Sleep Paralysis Stories – The Scariest Sleep Disorder Of All

Sleep paralysis stories typically involve unusual and often extremely frightening experiences. Perhaps you have one or two of these disturbing tales of your own to tell.

If not, I’ll first share one of mine to give you an understanding of what it can be like. Then we’ll take a closer look at whether sleep paralysis demons really exist, or if science can provide a logical, and hopefully comforting explanation.

sleeping man seeing a sleep paralysis demon

A typical sleep paralysis experience

Imagine the following scenario: you’ve fallen asleep as usual after a long day. You hope you’ll have pleasant dreams and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed.

But instead of waking up peacefully in the morning, ready to groggily hit the snooze button, you awaken at an unknown time in the middle of the night.

Two things immediately spring to mind: you can’t move at all, and you’re not alone.

You feel a weight on your chest, pressing you down and preventing you from sitting up. But it’s worse than that – you can’t move your arms or legs. You can’t even move your lips to call out for help.

You’re not sure who or what is pushing on your chest. It’s too dark to see. But you just know there’s a presence there. Something strange. Something frightening.

This happened to me last year, and was a very unsettling experience. Fortunately, there was no demon, ghost or burglar in my bedroom. After a minute’s panic, the feeling passed, and I was able to stumble to the bathroom to make sure my face wasn’t decorated with demonic symbols.

It seems I’d had a classic case of sleep paralysis.

A common experience

Sleep paralysis stories like this one are in fact surprisingly common. A review of 35 previous sleep paralysis studies in 2011 found that 7.6% of the general population had experienced sleep paralysis in their lifetime, with an even higher figure of 28.3% of students. And the prevalence rises again for people who have narcolepsy (around 40%).

You may have experienced it yourself, but until now not known what it was you were going through. So now we have a name for it, it might be helpful to know what causes it, and what you can do about it.

Accepting the cause is something which I now know many readers struggle with. Although sleep paralysis has a solid scientific explanation (as you’ll see below), the feeling can be so real that you may find it difficult to accept the scientific explanation.

Cultural, religious, esoteric and personal beliefs can all play a role in how you view sleep paralysis. And with that, how you decide to cope with any future episodes.

Polls – what’s your experience of sleep paralysis?

I ran several polls to find out more about readers’ experience of sleep paralysis. With thousands of people voting, they provide a fascinating insight into the variety of experiences people have.

Poll 1

In poll 1, you can see that many have had the experience of thinking there was a demon or other being in the room.

I imagine that many people who search online for information about sleep paralysis will have had the more intense experiences, perhaps skewing the results. But it’s still interesting to see how common that particularly scary feature is.

chart showing the results of a poll into sleep paralysis the kind of experience they have

Poll 2

Poll 2 shows that many readers find sleep paralysis terrifying. Again, those who search online for it are likely to have found it particularly disturbing. Having said that, there are still plenty of people who don’t find it so scary.

chart showing the results of poll 2 into sleep paralysis and how scared people are during episodes

Poll 3

Poll 3 shows that most people first experience sleep paralysis before they reach 20.

graph showing the results of a poll about the age readers first get sleep paralysis

Poll 4

Fortunately, poll 4 shows that most readers don’t experience sleep paralysis on a regular basis. If you’re one of those who do experience it regularly though, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your doctor.
graph showing sleep paralysis 4 results - how often people experience it

Poll 5

Poll 5 shows some of the things that have helped people stop sleep paralysis. You can also find more coping mechanism further on in this article.
chart showing the different ways people deal with sleep paralysis according to a poll

What causes sleep paralysis? The scientific explanation

The causes of the physical aspect of sleep paralysis are slightly different depending on the stage of sleep in which you experience it:

When falling asleep

Some people experience sleep paralysis during sleep onset – sometimes known as hypnagogic sleep paralysis. While falling asleep, your body naturally relaxes and you become less aware as you drift off to sleep.

However, if you do remain aware, you might realize you can’t move or speak if your brain stops your muscles from moving to help keep you safe while you dream.

When waking up

Alternatively, it can happen after you’ve already been asleep, known as hypnopompic sleep paralysis.

During the night you cycle through several different stages of sleep. During what’s called the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage you tend to dream more vividly. And so the brain ‘switches off’ your muscles to prevent you from acting out your dreams and potentially hurting yourself.

If you become aware again before the REM sleep cycle finishes, you might become conscious of the fact that you’re still paralyzed. So you could look at sleep paralysis as your body and brain being temporarily out of sync.

Why do you see, hear or feel strange things?

The explanation for why you feel physically paralyzed but awake is one thing, but how does science explain 3 of the main sleep paralysis stories that people report?

  1. That there’s an intruder or other presence in the room.
  2. That there’s some kind of sleep paralysis demon pushing down on your chest, strangling or doing other unpleasant things to you.
  3. Having an out-of-body experience.

The first two are usually explained by a combination of three occurrences:

  • During the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, and the muscle paralysis that comes with it, your breathing can be shallower. And when you try to breathe deeply, you may feel that you can’t. Your brain might then misinterpret this as a feeling of being strangled, or a presence pushing down on your chest.
  • When you feel threatened, your body naturally reacts with its fight or flight defense mechanism. So if you wake up, are unable to move and it’s dark, you may react to the sensation of paralysis and breathing difficulty by thinking that something bad is happening.
  • In addition to the above two processes, several brain structures might interact to create a hypnagogic hallucination. During the common experience of an intruder or demonic entity, the hallucination may not initially take on any particular form. But when the threat system comes into play, you might misinterpret the feeling that you’re not alone as being that the additional presence is something bad – thus creating a hallucination which is demonic or malevolent in some way.

The out-of-body experience isn’t explained by the activation of the threat system. Instead, it’s explained by the parts of the brain involved in coordinating movement and also working out where the body physically is in space.

Researchers generally agree that an out-of-body experience is another form of hallucination caused by a neurological mechanism.

Dreams and nightmares overlapping with reality

In addition to the above, there’s also the confusion which can occur as your dreams or nightmares overlap with reality. If you wake up from a dream, but remain paralyzed, sometimes your dream imagery can appear to ‘map’ onto the real world.

