12 Reasons Why You Might Be Tired All The Time

tired woman snoozing

Do you find that daily life is a constant struggle because of a lack of energy? Do you always seem to feel tired, perhaps much more than you used to in the past?

The temptation is to blame a lack of sleep when you feel tired all the time. However, it’s not always a simple lack of sleep that leads to this level of exhaustion, with many possible reasons that could lie behind your low energy levels.

So it’s important to work out whether your fatigue is caused purely by a lack of sleep, or if something else is behind it.

In this article, I’ll be looking at 12 possible explanations, which might help you work out the cause and hopefully do something about it. Please note that many of these require a medical diagnosis rather than self-diagnosis, as well as medical treatment to manage.

1) Not getting enough restorative sleep

The word restorative is important because there’s a difference between just being in bed and getting some sleep, and having enough good quality sleep.

There are many different kinds of sleep disorders – more than 80 in fact. Sometimes you might feel that you’re sleeping for long enough, but actually your sleep might be more disrupted or of poorer quality than you think it is.

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder which can leave you feeling constantly tired. If you snore regularly, or if you or your partner notice any breathing difficulties at all during your sleep, you should ask your doctor about it.

And it could be that like many adults in the busy modern world, you just don’t allow yourself enough time to sleep. Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night, but many try to survive on much less.

2) Depression

Depression not only affects your emotional state, but can have a significant impact on your physical state. Some symptoms of depression include loss of appetite, headaches, muscular pains and fatigue.

The loss of appetite can then again contribute to further problems with a lack of energy and feeling tired all the time.

Moreover, depression often goes hand in hand with stress, anxiety and worrying. These can all be major factors in not falling asleep at night.

Being able to switch off your mind is important for falling asleep. So if you do have difficulty turning off your thoughts at night, you may find it useful to try some relaxation exercises.

3) Heart disease

human heart

Your heart is the engine driving your body. If it’s not in top condition, then you’re likely to feel much more tired than usual when doing everyday tasks.

If you’re finding it a struggle to do simple tasks like walking up and down stairs, doing housework or shopping then it could be a sign that your heart is struggling.

If this sounds familiar, it’s very important to speak to your doctor to have a check up and ensure that all is well with your heart.

4) Diabetes

If the heart is the engine driving your body, then sugar is one of the main fuel sources. Diabetics have a problem with the body keeping the sugar in the bloodstream instead of being converted into energy in the body’s cells.

This can then result in extreme fatigue when the body has no energy left to function. If you feel perpetually tired, ask your doctor to perform a simple blood test to discover if you have diabetes.

Diabetes can be controlled, but it’s important to catch it as early as possible to hold off the more long-term damage it can cause the body.

5) Underactive thyroid

The thyroid is a gland in your neck which is responsible for your metabolism. This is the speed at which you convert food and liquid into energy for the body.

If it’s underactive, then your metabolism will be considerably slower. The result of this is that you may feel tired, along with other possible effects such as weight gain.

You can have this tested by a doctor and, like diabetes, it can be managed with medication.

6) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – or Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME)

If your tiredness continues for many months it may be that you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sometimes known as Myalgic Encephalopathy. CFS or ME for short.

The principal symptom of this is extreme fatigue which remains an issue and has no other identified cause. It’s not so easy to treat, and relies heavily on the patient taking action to alter their daily routines and lifestyles.

Unfortunately, this is something which people have trouble motivating themselves to do because they lack energy and motivation – a vicious circle that can be hard to beat.

For more information about this, you can visit the excellent UK site of the ME Association.

7) Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections are commonly associated with pain, such as a burning sensation, and a more regular need to urinate.

However, sometimes these symptoms aren’t present, and instead the only clue is feeling unusually tired. A doctor will normally treat this with antibiotics and the tiredness should dissipate soon after.

8) Food intolerance

Many people have an intolerance to certain types of food. How many more people these days are discovering that they can’t eat or drink dairy products for example?

If you have an intolerance to certain foods, the result of eating them can be excessive tiredness afterward. You can ask a doctor to help you identify which you may need to cut out of your diet.

You could also experiment to work out what food types are causing you to feel tired after eating them. Try cutting out specific food types a few days at a time and see if you notice the difference.

As long as you keep a sensible and balanced diet while doing this, there should be no harm in experimenting.

9) Poor diet

image of leafy green vegetables

There are 2 main issues here which you could experience:

  • Simply not eating enough. You could be on a diet, experiencing a lack of appetite, too busy to monitor your diet, away from home, traveling, feeling bad about your image, or simply struggling to pay for the ever-increasing weekly shop. There are many reasons why people sometimes don’t eat properly. But it’s essential to keep your body and mind happily fueled to see you through your days. Don’t skimp on the meals.
  • Your choice of food can also play an important part in your energy levels. It’s important to try to keep a balanced energy intake throughout the day. So for example, eating healthy low-GI breakfasts instead of high sugar cereal. Avoid sweets and cakes in the afternoon, and instead try to eat more fruit, nuts or yogurt to avoid a sugar crash in the afternoon.

