My Recommended Products For A Better Night’s Sleep

photo of a clean, beautiful and modern bedroomThere are countless products created to improve the comfort of your bed. There are also many that help with key factors that influence sleep, such as sound, light and temperature.

An important part of what we do here at No Sleepless Nights is careful reviews and comparisons. For each of the categories below, you’ll either find helpful comparisons of the latest and most popular sleep products, or more in-depth reviews where appropriate.

White noise machines

white noise machine

If you’re kept awake by external noise at night, a white noise machine can help by replacing that noise with a more relaxing, constant sound. Some are dedicated white noise generators, while others also include nature sounds such as ocean waves, rain and birdsong.

Sleep headphones


If you enjoy listening to music in bed, fabric headphones will make it a more comfortable experience. And if you need to block out unwanted sounds, you can upgrade to some high tech noise cancelling headphones.

Wake-Up Lights

image of a wake-up light

If you struggle to wake up on dark winter mornings, or your alarm clock wakes you with an unpleasant jolt, a wake-up light could help. With a sunrise simulation on your bedside table, you can wake up more naturally, ready to face the day.

Pillow speakers

woman lying on a speaker pillow

Pillow speakers are another good option for listening to music or radio in bed. If you prefer not to wear headphones, and don’t want to disturb your partner, an under-pillow speaker works well as an alternative.


a pair of multi-colored earplugs from moldex

Earplugs are one of the simplest and best ways to block out noise at night. Whether it’s a partner snoring, traffic or a neighbor’s music, the right earplugs can make all the difference. These reviews will help you find the perfect combination of sound blocking and comfort.

Over the counter sleep aids

a bottle of sleeping melatonin pills

Find out which sleep aids are available to buy without a prescription, and which type is most likely to suit your needs. These reviews will help you find one which is strong enough to help you sleep, but won’t leave you feeling groggy all of the following day.

Air mattresses

air bed

Whether you’re camping, having guests over, or staying somewhere yourself temporarily, an air mattress is a convenient temporary bed. The design has come a long way over the years, and you can now find air beds which won’t let you down in any sense of the word.

Sleep masks

eye mask sleep products

If light is an issue for you at night or when traveling long distance, a good sleep mask can make all the difference. And at the end of a long day an eye mask with a cooling section or ergo-beads can provide a little relief and relaxation. From the simple to the ultra-comfortable, acupressure to aromatherapy you’ll find just the right one for your needs.

Travel pillows

a neck pillow

It’s no fun waking up on a long journey to realize you’ve been sleeping in a bad position. With a good travel pillow, it’s easier to sleep on your journey and wake up feeling refreshed.

Cooling mattress pads and bed fans

image of a bed cooling deviceFeeling too hot or sticky in bed can make it very difficult to fall asleep. If you struggle to sleep in the long summer nights, have hot flashes, night sweats or just tend to overheat, some extra bed cooling can make all the difference.

With a range of effective cooling mattress pads and bed fans, you can find just the right way to keep your body feeling comfortable at night.

Mattress toppers

exceptional sheets bamboo mattress topper

Mattress toppers are a great way to breathe life into an aging mattress. They can also completely change the softness or firmness of your current mattress, and at a lower price than replacing it altogether.

A memory foam mattress can provide you with support for pains and aches, wool can help you keep cool in those roasting summer months. And for the ultimate ‘sleeping on a cloud’ experience, there’s a range of soft fabrics to choose from.

Heated mattress pads and electric blankets

heated mattress pad

In the cold winter months, there are several ways to stay warmer while you sleep. If you don’t want to turn up the thermostat and heat the whole bedroom, a heated mattress pad or blanket can provide targeted warming.

If you and your partner have different temperature preferences, it’s possible to have dual temperature zones, with dual controls. That way, you can heat your side of the bed to the exact temperature you feel most comfortable.

Acupressure mats

spoonk acupressure mat
The acupressure mat may not be a dedicated sleep product, but it perhaps should be. Combining eastern practice with western design, it helps reduce stress, alleviate tension and promotes sleep.