So you may have your eyes open, but still see, hear or feel some of the strange or frightening things which you were just dreaming about, even if you can’t remember that you were just dreaming.

Then you add the physiological elements that come with suddenly finding yourself paralyzed, and you have all the ingredients for being very scared.

But why does it happen?

So now we know what happens, and what causes the feeling of paralysis and the hallucinations. But why does it happen in the first place, and only to some people?

Scientists aren’t completely sure, but in most cases it’s thought to be associated with one or more of the following:

  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Irregular sleep patterns – particularly with shift work or jet lag.
  • Narcolepsy.
  • A family history of sleep paralysis.
  • Poor sleep hygiene.
  • Sleeping on your back rather than your side or front.

Sleep paralysis causes – the not so scientific explanation

astral projection - one of the rarer sleep paralysis storiesIf you don’t believe that the scientific explanation is sufficient, then what else remains? Let’s look at each of the 3 main types of sleep paralysis stories in turn:

1. The Intruder

If you wake up in the middle of the night and you have a sudden feeling that there’s a human intruder in the room, then the possible explanation is simple. There really is someone else in the room.

If you weren’t paralyzed, then there would be an obvious way to find way out if this were the case: turn on the light and have a look, or prod your partner and tell them to do something about it. But you’re paralyzed though, so that doesn’t work.

Thankfully, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll wake up to find a real intruder in your bedroom. And it’s even less likely that they will have a way to paralyze you while they help themselves to your valuables.

So if you wake up paralyzed and struggling to breathe, and then notice a presence on the other side of the room, it’s probably safe to assume there’s no intruder.

2. The demon

If you firmly believe in supernatural entities, there may not be a great deal of science that could convince you otherwise. It’s a personal choice to believe in such things.

What I would like to suggest though is this: if you experience sleep paralysis, wouldn’t it be more comforting not to believe that you’re being tormented by demons?

The scientific explanation would make sleep paralysis demon encounters so much easier to not dwell on and go back to sleep. And not dwelling too much on the experience is what many people do manage to successfully do.

Around the world

Interestingly, around the world there are many cultural interpretations of the forces at work in this particular kind of sleep paralysis event.

For example, in Fiji the demon is sometimes seen as a deceased relative coming back for some unfinished business or to tell the person something important. In Chinese folklore it’s also seen as a ghost rather than a demon or intruder.

Some countries, such as Iran and Pakistan, interpret it as being demons or spirits who have taken over a person’s body, often due to black magic performed by an enemy. In Turkish culture the entity is literally seen as sitting on your chest and stealing away your breath.

Many countries and cultures appear to have their own explanations for the sleep paralysis demon – some very similar, and others quite different.

The common theme being though that the entity is up to no good and something to be feared. I’m yet to find a culture which believes it’s a kind angel or fairy spending some quality time with you in the night.

I know from readers’ comments that some people do believe that demons or other evil entities exist. Some talk about them within a religious framework, others simply feel that there’s a lot which science can’t explain yet.

Among all of the comments from people who do believe these things there’s one common, and important, theme: nothing bad actually happened to them.

This then raises another question: if there are so many terribly evil beings out there, why is it that they do no more than scare people?

3. The out-of-body experience

When I was a teenager, I picked up a book in a library which claimed to be a training manual for astral projection. The idea being that there’s a separate part of you that’s able to leave the body and venture into other planes of existence.

The manual mostly involved visualization practice, which I spent a couple of days failing to do, before deciding it wasn’t for me.

There seems to be some overlap between the concepts of out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Many people report having experienced one or more of these, and the internet and bookstores abound with writers who claim to have techniques to consciously leave the body and have amazing adventures in the astral realm.

There’s no dispute that people do experience the sensation of an out-of-body experience during sleep paralysis. But is it best explained in biological terms, or are there really other realms, just waiting to be explored?

Again it’s a question of belief and I’m not here to tell you either way what you should think; you may even feel that both explanations can coexist.

Using sleep paralysis as a springboard…

There are many websites claiming that sleep paralysis has a biological cause, but can then be used as a springboard for lucid dreaming or astral projection.

I also recently came across what’s actually quite a sensible book explaining how to do this. It’s called ‘Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night’.

It provides a detailed background to sleep paralysis, but also aims to help you find a way to convert sleep paralysis into a lucid dream. The point being that you can then take control of the experience and turn it into something positive.

And if you think that’s a ridiculous or impossible idea (especially if your personal experience has been terrifying!), you’ll find several detailed comments below from readers who say they’ve been able to do just that.

They have some inspiring stories of viewing sleep paralysis as a positive thing, which they enjoy because of the unique and fascinating experiences it brings them.

Choosing to believe in astral worlds that you can access and fly around in doing whatever you please sounds harmless and fun. If I’m honest I’d like to believe it’s possible – even though I’m not convinced.

On the other hand, choosing to believe you’re having the life sucked out of you by a sleep paralysis demon doesn’t sound so good to me.

How to stop sleep paralysis

When to see a doctor

Fortunately, most people don’t experience sleep paralysis very often, and so no treatment is required. However, if the following apply to you, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor:

  • It happens regularly.
  • You feel anxious about going to sleep.
  • You don’t get enough sleep.
  • You feel very sleepy during the day or sometimes fall asleep suddenly or lose control of your muscles.

What medical treatment is available?

If you see a doctor, they might take the following action:

  • They may refer you to a sleep specialist to rule out the possibility of narcolepsy.
  • They may prescribe an anti-depressant medication, such as clomipramine, for a short period.
  • They might consider whether there’s an underlying mental illness if you’re experiencing hallucinations outside of the sleeping environment.
  • They would explain the biological processes involved in sleep paralysis, as outlined above, in the hope that educating you about sleep will help you accept it as a normal occurrence.
  • They might talk to you about developing good sleep hygiene techniques, which is thought to help reduce the frequency of sleep paralysis. The most important ones being to keep a regular sleep schedule, and not allow yourself to become sleep deprived.

Readers’ techniques for coping with sleep paralysis

In the comments below, many readers have explained how they either deal with or stop sleep paralysis. Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for contributing.