And there are some food types which are great for boosting energy levels, and keeping your body stocked with all the vital vitamins and minerals it needs, for example:

  • Green leafy vegetables – great for energy-boosting vitamins and minerals.
  • Vitamin B12 – found mainly in animal products, but also nuts and soya. Lack of B12 can also lead to fatigue.
  • Folic acid – again found in leafy greens, but also eggs can increase energy levels.
  • Potassium – a good source is bananas.
  • Make sure you have a good mix of vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses in your diet generally and you’ll be on the right track.

10) Anemia

Anemia can lead to a lack of energy because your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. Anemics have less red blood cells in the body, meaning less oxygen gets transported around the body to keep their organs, muscles, and tissues functioning at maximum potential.

Anemia can be diagnosed by a doctor, and treatment will depend on the exact cause. For many people, the cause is iron deficiency, which can be dealt with by taking supplements or eating foods rich in iron, such as meat or leafy green vegetables

11) Too much exercise

A common piece of advice for people struggling with low energy is to make sure they try to do exercise regularly because it can help boost energy levels.

If you try to do 30-40 minutes exercise 4 times a week, then after a few months you should see a considerable boost to your overall energy levels.

It seems odd that by expending more energy, you will get more energy overall, but it really does work.

Some people, however, end up at the other end of the spectrum and exhaust themselves with too much exercise. Over-training can be a problem for people doing extreme amounts of exercise, particularly exercises like weight training or long-distance sports.

So if you’re training a lot, it’s important to make sure you give yourself rest days and keep to a very healthy diet.

12) Lack of water

Around 60% of your body is made up of water, so you need to constantly keep it topped up. Not drinking enough water during the day can lead to headaches, muscular problems, concentration, memory problems, and fatigue.

Everyone is different, and working out how much water you need depends on many factors. But the average recommended amount for a man is around 3 liters per day, and a woman just over 2 liters. Have a look at the Mayo Clinic’s guidance on water consumption for more information about this.

Your thoughts

Are you suffering from chronic tiredness? What do you think might be causing it? And if you have ways of coping which you feel might help other readers too, it would be great to hear from you.

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  • I’m 16, and every day (I get 6-9 hours of sleep) whether it be going to school or on the weekend, it takes me about 30 minutes to get out of bed and if I don’t by then I’m asleep for another hour or two. Even after most of the sleep I get I’m always tired no matter what. I can go to sleep in minutes just by laying down or putting my head on my hand. I’m not for sure what is wrong, however, i do know that this issue halts all of my school work and progress in everyday life.

  • I am 47 and need to sleep or rest for a few hours after lunch each day, even when it is a healthy or carb-free lunch. This is debilitating as I can’t get out with my family, have issues at work, and my wife thinks I am lazy – but if I don’t have this rest I get run down and catch colds, etc.

  • I’m a 32 year old single mom to 2 girls 9 & 12 but am constantly exhausted.i can’t sit down in the day when I’m not working because i’l fall asleep within 10minutes (even have to set a daily alarm on my phone to make sure I don’t sleep through the afternoon sch run) the tiredness comes over me all of a sudden.i sleep well at night qnd have about 8/9 hours as i often fall asleep trying to watch tv,I’ve had bloods done and all are ok.partner said i do snore alot but other than that I’m ok…I’m fed up of feeling constantly drained and tired

  • I am a 15 year old male and an extremely competitive swimmer and all around athlete. Ever since December of 2016 after a big meet and going on vacation I have been extremely fatigued in most places all over my body when I exercise. It is mostly with short twitch muscle fiber activities such as swimming or running long distances, or not even that long. But usually fast twitch muscle fiber exercises such as lifting and such are not as painful. I have been tested for most everything and it is very frustrating because I tested positive for mono, and then a few months later I was tested again and I was negative. So it was a false positive. I have been tested for tick borne illnesses and the thing most thought it was, which was lactic acidosis which were all negative. This has been going on for almost a year and I know it is not phycological. I have had many problems with sinus things and I had surgery due to a torn labrum. I have tendinitis but I am in excellent physical condition and have a higher then average muscle mass for my age. I just want to figure out what is going on so that I can get over this so I can get back to improving my times. I have never experienced this much fatigue ever in my life even after getting back in shape after being immobile for over eight months. I also take adhd medications and have bad reflux. I also used to be able to get up every morning at around five and can’t get up in time for school which is at 7:30. I am a good student, and eat better then average, and I could drink more and I have been working on that. I get heart palpitations occasionally and get normal aches and pains that I think most people have. I think what I have written is an understatement of all that I experience but I will leave it with this. Thanks.

  • Hi, I just want to sleep all the time, waking up is a major disappointment, just the thought of having to trudge through another worthless day is maddening, I try and study towards a degree, but can’t find anything worth spending my time on other than sleep.

    • Hi Kimberley
      Sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I think it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about how you’re feeling. It sounds to me like there’s a lot going on for you, and it might help to get some support for your low mood and difficulty in finding the energy to go through your day.

