? I don’t feel paralyzed at all during them I always wake up from being scared.

    • This is similar to what I am experiencing. I used to have epilepsy many years ago and have not suffered with it for many years. It does not bother me and i havent thought anout it as a problem at all. I keep having false awakenings. I dream i am asleep and wake up then have a seizure. I try to call for help but it doesnt worm until i finish seizing then i wake my fiance and he comforts me and tells me im awake and its om and i didnt seize but that turns out to be a dream too. I can have a series of these false awakenings up to 12 or so times. Sometimes im begging my self or my fiance to wake up but it doesnt work even thpugh im sure i can hear my voice call his name a few minutes latef i realise that isnt the case and i have to try harder and end up exhausting myself waking up. Once i am awake i find it hard to KNOW for sure unless i have a pain i have been suffering with that day which is still there when waking. Have you manged to solve this at all? I would love some help.

  • I’ve had false awakenings all though my life. I would wake up, get out of bed go to bathroom/ kitchen – something strange would happen and I would release I’m back in bed and can’t move and I’m still sleeping.

    I would after a few minutes be able to move stand up and leave my room only to release I’m still sleeping. This sometimes can happen dozens of times and is exhausting.

    I’ve always had sleep paralysis and false awakenings and seems to happen if I fall asleep on my back – i’m also able think pretty clearing during these events and notice my breathing normally feels obstructed.

  • Looking for help here… been lucid dreaming for years now, ever since middle school (I’m 25 now). Over the years I learned much about my Lucid dreams and what I’m able to do in them. I learned how to breath under water, how to fly (object to sit or lay on usually required), people in my lucid dreams don’t interact with me unless I pull them aside and even then, they don’t look me in the eye. When I lucid dream it’s always been one giant world to explore and the dream never changes. I’ve even learned how to prevent myself from waking up when I feel it coming (it takes a lot of energy and I can only do it about two times to stay in the lucid dream for a little longer).
    So… Here’s the problem… my Lucid dream, everything started off as usual. Weird stuff happened, I realised I was in a dream and I went about my normal exploration routine. However this time, when a mere turn of my head, the entire dream changed. I blinked my eyes while turning to look behind me and I was in a completely different dream. Im still lucid, and I decide to explore around a bit. I make my way through my dream and I notice people are actually staring at me. That’s never happened. Eventually, two people grab my arms from behind and toss me into a locked room with a mansized rat. It leaps on top of me and tries to bite me but I’m able to manifest a blade and defend myself. While that’s happening, I’m closing my eyes to protect them, and when I open them again I’m in another different dream. This one is brighter and I’m alone on a room top. I grab a long strip of wood and fly off before anymore weird shit happens. I made in a park because I can feel myself starting to wake up. I go through my normal routine to prevent my awakening but when I succeed in staying asleep… my body collapses within my Lucid Dream and I’m paralyzed for a few seconds. Im eventually able to get up and look around the empty park. When I feel myself start to wake up again, I don’t even try stay asleep this time. This lucid dream has been full of things that have never happened and I didn’t want to see what was going to happen next.