Please bear in mind that there’s no evidence that some of these work, other than the fact that people have said they help them personally. Remember that what works for one person may not for you.

  • Don’t let yourself become sleep deprived as it often happens more then.
  • Try to keep a regular routine of going to sleep and waking up.
  • Try to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.
  • Stay calm and try not to panic.
  • Try to wiggle just one finger or a toe. Some say this is more achievable than trying to move your whole body. Then you can try to move the hand or foot and slowly wake up the whole body.
  • Tell yourself that you’re actually in control. You can ‘order’ the experience to stop, or whatever you’re seeing to go away.
  • If you feel a weight on your chest, try to imagine there’s something friendly causing it, such as a big happy dog.
  • If it’s happening repeatedly, why not film yourself sleeping? This may be especially useful for people who have experiences where they feel that they have been physically ‘moved’ in their bed by some being, or their furniture has been moved. You would be able to reassure yourself that you weren’t actually dragged out of bed.
  • Try wearing a sleep tracker and see if it records you as being awake or asleep at the time. It can also help check your heart rate and breathing during the night.
  • Try not to think about what it ‘could’ be. Your imagination will probably make up something scary in the darkness.
  • Try to relax and ‘go with it’. Some readers actually enjoy sleep paralysis, and they welcome the opportunity to have out-of-body experiences or see what strange experiences they can have.
  • Don’t sleep on your back. Many people say they only have it in this position.
  • Try to organize your bedroom in a way which makes you feel safe and secure. Look into Feng-Sui to make your bedroom feel peaceful.
  • Don’t hang dressing gowns, coats or hats in places which look like figures in the dark.
  • Don’t read in bed as this can encourage you to fall asleep on your back.
  • Sleep with a night light on, or with music or the radio so that if you do wake up you aren’t in silent darkness.
  • Remind yourself that nothing bad will happen.
  • Imagine your body rolling from side to side in your mind and count each roll. Eventually you might notice you regain control of a body part. Focus on this part and try to grow the capacity for movement from there.
  • Count numbers to focus your mind on something other than the hallucinations.
  • Don’t sleep with a high pillow.
  • Keep your eyes shut and try to clear your mind instead of focusing on the things you can see.
  • Try squeezing your eyes tightly shut if you’re able to control the muscles around your eyes.
  • Keep well hydrated – drink water before going to bed.
  • Talk about it to family or friends – they may have experienced it too.
  • Write about it here. Some people find it helpful to describe their experience in the comments below.
  • If you have it once, get out of bed for a while to reset the brain. Perhaps also keep a light or music on when you go back to bed.
  • Many people who have a faith say they find prayer can be helpful. Some also say that calling on their religious beliefs and ‘commanding’ what they see to leave helps them.
  • Don’t take recreational drugs.
  • Check if any sleeping pills or herbal remedies you’re taking are causing it – either by discussing it with your doctor, or stopping taking them for a while.
  • Once the episode has passed, it’s good to take a moment to remind yourself that you overcame it again. Tell yourself that you overcame it, are not afraid and will always overcome it.

 How I recently stopped an episode of sleep paralysis

Since writing this article, I hadn’t had a single episode of sleep paralysis until recently. And I’m happy to report that I used two of the techniques in the above list to successfully stop it.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself in a strange position with my arms crossed on top of my body, almost like you see with medieval carvings of knights on tombs! And I could literally feel strong hands pinning my wrists to my chest.

I have to admit I was immediately very scared. The whole event was blurry, and I think I was having some dream overlap, but can’t remember exactly what now.

Two things sprung to mind after a brief moment of panic: ‘stay calm’, I said to myself, and ‘wiggle a finger’.

The calmness I only managed with moderate success, perhaps because this was the first episode in a long time, so I was caught off guard. But I did manage to focus my efforts on wiggling a finger.

In the haze of the night and the moment it felt quite odd, like my fingers were wiggling in different directions. But I think that’s possibly due to the disconnect between by body and brain with the paralysis.

Eventually I felt my arms loosen as well, and then soon afterwards I was able to shake the whole sensation away as I regained full control.

I then spent a few minutes doing some breathing exercises to ground myself and calm down, and then fell asleep again.

It seems that just knowing about the finger wiggling technique was enough for my brain to remember to do it when the sleep paralysis occurred.

So my recommendation, from personal experience, is to plant that thought in your mind too!

Further reading

The British National Health Service website has a section on sleep paralysis that you might find useful.

You can find some useful ideas in my article discussing how to stop nightmares and night terrors. Some of the ideas there about changing the content of your dreams might be helpful.

For any readers wondering if there’s a genetic factor involved in sleep paralysis, it seems that there could be. A study by researchers at Sheffield University in 2015 showed this in their research into twins who experience sleep paralysis.

Finally, in 2016 another UK study looked into the fascinating connection between sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. They all examined the relationship between sleep paralysis and well-being, poor sleep and stress.

Please read before leaving a comment

After 3 years of personally replying to comments, I’ve decided to leave this fascinating and helpful discussion to the readers. I’ll still read them all before publishing to make sure the content is suitable for younger readers. But time constraints mean I have to focus my attention on other parts of the site.

It’s always very interesting to hear your sleep paralysis stories, and I know that many people find it helpful to have a place to describe what happened to them.

Moreover, other readers find it comforting to know they’re not alone and perhaps find someone who has had similar experiences.

So feel free to talk about your experience of sleep paralysis, and if you have any more tips or techniques for dealing with it, I’ll add them to the growing list of readers’ suggestions.

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  • My experience with sleep paralysis: as I was laying in bed sleeping, I was actually awake but very stuck. It was as if I was frozen. As my blanket started to rise into this black cloaked figure with red eyes. In the most demonic voice, it said “I’m taking you with me. I’m taking you down.” I wanted to say no, but my mouth was glued shut. I viewed him as my inner demon. I wanted to kill it in a sense. That way I’d be killing my demon but I couldn’t move. He kept getting closer to me slowly. I kept repeating in my mind, “wake up Liz, wake up now.” As I finally opened my eyes to what I think is reality, I still couldn’t move. Or so I thought. It took me a minute to move my fingers but slowly I started to regain control of my body. It was such a terrifying experience. It felt so real and reality as i woke up felt like I was still asleep.