  • I’m 27 and extremely fatigued i sleep roughly six to 7 hours a night. I know I suffer from allergies, have a bad diet and snore very loud as my partner has been sleeping on the sofa for 3 years. I need to sort this out as i had a 4 hour nap earlier and was still tired

    • Hi Vicky
      Have you ever been assessed for sleep apnea? 2 common symptoms are loud snoring and daytime tiredness despite feeling that you slept at night. It can also lead to weight gain. I’d speak to your doctor about this and ask them what they think.

  • Hi
    My partner was off wk with stress last year he is on a pink tablet 3 times a day to try relax him
    He did pick up and has got a new job but hates it he does nothing but sleep then gets up and sleep/ naps all day on sofa he is 38 years old got no life or energy.
    He likes a drink of alcohol more then 5/6 units a day but doesn’t really eat lives on crisps or kebabs, help please.

    • Hi Sue
      Thanks for your comment. I think you might be right to consider diet as an issue, but there could be more to it than that. Stress can be very tiring, but medication to help can also reduce drive and energy. I’d suggest he talks with his doctor about the meds and energy levels, as well as diet. I imagine they need to look at the whole picture to help him further.

  • This doesn’t happen all the time but quite often throughout the day I am so exhausted that I could sleep and struggle to keep my eyes open. It comes over me all of a sudden. I also feel the same if I drive for more than 2hours. I 39 years old have 8 hours sleep at night, I do snore but not all the time but my wife does say that when I sleep I generally sweat a lot. I wondered if this was connected at all.

    • Hi Ben
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you snore loudly? Does your wife notice if you ever stop breathing for a brief while when snoring or int your sleep at all? I’d consider talking to your doctor if so, just to check for other sleep disorders. And do you ever literally fall asleep during the day at random times?

  • I’m lucky I’m 60 yrs old and very fit but I always feel tired I’m ok when I’m exercising it’s about an hour after I feel drained

    • Hi Paul
      Thanks for your comment. Do you exercise a lot? Have you thought about the possibility of overtraining?

  • I am 32 and I get extremely tired after doing simple tasks and my doctors don’t know why. Today I went clothes shopping and grocery shopping after work. When I got home I got in the bed and I’m too exhausted to move. I’m just so frustrated.

    • Hi Tiffany
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. Have you been tested for the various issues mentioned in the article?

  • my husband is 58 overweight a smoker borderline diabetic doctor told us the reason he feels the way he does is because he’s overweight he does have depression every part of his body aches he drives for a living so no exercise. doctors basically told us he’ll be dead in 6-7 years if he keeps going the way he is he had a heart monitor on and doctor didn’t seem concerned its wearing thin on me as I cant help him get out of the sluggish mood I don’t know what to do

    • Hi M
      Thanks for your comment. I can understand why you’d be concerned considering your husband’s current health. It’s not easy motivating someone to make changes in their life if they currently aren’t willing to, or aren’t able to find the energy or motivation themselves. I’d say keep being supportive and try to inspire him to be healthier. You can help with diet choices, and doing exercise together, even if it’s just going for walks to start with. Try to do things together and make them as enjoyable as possible. Perhaps that will help. I’d also keep talking to your doctor to get their advice and support, or even get a second opinion if you don’t feel the doctor is helping enough at the moment.

    • This is unfortunate. You can support him to ensure he engages in a little exercise daily even for 30 mins. 58 is not too old. Also ensure you give him a more balanced and healthy diet. Reduce on calorie intake and stop him from smoking. In Africa, when we want to stop someone from the addiction of smoking, we secretly dip his cigarette in pure local milk from the cow, dry the cigarette and let him smoke it after. Trust me he wont smoke ever again. have an explanation as to why the cigarette may look stained. Good luck

  • I’m 23 years old female. I feel very tired and sleepy all the time, even after a good 8 hour sleep. I have slight headache and burning sensation in the eyes. What can be the cause?

    • Hi Teddy
      Thanks for your comment. It’s impossible for me to say, but I would get yourself checked out by your doctor. There could be various causes, and hopefully they can find out which.

  • During a routine xray the doctor saw a 1cm nodule on my left adrenal. For the last 2 months I have been very very tired, losing hair, dry skin, craving salt, gaining weight, generally depressed. My joints and muscles ache all the time. Does the nodule on my adrenal gland contribute to my health in the above way??? Thank you.

    • Hi Susan
      Thanks for your comment. I’m not a doctor, and it will depend on the exact diagnosis. But from what I know, it’s possible there’s a cause and effect there. It’s something to discuss with your own doctor – tell them all of your symptoms and ask what can be done about it.

    • I am not a doctor so I do not know about the connection to your adrenal gland but your other symptoms sound like a thyroid problem. maybe check it out to see if it seems like what you are experiencing. Either way, you do not feel well and should not be suffering with the anxiety of not knowing where your symptoms are coming from. Call your doctor’s office to let them know you have questions and concerns about recent symptoms and make an appointment.

  • I AM A 72 YEAR OLD MAN, i SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION I AM Bi-Polor i AM ABOUT 180 POUNDS OVER WEIGHT. i HAVE HEART problems, underactive thyroid, I have diabetes. high cholesterol, high blood pressure I have a cataract in one eye and floaters in the other eye, I have prostrate problems and why I am so inactive is I need a hip replacement in my right hip and a knee replacement in my left knee. Plus a rotator cup replacement in my right shoulder. Our only income is social security so we have to eat what we can afford and not what is the best for us. I am in a lot of pain while I sleep and it wakes me up off and on all night.