  • Here’s the thing, I thought I finally had a name to what I was experiencing until I read the comments.
    The issue with what I’m struggling with is that I was pretty sure it was sleep paralysis at first because of how it starts off, but then takes a weird turn that makes me think it is just a false awakening.
    I’m always in my room and it’s pitch dark, just like my room was when I fell asleep.
    I “wake up” and am unable to move. I’m stuck and I breathe faster and faster because I’m panicking. I try to struggle in my attempting to wiggle around, especially my head because (for some reason) in that moment, I think that if I jerk my head around hard enough, I’ll finally snap out of it.
    And it does, or probably better to say I think it does because when I finally snap out of it, I very heavily sit up and stretch out to open the lights to snap myself back to reality. The only issue is that when I get there, I can’t open the light. It’s like my hand doesn’t even exist or the light switch doesn’t, I can’t even tell.
    I then realise I haven’t snapped out of it and that was probably a dream I was having (within another dream???) so I’m back to being paralysed and shifting and struggling to move like crazy. More often than not, I end up crying out for someone to help me. It genuinely feels like I’m screaming in my head until I reach a point where I feel like my screams must have “broken the barrier” and I must be screaming in “real life” and not just in my head. That’s never true, though.
    Eventually when I really do “wake up”/snap out of it, I actually get up and open the lights. That’s how I know I’m actually out of it, but continue to feel like I don’t really exists in a way?
    This all sounds so weird and not very understandable, I know! I don’t even understand it myself which is why I started off by saying I don’t even know if it’s a state of false awakening or actual sleep paralysis. Everyone in the comment section is talking about someone else being involved in the dream, but in my case, I’m exactly where I feel asleep, I know exactly where I am, there is no one there with me, I can’t see anything because it’s so dark (and I can’t move so it’s not like I can find a mirror to look through like the article says I should- I also don’t have one in my room). I am stuck in between doing acts I’m trying to do in real life and it happens in different layers of “dreams” until it happens in “real life” so I never know when I’m dreaming or in a real situation. Even in the final phase in which I actually wake up, it must feels like I’ve gained my motor skills, it doesn’t feel like I’ve woken up from a dream. This is why I don’t know if I have sleep paralysis or false awakening (since there are obviously deceptive attempts at trying to wake up).
    It’s almost like I have a false awakening dream while I actually have sleep paralysis (even if I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing).
    I don’t even know what’s real anymore. It’s exhausting, distressing and reoccurring and I don’t know what to do.
    It’s been about an hour since my last one and I still feel like my heart is beating like crazy. I’m scared to fall back asleep, in case it happens again.

    • I have experienced what you describe. Until about a month ago I dreaded having these dreams. I am in my fifties and have been experiencing them since I was in my teens. It was very frightening when I was young. As I got older it was just weird. A few years ago a friend said She thought it would be cool to have dreams that you controlled but I never felt I could control anything in my dreams. But about a month ago, while getting stressed and anxious in my dream I decided since I knew I was dreaming I would levitate and fly around my bedroom. So I did! It was fantastic! I flew through my bedroom door. I could actually feel my hands, arms, face..entire body going through the wood. Now I am looking forward to my next “dream within a dream.” I wish I had relaxed when I would realize I was in a dream years ago. Good Luck!

    • I have almost the same dream as yours.
      I were dreaming and woke up in my bed, but I couldnt move, I tried to shout for help, and I woke up again in my bed. It happened 4 or 5 time just me screaming hoping that would wake me up, only to find myself in the same situation after “waking up”.
      And then I think I feel like my sister is in the room, if I try to shout out loud enough my real body would shout in real life and she woulf wake me up. But that didnt happen.
      Some where during those moments I felt like if I try harder I would wake up, but I’m afraid that if I tried too hard I would break something in my brain that would prevent me from waking up and I would be stuck in the dream forever.
      I thought what if I were in a coma and never wake up. That freak me out. Since I do a little bit of meditation IRL, I tried to calm myself down, thinking if it had to be it I have to be calm and find way to live on.
      When I were calmer. I tried to move myself in the dream, just imageine that I floated to the door, and I made the door open with my mind. i thought “hey it’s pretty cool”. I can see the world outside, they sun is starting to rise. I wanted to stretch my body, but I couldnt move my hand no matter how hard I tried.
      And then I woke up, this time for real. And it were 12PM in the morning. So I guess I didnt have an astral projection.

    • Wow. I experience the exact same thing. I sleep next to my partner and even feel myself physically punching him in the real world while im dreaming so he will wake me up. He tells me every time when i finally wake up that I didn’t move an inch or even scream like I thought I was. I usually have to wake uo about 10 times before its real. I truly understand how you feel. It’s so scary and exhausting and distressing. I never kmow when its going to happen. It will happen to me usually about once a week at least for a few months and then stop for a few months . I never want to sleep. I’m too scared.

