Best Sleep Mask Reviews

woman in bed wearing a sleep maskDo you find you need total darkness to sleep, or that your eyes sometimes need a little attention and downtime?

Using a good sleep mask is an effective way to block out light when you can’t control the source, such as when travelling.

And a specially-designed relaxation eye mask can relieve pressure and tiredness after a long day.

I’ve tried and tested a wide range of eye masks over the last few months, both whilst trying to sleep and purely for relaxation.

So hopefully these sleep mask reviews will help you find the right one to bring you a good night’s sleep, travel in comfort or simply unwind and rest your tired eyes.

Key points

The best sleep mask should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Blocks out light completely.
  • Fits well.
  • Is comfortable to wear.
  • leaves enough space for your eyelids to move.
  • Doesn’t leave marks on your skin.

So with those points in mind, here are my recommended sleep masks.

1) Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Light-weight, luxuriously soft and effective

alaska-bear-sleep-maskIf you need a fabric sleep mask which is light-weight, comfortable and shuts out light effectively, the Alaska Bear sleep mask is my recommended choice.

I found that it completely blocks out light, even if the light source is quite bright. And importantly it’s made from a soft and breathable natural Mulberry silk which feels gentle on the skin.

The straps are elastic and adjustable so you can easily find the exact fit you need. The strap adjuster is on the back of the mask, which is perfect if you like to sleep on your side, and there’s no Velcro so long hair won’t get caught in it.

Overall, the Alaska Bear sleep mask does a simple job very reliably. If you’re looking for cooling, aromatherapy or specially padded straps then you’ll find all that in the masks below.

If you want a simple sleeping mask which takes up no space and you’ll hardly feel over your eyes, then you can’t go far wrong here.




2) Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask

Best contoured sleep mask

bedtime bliss sleep mask

The Bedtime bliss sleep mask is the best contoured mask I’ve found due to its soft, comfortable and effective light-blocking design.

There’s plenty of space between the mask and your eyes, meaning you can open your eyes easily and it doesn’t put pressure on your eyelids or eyelashes.

It’s comfortable to wear, even in hot weather. The straps are adjustable and importantly don’t dig into your head where they attach. This is always a key point I look out for and I was happy to find the mask is comfortable to wear and you soon forget it’s there.

It blocks out light very well considering the fact that it’s a contoured type. As with most eye masks, you may find it lets in tiny slithers of light depending on the shape of your facial features. But I think they’ve done a good job of creating as good a one-size-fits-all shape as possible.

It also comes with a carry case and the excellent Moldex earplugs, which came top in my earplug review. Overall, if you prefer contoured sleep masks which provide room for your eyes, the Bedtime Bliss is a great option.




3) Sleep Master Deluxe Sleep Mask

Total light-blocking with a wrap-around design

sleep master deluxe sleep mask

The sleep master deluxe sleep mask provides a good balance between comfort and light-blocking. Its made from a soft and breathable satin material which fits snugly around your head.

The padding wraps all the way around, so the thick strap won’t interfere with your hair like basic eye masks often do.

And having the soft, hypoallergenic material all the way around means it shouldn’t irritate your skin, give you strap marks or Velcro irritation.

It blocks out light very well due to the larger than usual design. So when you move your head around, slithers of light aren’t so likely to creep through the edges.

One potential problem is that it might be a little warm to use in hot bedrooms. So if you don’t have a thermostat or air conditioning keeping the temperature under control, you might want to try a different eye mask.

Overall it does a great job of keeping out light whilst still allowing you to sleep comfortably. And with this sleep mask you can rest in the knowledge that your skin and hair will be protected.




4) Imak Eye Pillow

Ideal for pain relief and relaxation

imak eye pillow

The Imak eye pillow goes beyond simple light-blocking, adding 2 features to provide pain relief: it provides both acupressure and cooling to the area around your eyes.

The exterior is made from a comfortable Lycra material. It’s also considerably heavier than most other sleep masks, which you may find brings a feeling of comfort in itself.

It has ergo beads built into the mask, which provides pain relief and relaxation due to the massaging pressure of the beads on your face.

You can leave it in the fridge or freezer for a short while to get a cooling effect, again helping with pain relief and relaxation.

I found it stays cool for 20-30 minutes on average, which seemed to be about the right amount of time to help soothe my eyes.

The weight means it stays on your eyes and blocks out light effectively. And it has a contoured space for the eyes so you can move your eyelids and eyelashes.

Overall, the Imak eye pillow goes above and beyond simple light blocking. With the combination of weight, acupressure and cooling effect, you have both an effective sleep mask and a way to calm sore eyes and facial muscles at the end of a long day.




5) Everest Essentials Sleep Mask

Comfortable silk sleep mask

everest essentials sleep mask

The Everest Essentials sleep mask is similar to the Alaska Bear in many ways. It’s also made from a beautifully soft silk fabric which feels comfortable against your face.

The straps are easy to adjust, and are suitable for a wide range of head sizes. There’s no Velcro either, so it’s less likely you’ll wake up with your hair stuck in the straps.

The eye mask is of a good size and shape, and I find it did a good job of blocking out light. It’s quite malleable, so if you’ve had problems shaping eye masks to your face before, you might find you can block the light better with this one.

It comes with a pair of foam earplugs and a little travel case. The packaging it arrives in is also nice, so it would probably make quite a good gift.

Overall, if you’re looking for a silky soft eye mask it’s a good choice, especially if you’ve had difficulty getting the right fit with previous masks.




6) Purefly Sleep Mask

Lightweight mulberry silk mask

purefly sleep mask

The Purefly sleep mask has a lot in common with the Alaska Bear and the Everest Essentials. To the point that when checking them over to write this review, it took a moment to work out which one was which!

It’s made from lightweight and breathable Mulberry silk, which is my personal favorite against the skin. It’s very soft and comfortable, and the breathable aspect makes it much more pleasant to sleep with than the more synthetic materials.

Like the other two, it also has an elastic adjustable strap, with no Velcro in sight. So long hair is safe from getting caught and matted, and it will fit any head size.

It’s actually quite large – larger than it looks in the photo – and so blocks light very well. I found there were no slithers of light creeping in, which is exactly what you need.

All in all, there’s not really much to separate this from the other two silk masks. It would be nice if it came with a carry case, but I can’t fault the mask itself.




7) Earth Therapeutics

Cute sleep mask with aromatherapy and ultra-soft fabric

Earth Therapeutics Sleeping Mask

If you enjoy aromatherapy then the scent of Peppermint and Valerian in the Earth Therapeutics sleep mask could help you relax and drift off to sleep.

The aroma is calming and relaxing, adding a little extra something to the sleep mask. And importantly it does a good job of blocking out light, especially considering its small design.

It’s very comfortable to wear, made from a combination of silk and cotton which feels soft and pleasant on the skin.

It’s light-weight and will sit snugly on your face whether you sleep on your back or side. And the strap is adjustable so the mask stays on your face quite well, even if you turn a lot in your sleep.

If you don’t like flowery smells or are hypoallergenic it may not be the one for you. But overall, if you like scented products and are looking for the softest of fabrics, this is one of the best sleep masks you’ll find which combines the two.