    • Hi Thomas
      Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you have an awful lot going on there, so it must be difficult to cope. Have you spoken to your doctor about helping you with pain at night?
      In terms of food, even on a tight budget, it’s possible to eat very healthily. I’d look up online healthy eating on a budget, and you’ll find lots of great nutrition websites full of advice.

  • I’m a 64 year old female, I’m about 120 pounds overweight, I have a number of health issues, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and had a couple of mini strokes in 2009. I’m on Agrenox fir that, Wellbutrin and sertralene fir depression, ridlon fir ADHD, and, I take a sleeping pill ambien at night….my problem is…I still feel very depressed, and I am tired all the time. All I want to do is eat and sleep. Most week ends, I spend in bed. I work 40 hours a week, sit down job. I worry about everything! I have a 27 year old son, that lives out of state, but, seems to be doing well, and a wonderful husband of 47 years. I think that because I am so tired all the time, that I am dying. Am I? PS, I see a phsychologist on a regular basis, and, my family practitioner too. I also have stage 3 kidney disease, and, I see a nutritionist, however, I still don’t eat right. I’m working on it though.

    • Hi Mary
      Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you really have a lot going on there. It’s no wonder that you feel confused about our situation with such a range of diagnoses to cope with. It’s great that you’re seeing a psychologist, and hopefully they can help you deal with some of these problems. It’s also great that you’re working on things – it all starts with a positive attitude towards facing and tackling the issues. Let’s hope you’re not dying, as you ask in your comment. I know it can feel like it sometimes, but stay strong and in time things will get better.

    • Mary, I have similar symptoms to yours, I’ve been through a lot in my life and know my body. Currently my main mystery symptom is fatigue and loss of appetite. I have pre-existing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression as well as adhd and early onset of premenopause. I’ve overcome so much, only to become nearly bedridden, adrenal and thyroid have been ruled out. I recently had my depression meds changed, 6 weeks ago and this week. Im tired of feeling tired!

  • I’ve been tired for a long time and that may be due to many factors like depression, ADD and being overwhelmed with life like having too much on my plate. I also think I may have some thyroid and be anemic. I had my blood test done like 5 years ago and I was vitamin D deficient. I want to get my blood work done again now because I’ve been vegan for about a year now. I also don’t work out regularly and I’m trying to do that now and eat more greens. I am 39 and 100 lbs and have no problem sleeping but prob only sleep about 5-7 hours.

  • Hi I’m 67 year old male who has lung cancer ( small Cell) which has gone to my lymph nodes. I also had a fractured spine when I was 28. I suffer from chronic pain in my legs and feet, I take buprenophrine for the pain. My cancer has responded well to treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My problem is I feel tired all the time and can drop asleep any time of day. Can you help please

    • Hi Henry
      Thanks for your comment. Having been through cancer myself, I can definitley say that chemo (and radio to my knowledge) can leave you feeling extremely tired, and for some time after the treatment stops too. I recommend speaking to your oncologist about this, but to a certain extent it might just be something you have to accept for now, and try to manage by getting good rest at night and eating as good a diet as possible.
      I wish you all the best with your treatment.

  • Did great for about 5 years until I started slipping up again. Addiction is my main reason. Heroin-worst drug ever as far as dependance goes. If anyone uses this or any drug I would say that’s your issue, eleven days off heroin this time and feel better so lets hops it stays this way

    • Hi
      Thanks for your comment. Drugs can indeed have a huge impact on energy levels! Good work on your 11 days, and I wish you all the strength in the world to keep going. If you managed 5 years before, you can do it again!

  • I’m a 17 year old girl. I since the past 1-2 months can’t seem to concentrate on anything at all. Even if I force myself to do so I end up having a headache. I used to be very fit but since a year I stopped playing sports and exercising due to my studies. I now always seem to be sleepy even though I sleep a lot and am tired most of the time. I’m not hungry a lot too. With this inability to concentrate my studies are suffering a lot! Please tell me what to do

    • Hi Khushi
      Thanks for your comment. I think if your energy levels have had such a dramatic change, it’s a good idea to get yourself checked out by your doctor, just to see if there’s anything they can identify that’s causing it, and hopefully offer treatment or advice for.

  • I am 68 y/o, very healthy but do suffer from lower back spinal stenosis which I exercise for and take 10 mico. Butran patch. My fitbit says that I get between 8 – 10 solid hrs of sleep every night but lately (2 weeks) I’ve been feeling extremely tired during the day. Eat well, go to wellness pool 3x week, happy and as active as I can be with back. Why all of a sudden am I so tired during the day? Thank you. Sharon

    • Hi Sharon
      Thanks for your comment. It’s impossible for me to say why unfortunately. However, I would say that wrist based sleep trackers aren’t always so accurate. It could be overestimating how much sleep you really get, mistaking times you’re awake but not moving, or waking in the night. I’d get yourself checked out by a doctor just to see if there’s anything going on that they can identify.