      • Me too! This actually makes me feel better because I’ve never done any research on this because it only started happening to me a month ago, I didn’t know so many people have gone through this too. I assume that my false awakenings started because I have been binge eating in large amounts for a few months now, so I would not eat for two days, then eat 5000 calories in one sitting, and that I think lead time to this but I started changing my lifestyle and it was fine for one day and then started again last night, it’s scary and I don’t like it and I really want to have a good sleep soon :(

  • I have lucid dreamed, long before i ever heard of it, practically since i can remember, I had to. I have severe PTSD, though thanks the the Lord, Jesus Christ, I have been able to get rid of about 98% of my triggers. I have had nightmares since i can remember, and i was always aware of them being dreams and would beg Jesus to wake me up, it seems to have become a trigger to wake me up now, i almost always wake up when i pray that now.

    At the sane time, dreams are a large reason i have healed, I use the scenarios in my dream to quirk past my trauma. The other day i dreamt about zombies and no one would listen to me when i told them there were zpmbies, not listening is really my only ptsd trigger left, so that’s what that dreams about.

    I constantly have dreams within dreams and they are ALWAYS unpleasant. I wake up in my room, but i almost immediately know it’s a dream b/c something is never quite right, lights are on but they’re very dim, my alarm clock wont turn off even i unplug it, stuff like that. I immediately attempt to wake up and it almost always results in another false awakening until my dreams are so frightening i wake up screaming.

    I also have sleep paralysis both before or after falling asleep. I have had night terrors my while life, etc.

    I think one time i counted i woke up 2 times within my dream, again getting increasingly scarier.

    I don’t actually want them to stop in a way because, like i said earlier they help me resolve issues i have in my waking life. I think dreams can often be a very safe place to work out problems.

    I have had numerous dreams where I confronted ppl I can’t in waking life and it actually was what finally got me over my anger at these ppl. I can think of about 10 or sho different ppl i have evidenced this with. Most out of my life. I was and even very recently been heavily abused. I’ve been stalked several times, harassed sexually and otherwise on a frequent basis, assaulted physically by strangers, and assaulted sexually by strangers. I’ve been raped, beaten, screamed at for long periods of timefor no reason, manipulated and then advantage of a lot. That doesn’t cover 1/2 of what i have and do go through.

    Dreams have been a safe place for me to work out issues and figure out what’s really going on with me. AND I have learned how to trigger nightmares, easier than you think, to allow me to finally confront the things that have bothered me most and it has changed my life. I stated to use what scared me to finally heal effectively from PTSD, and the host of autoimmune issues it has carried with it for me.

    God Bless ~Amy

  • The other night I thought I had an episode of SP which I have had before, but I now think it was multiple episodes of false awakening. I ‘woke up’ and was aware that I was awake but couldn’t move, like normal with SP. Then, I swore that I had regained just enough muscle control during the SP to get out of bed and army crawl to my bathroom. I never got to a point where I could stand up and look in the mirror. This action was kind of in a loop, happening several times. Each time when it was over, I would realize I was still in bed and still could not move, even though it felt 100% real that I had. With SP, normally I can remember “I moved my finger and felt my sheets, and that’s how I woke up”, but with this experience I don’t remember actually waking up, I just sat straight up in bed.

  • So I’ve been reading others comment and I’m pretty astounded how many of you have similar dreams as me. I used to able to be lucid in dreams and fly, one time standing on top of the golden gate bridge and I’ve never even traveled there in real life but ever since my Uncle committed suicide, I have the same reoccurring dream. It feels like I wake up, real time, it happened last night. My dog was in the room with me, the lights were off which scared me so I get up to turn them on, they won’t work, so I get more scared because I hate the dark, so I go to get out of my room, well last night I had locked my bedroom door and the lock is shifty, so I’m getting more scared cause it’s like I’m aware there is a ghost or something messing with me and I’m trapped. Then I wake up with the strangest cold chill that is indescribable. I never know what it means, the dreams stopped for awhile after cleansing my home with sage. It sounds crazy but it helped. Might be time for another smudging!