  • I have been experiencing sleep paralysis since about 14-15 y.o. I am 38 now. Sometimes it was once-twice per year, other times once in a few years. I didn’t know it was called “sleep paralysis” and couldn’t really explain or share with anybody because it felt very strange, and I wasn’t sure if other people would understand. Only today I found out about SP while I was searching for information about lucid dreams because I experienced SP last night (It hasn’t happened for few years until today. I even thought how lucky I am that it is gone). My guess, it is happening because of the stress. Today I had very important doctor’s appointment, I couldn’t sleep properly last night, I woke up in the middle of the night (closer to 4am), then I went back to sleep and then it happened – sleep paralysis mixed with false awakening.
    I am very glad I found this web site as well as other web sites with such important info for me. Until today, all these years, I didn’t have a clue what is going on with me, and if other people have the same experience.
    So, what I normally feel when it happens is what was mostly described above. I fell asleep, then I feel that I woke up (not sure if it is real awakening or false awakening, now I think it is False one), I can’t move or even open my eyes – I feel paralyzed. Yes, it is very scary, but not as scary as when I was 15 or 20 y.o. because at that time I was completely in shock. At that time it was longer and it felt like someone possessed my body and wouldn’t let me move (I think it was my brain’s imagination about possession because our brain always need an explanation to everything). I was trying to move at least finger and it didn’t work or make a noise like mooch, so a person who was sleeping next to me will hear it and wake me up. I even asked my female friend when we were on vacation to wake me up if she hears that I am making weird noises or act weird at night.
    I normally keep sleeping after sleep paralysis occur, but when I was younger I would wake up because it was too scary.
    I just wanted to share my experience, and I will do more research on this subject.
    In addition, I normally sleep bad at night. I wake up at least once, sometimes twice for no reason or to use the bathroom. Sometimes I feel anxiety and worry a lot, so I think it is all connected.

  • I am 52 and live in Sydney Australia. At the age of 14 I had my first experience. Woke up but could not move, tried calling out for Dad but couldn’t make a noise. Had an overwhelming feeling that something was coming. Kept struggling to move and finally broke free. Felt like about 10 minutes. Our house was haunted and thought that was causing it. 1979 had no internet to look anything up.
    This happened regularly, didn’t want to go to sleep.
    At the age of 17 found myself hovering above a wardrobe looking at myself sleeping. Felt something coming and the urgency to get back to my body and wake up. Slowly lowered myself back into my body, woke up straight away. Went and told mum & dad, they said “probably just a dream”.
    At the age of 22 saw a book in a shop window with a person hovering over the same sleeping person and thought THATS IT thats what i experienced. It was astral projection. The book said if you want to experience this, don’t take drugs. So I smoked marijuana so I wouldn’t experience these things. IT WORKED. No more nightmares and being paralysed.
    Got married and wanted to start a family, had to stop cones. The being stuck and nightmares returned. I found if I fell asleep with the TV on, it didn’t happen as much.
    Kids have grown up now but cannot smoke dope as I might get tested on the road.
    Now with the internet, I know what it is but still cannot get rid of it.

  • The first time it happened was a couple years ago in highschool when i fell asleep in class. I couldnt move or speak and eventually my eyes opened and i had no clue what it was. After that it didnt happen again until a year ago just every once in awhile. But this year its almost a couple times a week every other week and the experiences have gotten worse. One was i could see myself being dragged out of the living room on the floor when i was asleep on the couch and it was like a demon. This one was tough to come out of all i could do was gurgle noises but no words and my brother actually slapped me awake bc he knew somethin was weird my forehead was cold but warm cheeks. And then just last night it felt like i was being shook and i was seeing faces. I eventually fully woke up and turned to my stomach and put the pillows over my head and it happened again right after that, same thing happened but more dramatic the 2nd time. I woke up played on my phone and slept. I tried to sleep through it the 2nd time but it was too much. Not sure how to go about it.

  • Heres my solution to fight the paralysis. It works for me when i have these episodes.

    You can train to get out of it with will strength and not muscle strength. Same idea with that chinese finger trap. If you use full force it will only counter works.

    This paralysis is the same feeling like when u lie in bed in the morning and it feels so nice and warm that you dont want to move a bit. Recognise this feeling?

    Well the paralysis you have with an episode is 10 times that feeling. So every morning I trained myself to stand up from the moment i wake up.
    That feeling of Will Power is what u can use to get out of the paralysis.

    Happends to me alot but now its like a challange to me who is stronger. Won’t get the best out of me.

    Happends to me between 3/4 and the only thing u can do is accept that sh*t happends and be brave and be willing to want to punch it in the face

    How my episodes goes.

    1. When i dream and it slowly becomes a nightmare. (My nightmares are mostly created by black shade or mist beings because i only have nightmares when sh*t is going to get down.)

    2. I wake up and I am paralysed ofcourse. They try to feed on that fear. So be brave

    3. Try not to fight it but try to get up with your power of will.

    4. When i snap out of it i look right at it nd say the f* u want. And it disappears.

    Try it out it works for me

  • I would like so much to join a support group in London for this. I would love to meet other people that have experienced this and share ideas and talk about this and have coffee


  • Well amazing to find others, Hello to you from NGxx Thank you for this research. This subject really interests me.

    Short version. When I was about 13 I used to dream a monk flew over my brother’s bed from the garden into our window and land next to my bed. He had no face and a monks long cape with a hood.

    I used to scream out in the dream but could not in reality. Sometimes I would dream I woke but was still sleep and monk was still sting there. I fought hard to wake up and dreaded sleeping. I would dream I woke up and pulled the lamp string next to me on but I was still awake.

    Years later as a adult I visited the old house in London and new tenants let me in to look around to my horror I cringed they told me Monks lived on the land 100 years before. I felt I had a big experience that was real. A house share friend at the time said to me recently do you remember when you used to scream out in the night . I felt like ice when she said that. I explained why!? I had the dream years later asked the monk what he wanted .

    I can tell you also that I used to tell people I would be in a pop group and two years later I was only for a short time. My mind is very in touch with events and insights thats all I can.