  • Hi, I’m only 14 and for some reason, I sleep to much. When I try to eat, I find anything I eat gross, even my favorite food but I choke it down because I need it. This is new, also with the fact that I can’t sleep at night because I’m wide awake, but I can barely stay awake during the day. Do you know what’s happening to me?

    • Hi Malinda
      Thanks for your comment, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having these issues – is must be stressful for you. It’s not my place to offer a diagnosis, and would be impossible based on what you’ve said. What I can say is that it’s a good idea to talk to both your family and your doctor about how you feel and what’s happening to you. I think it would be helpful to get a doctor’s professional opinion, and hopefully they can help you deal with these problems.

  • I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea in 2014. The cpap helped at first, but it was rare to have a good day. Now I can’t even sleep more than four or five hours using the cpap. I raised the head of the bed five inches and stopped using the cpap. Now I sleep more hours but I’m still pretty tired. I’ve been tested for testosterone, thyroid, vitamin D, blood sugar and iron, but nothing is out of order. Whatever this is it seems a permanent condition and one that has led me to despair. I lost my job, no insurance, and it looks like no hope. If this is a condition that might lead to my demise, I hope that happens soon. Nothing in this world is worth dragging through the day for.

    • Hi Rob
      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having such a difficult time. Have you been back to the sleep specialist to talk about the cpap? There are advances in sleep medicine and equipment all the time, so perhaps they can help you find a way to sleep better with it. I’d also strongly recommend talking to a counselor/therapist about how you’re feeling, as well as family or friends if there is someone available. It’s times like this when we need all the support we can get, and talking about how you feel – even if that does’t stop the tiredness – can hopefully make it easier to cope at least.

    • Did you get your DHEA levels checked? I’ve been battling chronic fatigue for 25 years and I am only 29 years old. For the past year and a half is when I really started trying to get it figured out. I was also diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and the CPAP does nothing for me other than get rid of headaches and dry mSouth.

      I was also diagnosed with Vitamin D and B12 deficiency. The levels are “in range,” but I am still progressing getting worse, and starting to miss more and more work.

      Last week I went to an endocrinologist for the first time who said he could do all these blood tests I was begging for (adrenaline etc) but assured me they would all come back “normal”. Well they didn’t. The DHEA is way too high, which is produced from your adrenal gland. I’m still waiting for new scripts to come in the mail for a retest so then I can get a cat scan so he can look at my adrenal gland for a tumor i believe. DHEA is related to testosterone but the Testosterone specialically was ordered as a blood test separately. I think I getting very close to finding my answer and I hope you are too!

  • My companion sleeps constantly. Sleeps good at night and when he gets up in the morning he goes right back to bed. that isn’t normal and I try to tell him but he doesn’t listen to me. he is 62 yrs old and retired and this should be the best times of our life. but it is the worst because he is always sleeping. what do you think is the problem. HELP!!!!

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your comment. I think if he’s sleeping an excessive amount, it’s worth getting checked out by a doctor to see if there’s a physical cause.

  • Hi! I am 25 years old. I had a leg fractured in 2014. Due to that I had to take rest for 3 years in home. Usually I don’t do anything . I take medicine and go to sleep. It continued for 3 years from 2014 to 2017. I continued my leg fractured medicines also for 3 years. Now I can’t able to know after recovering and by stop taking medicines, I feel so much tired. Whenever I go to bed I fall asleep. At night when I go to bed I feel very tired n I have pain in my whole body as I have done hard work. Really I don’t do any hard work. I only sit at home, eat, n sleep. When am nt doing any work why am feeling so much pain in my body and why am feeling tired while go to bed at night? N am sleeping like a donkey. What happened around me I couldn’t able know. Please give me solution. What I exactly have to do?

    • Hi Sharmista
      Thanks for your comment. I think that really this is a question to ask your doctor. But I do wonder if spending 3 years at home being very inactive is contributing to the lack of energy you feel. I’d definitely talk this through with your doctor.

    • Sharm, is this medicine you’re taking a pain killer? If so, this could be a huge contributor. I’m 37, and have been racing mountain bikes for nearly 15 years (the downhill kind of racing). I’ve broken several bones over time. I’ve taken the occasional pain killer when it’s unbearable but only in the beginning, as those things can be very dangerous! If you’ve been taking them for an extended amount of time then I urge you to try a little exercise, here and there. I also urge you to take vitamins to help boost your energy. It’s important to know that whatever the reason you are tired can be overcome. I am starting to get older, and each injury scares me more and more. I don’t like taking anything that makes me feel different than my body should. This is because, I think the body needs to know where the pain is and fix itself. That’s just me. I’m not a doctor. And I’ve seen what painkillers can do to someone. They destroy the way your body functions. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. I just wanted this to be said, as you can get over it with a little determination.

      I would see a doctor about the way you’re feeling nonetheless. It’s important to get medical advice in a situation where your body isn’t acting like you’re used to.

      I wish you the best, and even if you don’t want, like or care to, get moving. Everyday, move and do what makes you happy not comfortable (unless medically unsafe)

      Good luck and be cool.