  • Earlier today, I had a nap on the couch and I kept waking up except my eyes were very very heavy and I was trying to call for my girlfriend who was napping in our bedroom, I could faintly see the tv on how it was and this repeated a few times anyway I couldn’t open my eyes until finally I did and I was actually awake. It didn’t really freak me out. Now it is nighttime and I have literally just awoken after having a much scarier experience this time. First I was in a bad accident and it was so real it hurt so bad and I was left really banged up. Then I would jump to a new dream new location a few times over all feeling eerie and then I was in my room except it was completely different and I was trying to wake up once I realized I was in a dream and I kept nodding off I was sooo tired and my eyes were so heavy but there’s was a glowing red light bacially a sign telling me not to stop and to focus on waking up. So I kept nodding almost falling asleep(in my dream) and I tried so hard and I was so terrified… I finally woke up and my girlfriend was awake beside me saying I was whimpering and moving around that she was about to wake me up… I woke up heart racing and confused and scared. It’s now 12:47 am and I do not want to go back to sleep. I’m worried this will just keep happening. I’ve never had his in my life until today

  • Finally I know what it’s called. With me it’s nest dreaming. It is just distressing to me, because once I’m aware that I’m dreaming . I try to wake up but I can’t remember where I fell asleep. I start breathing fast and start panicking. Than I have to calm down and let go of try to control everything and I wake up panting and feel like crying. It usually only happens if I wake up early and go back to sleep after being awake for a while. Hate it. Also know the sleep paralysis. Does not happen much anymore but when i had my depression i had it regularly.

  • I came to this site from Google search because I had a dream inside dream.

    I wanted to wake up, opened my eyes but still on same place, now because I had such situation many times and I knew I am still inside dream, my husband was sitting next to me in my dream, so I made good sex with him, of course, still inside dream.

    It sounds funny but yes I used my false awekning in very pleasant way then I easily came out from my dreams without feeling scared :)

  • im not exactly sure if its false awakening or its a sleep paralysis since i experience both.

    i had a morning nap since i always dont get enough sleep at night due to my work. i would like to wake up but i couldnt move a muscle so i decided to go back to sleep. but since i needed to do some work , i need to wake so i woke up, do my my chores etc etc only to find out that it just a dream. the worst thing is when i woke up i felt so tired!!! it makes me really scared!!! it happened trice already.

  • I keep having the recurring dream where my mother is trying to kill me she takes a pillow and suffocated me then the dream jumps to another the location in the home it was her office in the house and it’s as if she’s stressed with life and her partner all I remember is her sitting in a chair out of it stressed, bald headed and blood coming out the sides of her head while she talks to my stepfather. I knew I was dreaming when I noticed there was a dog their that I never seen in my life. Once I realized the dog was fake I knew I was dreaming. Then I skipped a dream and I was locked up in the room I sleep in but it was a bit different and I was scared… I wanted to wake up I was trying to yell but I couldn’t use my voice and then for some reason all the cellphones I ever had in my life appeared on the table in the room I was in and I couldn’t find my actual cellphone And I had no desire to explore I was devestated and scared and overwhelm I wanted to wake up and I don’t know if it’s because I remembered what my mother did to me in my dream and I was expecting her to come out and do the same again but I was afraid I was trying to make noise in my dream so that I can alert my roommate in my real life to wake me up but it was of no use. So I gave up and turned off all the phones and went to the bed and lay there and finally awoke. —— it was in deed an odd dream.

    I had another one a couple months back ever since I started living with my roommate. Long story short, I rented a room and for some reason in one night I had 6 awakenings in my dream and the 7th one was the real final time when I actually woke up. I remember in one of the episodes that I woke up since I knew I was dreaming I was trying to imagine myself wearing this dress I wanted from Macy’s and it didn’t work I got so mad and said whatever, and for some reason when ever I laid back on the bed and gave in to the idea that this will wake me up. I woke up in another dream that happened 6 times. And in one of the episodes I also remember opening my door and instead of seeing the kitchen I saw a hallway with a bunch of doors and one door was open and when I went to peak in it looked like a crime scene, I knew I was dreaming and since I do have pretty frightening dreams I ran out and went back into my door and jumped into bed. Lol in the dream I was thinking I probably left my dna there so it was a mixture of deep sleep and lucid dreaming so confusing. And every time I jumped into bed with hopes of waking up I’d wake up to a dream. When I woke up I felt exhausted and I even felt paralyzed for a minute that felt forever I didn’t move afraid because I didn’t know if it was another dream. Thankfully it wasn’t but it was too early and I had to fall asleep and I wasn’t looking forward to another lucid dream.