    I learnt later into the experience which I had about 10 times to start to control the dreams (not the monk dream) but other dreams I enjoyed this; it was another real reality as far as I am concerned.

    Regarding the monk dream I only froze as he approached me not before it was horrible, was total terror. I felt he wanted something he just stod there in silence had a pressence which paralised me. I felt he watched me, wanted something as if I owed him something? as if he was tellling me something or looking for something from me. As if speaking without words.

    I feel now I would like to meet the monk again and find out more!

    Anyone going throug this in someways it is a gift and you can control it once you drop the fear as the pressence what it wants. Try to understand it even if you think its a hallucination. It can help you feel more in control. Science believes in other dimentions , dark matter, unseen energy which we are yet to understand. Even black holes are incredible and so are Stars how they form in the Nebular know as interstella Nursery.

    Control it and work with it.

  • I had never experienced sleep paralysis until this year, where it’s happened about four times. Last night it happened again. I was drifting off to sleep when I started to hear a mixture of clear and vivid sounds surrounding me, changing from traffic to children laughing to music. It sounded so real yet I was aware it wasn’t possible as I knew I was lying in bed. I drifted into a lucid dream where I decided to enter the body of a ballet dancer and experience the feeling and the weight of dancing. The dream morphed into what I thought was real; I was at work and I felt extremely tired, falling asleep as I was walking on my break. I soon realised it was a dream and I tried to wake up. Seemingly, I did. I got ut of bed and made my way through my apartment as if everything was normal; speaking to my housemates about my lucid dreaming and then I would suddenly realise I hadn’t actually left my bed. This carried on happening repeatedly which became frustrating (It felt a bit like inception). The dreams soon took a darker turn as I felt a presence of evil around me and my chest was being pressed down making it extremely difficult for me to breathe. In desperation to wake up, I was screaming out loud and writhing my body, but as I looked down to my body I could see it was still. The amount of effort and strength it took to even mutter a groan was immense even though inside I was screaming and trying to push through this barrier. The panic started to rise as I felt completely trapped and paralysed. The scariest point was when my body (and I’m sure this happened because I FELT it) started to actually convulse into a fit, shaking uncontrollably causing the bed to rattle loudly. Still, I couldn’t get out of this nightmare. After what felt like forever of crying and screaming, I finally found the ability to move my arm in real life which jerked me awake. My actual body seemed fine- no sweats or pumping heartbeat. I understand the scientific explanation for the sense of detachment, but I don’t see why most people get this feeling of pure terror and evil lurking in the room with them. Seems far too supernatural to me. 

  • I had been sleeping for an hour, when I felt the bed shift – like someone getting into the bed, but there was barely any room for someone on that edge.
    I tried reaching but was frozen. I tried opening my eyes, but could not. I tried to call out, “Who is that?”
    However, my tongue filled my mouth and I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. The weight shifted again. Who is in my bed?
    I fought the paralysis, and the weight lifted from the bed, right as I was released from the paralysis – I was gasping in a huge breath while trying to scream.
    I could see no evidence of a figure, but suddenly I saw glow in the dark spots moving over my head. I was awake now, and tracking what appeared to be a butterfly with glowing spots flit and flutter around the ceiling. I was able to move my head to watch the faint shadow, in the dark room, with the glowing dots.
    I kept watching, while I reached for my phone to turn on the light – nothing was there.
    I have narcolepsy and experienced sleep paralysis my entire life – usually convinced a robber was in the home while paralyzed as a kid. I have never experienced hallucinations before (unless medicated for other health problems).
    I’m worried that my grandmother may have passed and came to visit. I hope not. I want to see her. Otherwise, perhaps my dog who passed was visiting?

  • Ok, i am 72 and was diagnosed at age 23 with Narcolepsy/Cataplexy/Hypnogogic hallucinations/sleep paralysis. We all know the symptoms of sleep paralysis, so wont repeat them,what i will say is the original reason given in the medical books for all of the above was ( and apparantly there was only a couple of lines about it) these conditions where caused by a great fear happening to the person, they have changed the reasons quite a few times, but i will stick to original. Because at age 13 i had bone operations on my knees, drilled and pined to stop growth, and afterward absolutely no painkillers ( they thought them bad for children) i was in hospital for couple months cried in pain all the time. The pins where to come out after a year and nobody told me that it wouldn’t be as painful this time the night before my operations was my first with sleep paralysis,something came down on top of me, i was driven out of my body through fear, i would be out of my body every night, and the rest is history. Doctors explained it as a condition, i have always thought it was an entity attracted to my puberty and my fear. However, in the last month i watched a guy called Jim Sparks talk on youtube about his abductions by aliens! I bought his book, and was amazed at the descriptions of what happened to him, i recognisd, so, peeps, i am an extremely spiritual person, always had an interst in alien life, i photographed one a few years back passing my house ! P. It has been some years since i had any episodes.

  • Happened again this morning, third time this year. I was laying on my back asleep can’t remember what I was dreaming about. Suddenly I had pins and needles over my whole body. I felt like my eyes were open and I couldn’t move. I could see a grey misty figure laying not on me but above me. It’s hands were reaching into my body beside each breast. I was trying to say get off me, get off me. Til it felt like i pushed it off. I managed to roll on my side but couldn’t get back to sleep. I have pain under both my armpits now. Very scary.

  • Am just curious if anyone has ever felt someone holding on to their wist above their head while sleep paralysis happens the other night I expected this I’ve had sleep paralysis before but never like this I did actually wake myself up but was so scared to go back to sleep but I did

    • Oh YES
      I felt like somebody had handcuffed me and was holding my wrists above my head
      I tried calling got help but couldn’t utter a word and then suddenly I saw this dark shadow-y figure beside my bed and I immediated broke free
      I was so terrified

  • Ok I am a little perplexed and confused and not sure what to think of it. My son called he is in the military he has been having sleep paralysis for quite some time. He had experienced the last three nights someone cutting his feet or scratching his feet while he slept. The next dream was of him having sleep paralysis and a feeling very hot and sweating really bad and couldn’t move he couldn’t move. He said he looked down at his chest and said steam was rising from it. Then he said he was on fire. He looked down at his feet and saw a man standing there all in black. The man at the foot of the bed let out a scream. My son woke up and said the fire alarm was going off. He got up got dressed and he said he was drenched in sweat. He went out and met the fire dept. outside. They asked him if he was smoking or cooking in his apartment because the sensors show that the fire was detected in his location of basically in his room. He said he was dead asleep and wasn’t cooking or doing anything that would cause an alarm to go off. If anyone can explain that Id like to hear it. Is it a coincidence or is this paranormal stuff idk. Thank you for listening.