    • You need to get a different doctor if you were told to spend 3 years at home for a leg fracture! A BREAK in a leg only takes two months to heal! I just have a hard time believing any doctor told you to stay at home for 3 years. Sounds like chronic laziness to me

  • Hi, I’m a 16 year old girl and I’ve been feeling really tired for over a month. I’m a swimmer, so I swim every day. I’ve been in shape for a while (since August), and all of a sudden one day I just had no energy. I can’t explain it. One day I was in shape, the next day I was tired even before starting to warm up. Then I joined track, so I had two practices a day (track practice and then swim practice right after). I was still constantly tired. So then I thought I had this fatigue from over-exercising. But this past week I have been on taper for swimming, and I took a little break from track. But even with these very easy workouts, I still managed to have no energy at all, and I was out of breath after simple sets. Throughout this month, I have also been getting injured really easily. I pulled both of my quads, then reinjured them several times. I also had a lot of knee and ankle pain. And this weekend, I pulled my groin at the meet, and as a result I couldn’t swim my breaststroke regional events, and I’m really upset about that. This whole thing has been going on for a month and I am just really fed up with it. I have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks and I’m going to get my blood checked because I know something is up but I don’t know what it is. For the time being, I just want some answers. Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with me?

    • Hi Laura
      Thanks for your comment, and sorry to hear you’ve had this sudden change in how you feel. It’s great that you’ve got a doctor’s appointment coming up, and hopefully they will give you some answers.
      To be honest it’s impossible to say what it is, and I think the best thing is to try not to worry yourself by researching too much online. You can turn up all kinds of scary things, as you probably already know, and it’s kind of pointless until you get a medical opinion, though I know the temptation to self-diagnose is high.
      You’re young, so hopefully it will be nothing serious and you’ll get back to normal training and life soon enough.

    • I was a national swimmer and had the exact same thing happen to me at 15. I was anaemic, very very low iron levels and had to have a transfusion and then take iron tablets. I now take liquid iron and it helps a lot.

  • I’m 60 and lately I have pain every morning when waking. Constant burning in my arms and legs, the feet are the worst. It feels like something is dissolving my bones at the edges. I have had C-7 surgery and some low back disc issues. I work a stressful office job 9 hours a day. I just think it’s arthritis. To the 67 year old, get hired help. As soon as I retire, I am getting a cleaning person. Going to the chiropractor on Saturday. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Flora
      Thanks for your comment. I hope the chiropractor can offer you some advice and help. It sounds very unpleasant to wake up like that every day, so I wish you the best of luck!

  • I am 53,my Mother died at 53 and so did my Grandmother.Mother of heart disease,Grandmother of breast cancer.I have depression and anxiety,on medication(Effexor 150mg).I have Genetic high cholesterol,on meds for that also.I drink too much,eat rarely and then too much.I have just had heart tests and they are all good.I have a major paranoia of dying at 53.I was a Social Worker but stopped work due to D/A. I stay in my room most of the day.I feel calmness in a smaller area.My bed is my friend.Not because I sleep a lot,it’s just comfortable to me.I have a T.v in here and my laptop.I feel like a shadow of my real self.I have an Art area that I never use.A beautiful open living room, Kitchen area.I am so,depleted.I rarely if ever go out.Just for groceries and that leads me to the beer store.I’m a mess.Feel unattractive and a burden on the world.Thank You for Reading:)

    • Hi Kellie
      Thanks for your comment, and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling this way. I think it’s quite common for people to worry about death when they reach the age that family members died at, especially if it was at a relatively young age. However, it’s also common for people to live well past that age – something worth remembering. I had a similar issue in my family, and it was only when doing some family history research did we realise that actually the average life expectancy for the males in my family was much, much higher than the worry was!
      Having been a social worker, I imagine you know that in your situation, you would probably benefit greatly from some support. Do you have family or friends you can reach out to for some help? Are you able to contact a counselling service to find someone you can speak to and help you through this difficult time? I think it would be a good idea to take the burden off yourself and try to find the energy and courage to reach out for help.

  • Hello I keep filling tiered through out the day but I have enough sleep everyday but I’m sitting down in class and my eyes come over all heavy and I just want to sleep I don’t know what’s happening. I have been eating fine though??

    • Hi Freddie
      Thanks for your comment. Have you spoken to your family about this? It might be good to get yourself checked out by a doctor just to make sure there’s no medical cause. It could, of course, just be because life can be tiring when you’re young! But if it happens all the time, it’s worth getting checked out.

  • I feel great for five days then the tiredness overcomes me and I have no energy can’t eat and get loose on the toilet for three to four days then I stay awake all night and read and I feel better the next day this happens every week I do use hot water bottles a lot could these be zapping my energy up

    • Hi Sue
      Thanks for your comment. I doubt that the hot water bottles would be doing this. Have you ever spoken to a doctor about these changes in energy levels? Perhaps they can help identify any cause and help you stabilise your energy levels.