    Idk guys but my dreams are a bit too odd and overwhelming for me, and i can’t explain this state of fear that I tend to be in I was panicking to wake up it feels real and exhausting.

  • I had a false dream last night. This was my third one so far. In my dream, i was at school with my friends and we were having fun. That day there were visitors and we went to watch the a special show they prepared for us. While watching it i realized that i was in a dream. All of a sudden i saw something blurry. It was a button. My friends were arguing at that time and it felt like that was going to happen to distract me telling them about it. Stupidly i pressed the button. I woke up. But not at home in bed. Instead i woke up in a forest. I saw a man that look like he was 43 or something. He said there were monsters in the forest. I was freaking out, saying to myself how am i gonna get out of this dream (i knew i was in a dream)? I thought if i go killed i might wake up. I went to search for a monster to kill/eat me. I found one but for some reason i was too scared so i screamed. I ran till i reached the old man. I said to myself, its my only chance to wake up. So i went up to the monster and it ate me in one piece. Was scary but didn’t hurt. Finally i woke up. I was relieved and saw my sis on her phone so i hugged her (she had no clue what was going on). That’s the end of my story :)

  • It doesn’t happen every night but this happens to me often.
    I go to sleep, then i ‘wake up’ in my room. Everything in my room look EXACTLY like my room to the last detail before I went to bed. Like my blue cardigan hanging of the left bedpost draping just so. Or a dinted solo can sitting on top right hand side of my cupboard. The only thing out of place is how I feel which is an instant terrible dread like something horrible is going to happen at any moment. And when I try to get out of bed I can’t move at all. I try to move again and again and it doesn’t work…
    I’ve had this dream so often that I can now recognise pretty quickly it’s a dream and I tell myself to wake up. I wake up in my room and then I go through the same process. It’s still a dream. I realise it’s still a dream while not being able to move and tell myself to wake up. This process can repeat itself three or four times in a row before waking up for real. It’s pretty crazy.

  • hi,1st I had a dream but just usual dream its happen to me like a year ago in that dream a black women close my face with pillow to suffocate me n wants to kill me on that dream i don’t know its a ghost/other things after that i woke up fast and i was like what just happened but i’m still alive thanks god its just a dream but its not about that coz i just had dream within dream right now,i’m in bed sleeping and bcz i miss my bf hand so i just imagined his hand on my face but that hands feels so real and it pushes me on that pillow n that things i mean black man with shadow said something to me but i can’t recall,i can’t breath or moves my body n i taught i’m goin to dead but then i wake up on that dream n run go to toilet coz i was frightened by it n my bf suddenly back home n i told him that i was dreaming n same dream like a year ago and he said that was just a dream don’t worry and then i suddenly woke up n think about that weird dream

  • i have dreams that i am awake and wake up and not awake but still I wake up and then I wake up and wake up repeatedly it can happen for hours after the alarm clocks been going off for hours already and i’m going to get fired from every job I’ve ever had because I can’t wake up like normal.