  • This just happen to me for the second time and I’m scared I couldn’t breathe something was choking me and my husband saw the whole thing as it happen to me he said I got stiff like someone was hold me down but the worst part was when I woke up with a hand mark that neither me or him can explain and it wasn’t any of our hands

  • I had an experience last night with sleep paralysis and I was really tired and I hadn’t gone to sleep yet and it was around 4AM. I was drifting off to sleep and i every time I was almost asleep I heard a demonic voice and one voice whispered ~@$% you in my ear. The voices kept making strange and terrifying noises that I can’t explain. I tried to wake up but my body felt glued down and I couldn’t move or get my body to wake up. The voices kept talking and one was talking about killing people. It sounded like 3-4 voices, possibly 2. I kept imagining getting up and going to my mom’s room and I was trying as hard as I could to wake my body up but I couldn’t. I imagined going into my moms room twice and it felt completely real, like I was actually in there but it wasn’t real and I was just imagining it. I don’t think I ever left my bed. After the demons left I had a lucid dream that I was at a school and I was on drugs and I was acting totally insane. I had no control of what I was doing at all. The people at the school were all doing strange things but nothing creepy. They were making art or music but it was really weird. They were starting to say I was crazy and the students all were scared of me and I promised them I wouldn’t ever hurt them or do anything but I don’t remember what happened next. I must have woken up right when they started to get scared of me.

  • I unfortunately went to jail for two days, my first and only time. I was sleeping on the top bunk with 4 other woman in my cell. I woke up to the feeling of being punched in the head, I was on my back looking up, I could not move, I tried to call out for help and couldnt. It happened one more time that night. After the episodes I sat up in my bunk and all 4 woman were asleep, they were very nice woman. I didnt say anything because I was freaked out. I am a VERY sceptical person and tend to not believe anything. I am a mother, wife, daughter and have lived a blessed life. But I double guess this night over and over. Right before I feel asleep there was a woman screaming in a isolated cell that she was a demon, going to kill the guards baby, just horrible horrible evil things she was screaming erratically. Idk, I dont think it could of been anything bad, but I question it.

  • It’s to the side. Out of the corner of my eye I can see my bedroom door opening. Luckily, I have some mobility from my right arm, as I try frantically to push my head over to see the door. Finally, I get my head turned. As soon as I do, I see a shadow figure in the window. It’s trying to reach in and undo the latch. For some reason it’s eyes are glowing. I know that if I can just get my body moving it doesn’t stand a chance, but I’m frozen. While I fight my limp body for feeling, it fights to open my widow. With everything I have, screaming in my head; get up! I slowly gain control of my facilities. It’s a race to have control of me. As long as I win I’m still here, and it goes back where it came from. “Not strong enough to beat me” I say to myself, gaining full control. Sitting up in bed to assure myself that I did win and I am still here, I check the door and window. Looking out into the deep dark night, not afraid anymore, I declare again, “not strong enough to beat me”. Whatever it is, it’s not the first time and I know it won’t be the last.

    • The fear usually starts before going to sleep. Followed by a Lucid dream, and floating sensation. Next, three growling dark shadow figures slowly get closer. GROWLING INTENSIFIES, pure fear and dread follows, Sound is manipulated, making the sound of my fan, or A/C slow down, to a “whoosh!”(I usually try to pull out at thIs point). Once they show up, the whole bedroom seems to shutter at low vibrations,. One appearing in the bedroom doorway, window, and closet doorway. The growling gets louder as they approach, while on the left side of my face, out of my peripheral vision, one of the hooded figures screams violently in my ear. Tried to look, but it manages to always just stay out of view, while the other 2 observe. As I pull out of it, the growls and screaming tend to fade, sometimes takes a longer than expected. Fear like you can’t imagine floods every fiber of your being. Happens every once in a while..some weird shit,..seems too calculated and real, either Interdimensional beings or ultra clear hallucination.

      • I saw the hooded figures during sleep paralysis as well!! AND heard creepy growling. I started having it around age 15. The first time it happened was the worst. I was taking a nap and only had a couple hours of sleep the night before. I was very tired. I woke up to my mom yelling from the downstairs telling me to wake up. I couldn’t open my eyes or move. I could hear her though. Then, I heard loud sirens and sounds like a really loud garage door opening and shutting. Even though my eyes were closed and I couldn’t open them, red was everywhere. I felt an evil presence pressing on me. I also heard a growling sound and could “see” hooded figures swarming around. I can honeslty say that I was never so scared before. I tried to move but couldn’t. Then, I finally woke fully up and my heart was racing and I was hyperventilating. I was crying and couldn’t understand what the hell happend. I have had numerous episodes after that, but that one was the worst!!

  • I never thought anyone else was going threw what I’m going threw. My first experience was this year a few months back. I want to say July. I was house sitting for some old friends while they went away to Dallas for the weekend. So I invited my girlfriend over so I wouldn’t be alone. That’s always scared me . I used to love being by myself but now I can’t stand it . So me and my girlfriend were laying down in the room and we were going to take a nap . As she drifted asleep I started to feel my self fall myself drift away .Then I heard someone scream this terrifying scream in my ear ! It sounded so evil yet it also sounded like a whisper. I don’t k oq if that makes any sense . But I felt as if this women was right next to my ear and she said ” I’m coming for you ” I was terrified . I woke up and dragged my girlfriend to the living room with me . But that wasn’t it .I had another episode . This time I felt as if my whole family was beating murdered in the room next to me. And I could hear them screaming . I couldn’t get up . I couldn’t move my hands or legs. I tried to scream so loud but nothing came out . Then I felt the pressure on my body . And fought with it till I finally woke up in a dark room where it felt like someone was staring at me . My next episode was just a month ago . Me and my wife were laying down and I was a bit drunk so I tried hard to go to sleep . I felt my self fall into this light . And in the light it started to form a beautiful face . Now I’m already aware I can’t move nothing in my body . So I try not to panic and focus on revealing who’s face I was floating into . Then it formed Into Jesus. And then this terrible , evil , demonic being who resembled a little boy covered the godly picture and started saying ” this isn’t real, he isn’t real, he can’t save you , nothing can save you ” so I felt my chest start pumping really fast then realized I was having a anxiety attack in my sleep ! Which my wife quickly woke me up and got me to calm down from . My last episode was last night .i was scared for some reason as I was falling asleep and I heard a women scream in my head again just as I was about to fall asleep. She screamed my name as if she was trying to come for me or save me . I can’t figure it out . I was scared and had my wife hold me the rest of the night .