  • Im 62 try to eat good don’t eat alot but clean my house and was exhausted also been having panic attacks my mom lives with me she has cancer some days im ok but today was exhausted and hard to breathe with panic attacks

    • Hi Pat
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you’ve been having health problems, and also that your mum is dealing with cancer. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget about out own health when we’re caring for someone else. But it’s important to look after yourself too, so you can be at your best to support others. If you haven’t already, I’d speak with your doctor frankly about how you feel and see if you can get some support, guidance or ideas for looking after both yourself and your mum as well as possible.
      All the best

  • I feel tired a lot no thyroid Not on top of medications , depressed ,not enough sleep , bad food choices not enough water 59 years old

    seem like was doing good developed Lymphoma But was treated was feeling better , then started lacking energy i’m scared as my wife

    • Hi Charles
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with all this – I hope the treatment worked and that you can continue to recover – sometimes it can be an up and down process recovering from illness. I do recommend trying to get on top of your diet and liquid consumption – it’s so important. And of course, keep communicating with your doctor to try to find a solution.

  • I have a low thyroid but with medication the doctor says my levels are great. I’m 5’4 120 lbs. I am extremely tired everyday to where it’s hard to walk up the stairs. I am very active at my job and don’t have much time to eat. I snack a few times and my dinner isn’t much more then that. I recently have been omega allergic to soy and some gluten products. I eat mainly healthy but afraid I’m not eating enough. I workout about 4 or 5 times a week. I don’t want to gain weight but I feel I need to eat more and don’t know how to change my mind set as I’ve had an eating disorder all my life. But I don’t know what else would be causing me to be so tired

    • Hi Kristen
      Thanks for your comment. Have you considered speaking to a nutritionist? You might be able to get some help and advice specific to your current situation and medical history. They could help you get the balance right do you don’t gain weight, but do have enough energy.

  • I’m 64 years old I always been tired since I was a child and the doctors always said I needed more than seven eight hours of sleep now that I’m older much older I’m tired all I want to do is sleep I get up I do one chore then I’m back to bed I lay in bed a lot more than anything and I sleep a lot I made myself get up to go to the store or I just go get up to do something to get up and sit on the sofa and watch TV I get tired when I’m sitting up and I want to go back to bed I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I do have high blood pressure, I also have on the borderline of diabetes and I’m overweight. I have no energy to do anything. I need to go out and get a part-time job but I don’t even want to do that I just want to lay in bed all the time and sleep I have no energy none whatsoever. I like to know what the causes I hate going to doctors I don’t have insurance I can’t afford insurance and I access doesn’t kick in until November 1st. I do eat I do make myself eat but I eat small portions now cuz I’m not really that hungry but I make myself eat. I drink lots of water. But I have no energy to get up and do anything. I was tired when I went to work but I made myself get up and go to work now I don’t work anymore because the job that I was into the store closed in April of 2016 and I just been home ever since.

    • Hi JacqueLyn
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you feel this way. When you worked did you feel tired all the time too, or did you manage to get through the day ok? Have you ever had physical checks in your adult life regarding this? Have you ever had the opportunity to speak to a professional about your general mood and how you feel about life? I know you say you have no health insurance, and I can understand how difficult that must be. But I’d like to know if you’ve had a more detailed check-up?

  • I hardly sleep and sometimes I sleep by 4am I don’t know what is wrong with me but I feel sleepy during the day and am a mother and also a student most times am busy during the day. what should I do

    • Hi winiferd
      Thanks for your comment. It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on in your situation. When you sleep at 4am how long do you then sleep for? Do you sometimes get a normal night’s sleep as well? Perhaps as a mother and student your busy life is quite stressful, which could lead to the sleep problems, which in turn leads to the tiredness. I think a good step would be to talk to your primary care doctor about it. Perhaps they can give you a general check-up, and see if there’s anything they can identify that’s causing you the sleep and energy problems.

    • Can you please tell me that what’s the solution of ‘JacqueLyn D Quick’ type of problems and I’ll need any kind of checkup for this problem???? or what type of treatment i need for this type of problem???

  • I am on a diet where I only eat Veggies, Water, and fruits every time. I go to the gym every day to jog for 20 minutes. Because of this diet, I have now a pain in my joints and tired every day. My parents say that it’s because I don’t eat meat. I knew it’s because of what I eat, but I am scared that I am going to gain weight again when I eat meat. What can I do?

    • Hi Malin
      I was vegetarian for 15 years and did fine on it, as do many vegetarians. So personally, I don’t think it’s as simple as saying not eating meat = tiredness and other pains. Having said that, I do think it’s important to be careful that you eat a good, balanced veggie diet, and that perhaps some people find it harder than others.
      My advice would be to speak to a nutritionist if that’s possible for you. It’s always interesting to hear what they have to say about your current diet. If not, have a good think about the sources of protein in your diet and if you’re getting enough, and enough variety. And if you do want to eat some animal products for a while to see if it helps, you could try just eating fish or white meat, so you still have some limits – and it will be better for your weight than eating red and/or processed meat.
      Finally, it might also be worth talking to your doctor about your constant tiredness and pains. There are many things that can cause that, so it could be good to get checked out for any other conditions.

  • I have been in pain from my neck straight down to my legs in past two years I feel tired all the time and I have loss of appetite and I feel so depressed. What’s going on with my body

    • Hi Rita
      Thanks for your comment. It’s impossible for me to say, but with those symptoms I would definitely speak to your doctor if you haven’t already. Hopefully they can work out what’s causing these problems and get you some treatment.