  • Thank you for posting this info. I have experienced false awakening or nested dreaming twice in my adult life. Both times I have been far a long in pregnancy around the seventh/ eighth month in real life. First time was in 2014. Terrifying falsely woke up at least 7-8 times before actually waking up. Then it happened again last night waking up 3 times before I actually awoke. Both times were terrifying and I then have a hard time deciphering the dream world from the real world. I have to seek reassurance from family that I am now in actually in the real world and no longer in a dream state. Very panicked and terrified once I actually do awake. The Dreams are so vivid and detailed they feel real. Last night the first two were mundane and seemed short in length, the third however was extremely frightening involving moving into a house where I recalled it as a memory that was actually from a dream long ago. The house had an ill feeling a very negative energy. Then a little boy appears and he seems so real, but when others claim they cannot see him I realize he is actually ghost. Once this realization sets in his face begins to morph into more demon like features and his eyes turn all black. He gets angry with me that I am trying to get him to move on to the after life. He will not leave the house. I gather my family and tell them we are leaving immediately even without our half unpacked belongings. A large dog is then there trying to keep us from leaving the house. He lunges for my neck to bite/attack me. I jump out of the way just in time and we begin to leave the house. Once outside a landscaper approaches me and asks “are you Oriana?” I say “yes why” he says “I have a call on my cell phone for you” he holds out a flip phone and I can hear static and a voice trying to speak through the static so I refuse the call and tell him “anyone who I know will reach me on my own phone.” And I continue to leave with my family knowing the voice on his phone is the demon boy in the house trying to get me to stay.
    I awoke in reality to my young daughter crying and my older daughter asking me if I was alright. I was very shooken up and couldn’t move for a few moments. I blinked several times and had to ask her if we were back in reality.

  • I woke up in my Dream in my room panicked panicking, Freaking out & I grabbed my phone for light an some reason no lights in my room would turn on I felt something in the room with me I tried playing loud music in my dream thinking it’d wake me up but I couldn’t I was so scared I remember slapping myself & pinching doing everything & I still couldn’t wake up at the same time I was feeling drowsy like I was going to fall asleep in that dream I’ve never been so scared I walked by the animals in my dream an they were hissing as if I were something bad an I went back to my bed an laid their scared then woke up for real am breathing heaven an stayed up after that ☹️

  • I remember dreaming about something. Then in the dream I remember vividly feeling like I was suffocating of drowning. So I woke up (False awakening) and I turned over thinking “Thank you that was just a dream” and I remember reaching for my phone, turning it on and looking at the time. It was 1:26 pm. So I turn back over and went back to sleep. Then I had another weird dream. I don’t remember much but I remember feeling as if the two dream were related but I didnt know how. So when I actually woke up I turn over, turn my phone on, and it’s only like 9:30 am. The weird thing is it was so vivid that I thought it was real life.

  • I just had a nested dream but the last one was really weird maybe it was sleep paralysis mixed with a inner outer body experience? Anyway I “woke up” feeling relived I had escaped the last two false Awakenings. After a few seconds in though I relised I was still dreaming and started freaking out because I couldn’t move so I thaught I was experiencing sleep paralysis. I than relised though that I was lying on Someone elses body when it moved it’s toe I did too but I couldn’t feel my toe move only see both of our toes moving. I started freaking out more because this usually leads me to some how feeling like I’m suffocating because I’ve rolled over or the blankets going over my mouth. I could see out of my eyelids because when I woke up I was looking in the same place I was in my dream. In the background it was a mix of weird humming noise that slowly got louder, music I had just listened to or that were stuck in my head, and some dude the same I was lying in reading about lucid dreaming. When I woke up it was one of the best feelings I had ever had.

  • So I just came across this because I just woke up from having multiple false awakenings in one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had. I have nightmares a lot, probably 3 or 4 nights a week, but this one wasn’t the average nightmare for me. It was a lot scarier, partly because I knew I was dreaming in the dream, so I would do something in my dream like try to move my hand or grab my phone. And I would think that I was awake, but kept drifting in and out because I was so tired. In this dream where I thought I was awake I would actually get up in my room and everything would seem so real. But then I would start hallucinating and seeing a monster or something and it would kindof start all over again with me being in a dream and “waking up” from it. I’m honestly scared to go back to bed. Like I don’t know if I was sleepwalking at all but it definitely felt like I was moving my body and I’ve never done that before. I’m 20 and a female.