  • Last night i felt a pressure on mybed as if someone was kneeling on it and stroking my hair,i turned my head and saw a bluish purple light that just arked upward. Then i felt my body floating of the bed. I tried to scream but couldnt make a sound.

    Ngg o. It

  • This is going to be a long story so bear with me. Now this happens when I was 10, the first time ever it happened to me. Like many other nights as usual mom asked me to go to bed, while the adults stayed downstairs and watched TV. I was fast asleep, till i felt a warm breath on my right cheek. At first I thought it was my mom, she usually comes up to give me a goodnight kiss. Then there was no kiss, it was just a warm breath with a grunt. I was forced to turn facing the ceiling but I can’t see my white painted ceiling all I see was a huge dark shadowy figure on top of me and I can’t breathe. I felt like there was a gigantic hands squeezing my chest, I screamed and shouted for help! Called out to my mom, but it’s sounds more like a little squeal wheeze of air coming out from my mouth. I guesses my mother have a good instinct and came up to check on me. She saw me with my hands in the air and I was choking, yes! choking! I was not having a seizure that’s for sure I was out of air gargling in my own saliva. That shadow monster just looked through my mother gave me a glance pasted itself on the wall and slides on it out the window.
    The second time I was at my aunt, visiting and sleeping over the same shadowy monster cane again I was awoken with this warm breath on my face. The monster did the same thing he tried to squeeze the life out of me! This time I had enough, I was not going to die like that so I cursed it with all the curses I could think of I told it to fuck itself I’m not afraid of you. As my uncle came running to the door that thing again pasted itself to the wall and slide out the window.
    It has been years after I’m grown now, have an apartment haven’t seen the big shadow monsters for years.
    I don’t know exactly how to call it. You all say it’s sleep paralysis but that warm breath from hell? I swear it’s not hallucination. I scratch myself to checked weather I’m awake or asleep. The only thing that kept that thing away is to not be afraid of it.
    In between I had other experiences, with the thin group of shadow mans having a meeting in my room whispering to each other “is she asleep” and the floating beautiful lady that hovers my bedroom ceiling in my old apartment in the morning but that is another true story

  • Several times I’ve had the experience of being pulled sideways off the bed and landing softly to the floor then getting up and getting back into bed, once I felt as if I was floating towards a doorway with a bright light at the end of it then being pulled back on to the bed !, another time I felt as if someone was sitting on my legs and rocking but I couldn’t move but my daughter heard me shout at it ! The other week I was asleep on the sofa when I felt as iv someone was shining a,bright light in my eyes and I couldn’t move!

  • Only had 1 experience. At the time, had recently separated from my bf (2011) and had the apt to myself. Had just bought a new tv (he took the old one without my consent). After falling asleep I had a dream that 3 men in black clothing scaled up to my 3rd floor apt, somehow strapped the 47″ tv to their back and were on their way back off the balcony. Sounds absolutely ridiculous I know but the intense anger I felt was insane and in my dream, all I wanted was to catch them and beat the crap out of them (1 girl against 3 men didn’t matter at the time). When I tried to get up amd yell, I found I couldn’t do either, which enraged me even more! I ended up finally waking in a slow but escalating roar (aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHH) and was able to break the paralysis and sit up. Nothing happened to the tv, and no one was there. Strangest thing I’ve ever felt. Nothing like that has happened since.

  • I had my first epxerience of sleep paralysis when I was 18years old. I am now 25 and I am still having it. More regularly now than before. I’ve had it so many times I’m not even scared anymore. It’s like a normal thing to me now. I tried many techniques to stop it but it just keeps coming back. I even tried to see doctors but they all say the same thing, “don’t be stressed”, keep healthy diet, regular exercise and make your bed time consistent, etc” whatever, I don’t even care anymore. It’s just a part of me now I guess. haha

  • I have suffered from various episodes. My worst was waking up and seeing a man climb through my window climb on top of me and start strangling me. I turn to my husband who’s in bed next to me but I can’t speak. I’ve also had ones where my sheets are pulled down off my bed and then something grabs my legs and drags me down the bed. The other night I felt someone shake my bed and then my covers lifted and I felt my mattress go down like someone had got in my bed I actually woke myself up screaming. Although in my head I now know what these episodes are it’s still scary but I’m used to it and soon go back to sleep. I can’t fathom why this happens but fortunately they’re not too regular

    • Amazing but horrible situation. I had similar I posted my a my story as NG . My monk story involved the monk tiggling me under my arms with long finger nails like stroking I became paralysed . Like you I screamed out with all my power and entire house heard it.

      I felt that this monk was real very real. Like you got used to waking myself up after about 10 experiences. years later I was told that monks lived on that land 100 years before I felt like ice when I was told.

      Life is interesting xx

    • Also my covers used to come down to belly button area and the finger of this monk tiggled me in a slow morbid way under my arms, my arms would rise up while this happened automactically. Then this monk would go.