  • I sleep every time I eat on bed I can’t even focus I get tired even if I read my books I end up sleeping I cannot even do anything finishing it without getting tired my appetite is no functioning am having body pains and slightly headache even if I take painkillers it can’t go away and my memory is affected nothing good I see as sleeping I need help

    • Hi Vuyokazi
      Thanks for your comment. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? With all of those symptoms, I think it’s a good idea to get medical advice.

  • Hello I’m a 69 year old male I’m tired all the time I suffer with arterial fibulation and I’m so tired and have no entergy some days I can’t breathe properly and my eyes feel heavy and walking is non existent. Some days I don’t drive I’m taking 1.25 bisodrol along with other medication for ailments. Every afternoon I go to bed and sleep soundly for three hours. I also have a pacemaker.

    • Hi David
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so drained with your various ailments. I hope you get it under control and get a little energy back.

  • I’m 34 female….for the past two weeks I’ve been so tired that even to finish a whole apple is a mission…I drink a lot of water as nothing else goes in….it’s scary because it has isolated me from my community as I stay alone….after a cup of water I sleep. After half an apple I sleep. I bath my face and sleep…..I bath for 5 hours because it’s done on intervals…pls help I’m scared….. Queendy

    • Hi Queendy
      Thanks for your comment. I think you definitely need to speak to a doctor about how you’re feeling at the moment. If you’re not eating, sleeping a lot and taking a very long time to do some tasks, it’s a sign that there could be an underlying problem. Hopefully your doctor can help identify it, help you deal with it and then get back to normal living.

  • I started a new full time job after I retired. I am 59. I walk 2.5 kilometre each way to work. For the first 6 months I was always feeling fatigued. It went away for about 8 months and I was feeling great going up the hills to work. For the last 3 months I’ve had the real fatigued feeling again. I can physically walk at roughly the same pace as when I felt good but now I just feel terrible.

    • Hi Bob
      Thanks for your comment. My advice would be to take a week’s rest from the walking and see if that helps. Or perhaps just walk one way for a week. Sometimes out body needs a bit of rest as the accumulative feeling of tiredness can take its toll. Give it a go and see if you recover.

  • Hi I am constantly tired this has been going on for years now and basically it’s taking over my life I struggle everyday to do basic things like getting up for work getting ready cooking walking my dog and even trying concentrate it affects my studies I regularly even become to feel unwell due to the stress of daily things I feel so weak and useless I have had previous of panic attacks and social anxiety but don’t quite know what is wrong what is causing this

    • Hi
      You might want to see your GP explain how you feel ask him to check your bloods if they come bk normal then you may have developed M E/ CFS ( chronic fatigue syndrome )

  • I’m always tired. I sleep 8 plus hours a night. Because I’m tired. Sometimes it’s hard to breath and my heart flutters. What could be causing this

    • Hi Crystal
      Thanks for your comment. It’s possible the tiredness is related directly to the occasional breathing problems you have. I think if you have any suspicion that your heart isn’t functioning as well as it could all the time, along with breathing difficulty, it’s a sign that you need to speak to your doctor. Hopefully they will be able to provide some real answers for you and help you.

  • But sometimes, the root of your fatigue isn’t so obvious, and everything from a hidden health issue to your gym habits could be to blame. It’s like asking a pediatrician why a baby is crying; the answer could be any number of things,” says Tanvir Hussain, MD, a preventive cardiologist in Los Angeles.

    • Hi Ellis,
      Thanks for your quote and that interesting comparison. I think you’re right, it’s not always so easy to identify it. Though fortunately, I think with some testing and/or thought it’s easier to work out what could be causing it than finding out why a baby is crying in each individual moment.

  • I am 67 years old now retired from work the latter part of my working life i only did part-time jobs. My husband is now retired from work like myself. I seem to be working harder now than when i was at work cooking cleaning shopping gardening. I do try to do certain jobs each day and not over do it all. But sometimes i feel mentally and in my body so tired. I have bad nights can’t sleep until the early hours next day i just crash out when i go to bed right away. I do a lot of walking most days at least an hour with my dog. I think also it could be stress as my husband has been having treatment for Prostate cancer which has been very hard to take in although he has been told it is treated easily. I do try to have a good diet but i think not being able to have a holiday as yet because of his treatment hasn’t helped. But hopefully a nice holiday when he is given the all clear soon we hope.

    • Hi Rosamund

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your story. I think it’s perfectly understandable that you’re so mentally and physically tired every day. It sounds like you have a huge amount on your plate, despite being tired. Coping with cancer is a very draining thing in itself, and if you have all the rest of the daily routine to do as well, then it’s no surprise that it’s taking its toll.
      It’s great that you’re thinking of taking a holiday, I’m sure it will do you a lot of good. I personally also had cancer a few years ago, which I fortunately pulled through. I remember going on a holiday about 3 month after being given the all clear, and it was probably the best holiday of my life, mainly just because of how much I needed it. I hope yours will be too.
      I wish you and your husband strength and good health.

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