  • The last false awakening I had was just a while ago, but I somehow can’t stop thinking about it which is the reason I’m on this site. I guess I was having a nightmare of being chased by this thing, it looked like a women. She was wearing a gown that was basically torn everywhere and looked all ghostly like. I closed my eyes in the dream which resulted to “waking up”. I was in my bed and just lay there for a few seconds staring at the ceiling before I sat up only to be met with that women standing at the end of my bed. False awakenings can be really frightening.
    Also, there was one night that I guess I was awake but I wasn’t? I dont know it’s a bit hard to explain. But my body felt heavy, I couldn’t move but I was aware that I was in my room but I couldn’t see anything. I tried to call for my parents but I couldn’t move my mouth or speak. However, a few minutes later I could move and speak again. Does anyone know how to explain that?

  • Just tonight I dreamed within dreams, I dreamed that I woke up for 5 times or more and my surrounding looks so real. At the 4th and 5th time it bothered me, because I voluntarily tried to wake up but I was trapped inside a dream. After a while my dog barks at me then my eyes gets to open, it took a some seconds before I was able to move. Moving felt heavy as well as if something is pressing down on me. It was a weird scary event that I only experienced for the first time. But the 4th and 5th time I tried to wake up was the fun part, I can control the scenes in my dream like I was awake.

  • My “false awakening ” wasn’t per say a bad one I dreamt i was in my bed and my ex tapped my shoulder and asked me to move over so he could lay down with me. I only concern is that why would I be dreaming of an ex when i have a husband is it a sign that I yearning my ex’s company or that I’m not happy. It just confused me a little when I woke like why?

  • My other half was away for the night last week and around 5am I was woken by a really strange loud noise coming from the floor by the side of my bed and thought I must have knocked my phone onto the floor in my sleep and an app had opened but I couldn’t see it lit up anywhere so got up to turn the light on but it wouldn’t work, I got back into bed and the noise started coming from the other side of the bed and I could hear people talking to each other outside my bedroom door, then the talking started coming from my tv in the corner of my room and because my light wouldn’t turn on I was trying to turn on the tv but that wouldn’t switch on either so I got back into bed and pulled the duvet over my head because I was scared and just lay there with my eyes closed until I fell asleep…. which is when I actually woke up.
    I had no idea I was dreaming because all of my surroundings were the same and I consciously made the decisions (or at least I think) to get up and turn on the light and try to turn on the tv but I couldn’t make them work.

  • hi everyone, i just came across this site after having a dream with 4 false awakenings…this is the first time in a very long time i have had one.
    i kept waking up in my bed but the sutroundings were different. i knew it was my room but didnt click on to why it looked so different i could see a staircase behind it and my house isnt set up like that. i kept walking down these zets of stairs which were like a quiet old hotel amd made my way into the reception area where people were watching a programme on a historical war. then as soon as i was looking for my cigarettes id wake up again in the same bed thinking i didnt hace a cigarette and so i went down the stairs again and this time different people there including a friend of mine so i was talking to him when out of nowhere u wake up again…but this time i was trying to make sure i was actually awake. when i get up i click my neck out of habbit amd when i was doing it i put my fingers on my neck and could actually feel the movement i feel when i really do it so this convinced me i was deff awake.. so i sat up which was a major struggle and focused on this weird lego looking statue thing in my room…i wasnt scared just confused as ever and gasping for a cigarette then out of nowhere it turned at me and within 1 second i was fighting with an older looking man and i chased him back down the stairs amd coins were on the floor so i started to pick them up and throughout it all i was thinking please tell me im awake…but i wasnt the last episode was sleep paralysis but i knew just nefore it that i was dreaming but had no intention of staying in the dream..i finally woke up and felt very confused…wouldnt say distressed but uncomfortable that my own mind is capable of tricking me repeatidly for some reason…ive had my cigarette now and eating some sweets haha. message me if you get something like this.

  • I had multiple false awakening with a nested dream, and only twice I got up and moved around. It felt different and I was scared to see what was behind me, and I felt tired as well. Trying to wake up only to find out I was there again in the same position as I did when I left. Then when I went to walk around a family member came to visit and it was during the holidays. The last time was when I called my aunt because she’s a nurse and she had the same voice of worry, and I was on the verge of tears. Finally I woke up and wondered if it was still a dream and I reached out to get my phone and relief flooded me, seeing everything how it was when I fell asleep.

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