      There is no way this was real as in real life the house was full of people and my brother shared my room. I was about 13 or 14. See my story below as NG

  • I’m 32 years old. This has happened twice in my life, but it was more than sleep paralysis. I’ve had sleep paralysis where I wake, but my body will not move. More so annoying than absolutely the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. This last time was different. For the last week prior to the events of last night, i had a desk fan fall off its very stable platform within 2 minutes of laying down for the night. Happens one time, I get up, feel a little creeped out, put back where it was and it doesn’t move. No external source could cause this. It could not walk on its own. It stays on all day, is on the other side of the room, but falls off backward as if it jumps off its very stable base within 2 minutes of me laying down. Never happened before, but started happening once each night. Once replaced, it’s stable until the following evening after I lay down for the night. Fast forward to last night.I am in the living room. I fall asleep, Im having a dream about sneaking around somewhere, but not a nightmare…just a dream. Fully able to realize i am dreaming. Then I “wake up”….i am awake, in my living room, everything as it should be…but across the room is a lady in an off-white night gown, black slightly frizzled hair parted down the middle looking down. At the very instant I mentally acknowledge her presence her head shoots up and we make direct eye contact..well, she made eye contact as if she had been waiting for me to be conscious of her presence. Her eyes were off white, slightly glowing in contrast to her dark hair and shadowed face. She looked right at me. No pupils..just completely white and a face that was not pleasant. Old but not too old, but not settling in any way. As her mouth opened, she never moved toward me, but I could hear her screaming in my ear as if she was on a megaphone right next to my head. She screamed, “I AM COMING OUT TOMORROW. GOOOO!!!” almost like thunder. I didn’t feel like it was so much a warning, but a threat. Nothing pleasant about her/its presence. In fact, it was the most terrified I have ever been in my entire life. Couldn’t move, couldn’t scream. However, I could push out low moans. It took every ounce of strength and focus to groan out “NOOOOOO” from the deepest parts of chest….but as if I was screaming “NOOO” with my body and not my voice. Then she was gone. I was left with terror, soaked in cold sweat, and a vibrating tingle crawling up and down my spine and legs as I lied there trying to figure out what just occurred. I remembered the dream of sneaking around..then I remembered this. The dream was very much a dream of sneaking. The women was very much not a part of that dream. When she disappeared, her voice echoed in my head and I was able to move, but my surroundings were exactly the same. I was awake, had been awake, but now was able to control my body. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to control my heart rate and reduce the tingling running up and down my spinal cord. The entire time feeling like I was not yet alone. Then it was gone. The feeling, the terror, the tingling…gone. I rolled over and fell back asleep. No more dreams, just uninterrupted sleep. The next morning I continued to try and convince myself it was a dream…until I realized my air conditioner was not going off. When I looked at it, it was set at 75F…i have never set it below 79 in my life. It is programmed to be constant at 79. It hadn’t been touched in over a year. She was standing right next to it throughout that experience…I realized that this was a reminder that what happened was real. Not something just in my mind. This event occurred. And it was very much an event that I needed not pass off as a dream. I’m shook…truly, deeply, shook

  • I experience sleep paralysis because of insomnia fatigue, and I finally realized that if the problem is that mind is awake and my body is asleep, I can just TELL my brain to wake up the body. I works instantly unless I am REEEALLY sleep deprived.

  • Well this was really helpful so am currently 21 and I just had a serious sleep paralysis I think in my whole life iv had it 2 ot 3 times had it years back and after that I haven’t felt it until now. I woke up and was trying to fall back asleep usually I wake up easily and find it hard to fall back asleep and as I was trying to go bj to sleep when it felt like I had almost slept then my body couldn’t move I couldn’t tlk I could do nothing and it felt like my eyes were open but at the same time closed and it is scary as hell and yes I have an insane imagination so I kept on trying to scream literally but it wasn’t working so I tried talking in my mind since I couldn’t open my mouth I decided to talk but in my mind ….. and I some how got out of it woke up left my room immediately turned the light on and went to sit in the toilet that’s like my comfort zone but honestly this happened at 5 am and it’s now 6:14am am finding it so hard to fall bk asleep I mean I don’t even want to go bk to sleep my hear is racing .

    • Hi Ella..i experienced this as well recently…first time so bad i went to emerg..i couldnt shake the terror..(i understand now the sleep paralysis probably triggered a panic attack that triggered tense muscles that caused a lingering numbness) so ya..thought i was having a stroke! Now that i have understanding i have since had it happen twice more but without the panic it isnt all that bad an experience…i simply start praying in my mind and go with it…i feel the complete relaxedness of my body and last night as i was in the midst of a dream containing some evil characters i let it flow and ‘rewrote’ the dream…it was like watching a movie play out…when the feelining passed i was almost disapointed lol….praying you dont become afraid to sleep! Take care..vicky

  • I’m currently 12, and just last night I had my first sleep paralysis episode. Trust me, it’s scary; it honestly does feel like paranormal activity or something strange.
    My experience was a nightmare followed by an episode- I don’t want to explain the nightmare as it may be too graphic or frightening for some people, but the episode went like this. Jolting awake from the nightmare, I was hazily conscious and startled. Then, suddenly, I felt this daunting feeling of evil, and I couldn’t move, and something was breathing right under me. I couldn’t breath- it felt like the thing had somehow taken control of my lungs or something and now it was both breathing for itself and me. I felt vulnerable and helpless, and I thought I was dying and it was sucking the life out of me before I fell back asleep.
    After a second strange dream, I woke up in the morning and was hit by another round of the lung demon thing. I could hear my actual parents downstairs, making breakfast and talking, but when I desperately tried to cry out for help, I couldn’t. The breathing became almost painful, like My lungs were gone and my chest cavity was now filled with the monster’s lungs.
    As a 12 year old girl, I was frightened and terrified and believed that some supernatural demonicforce was killing me. All I could do was focus and pray- I’m not saying that being religious or anything is how to stop it- but the fear was somehow replaced by determination and brutal calm when i prayed. Finally, I was able to squeak ‘mom’ and this huge was of relief fell through me. The monster just fell away and disappeared, and I got the hell off that bed.
    This morning has been dedicated to researching sleep paralysis, and now that I understand the scientific process of what is happening, I feel more reassured. My paralysis is genetic. My mom, grandma, and even my dad’s side of the family has had it. To anyone experiencing this, I just want you to know that you are definitely not alone and that although the fear is tremendous, you have to remember that it is NOT REAL.

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