Gifts For Insomniacs – 10 Great Sleep Gifts

gift ideas for insomniacs

As an insomniac myself, I’m always happy to receive a gift that upgrades my bed or helps improve my sleep in some way. I mean, I love chocolates and the latest gadgets, but I love my sleep even more!

I’m also a big believer in giving gifts that someone will use and love for a long time to come. The world of sleep accessories and bedding is full of things that can make a real difference to your quality of sleep for many years.

In this list, I’ll be sharing with you the best sleep gifts I can think of, based on over ten years of experience in testing and reviewing every category of sleep product under the sun, moon, and stars.

Although I’ll be recommending a couple of luxury bedroom products, sometimes it’s the simplest ones that make all the difference. So no matter what your budget is, if you know someone who has trouble sleeping, you should find an idea or two here that they’ll appreciate.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy a product after clicking a link, I may make a small commission, at no extra cost to you (learn more).

1. Spoonk Acupressure Mat

A unique way to relieve muscular tension and sleep better

purple spoonk acupressure mat

Based on the ancient Japanese art of acupressure massage, the Spoonk acupressure mat offers a unique way to tackle a range of health problems.

The main benefits lie in its surprising ability to relieve muscular tension and pain, particularly in the back, shoulders, and neck. It can also help with relaxation and stress relief. And if tension and stress are keeping you up at night, it’s great to have another way to unwind in the home.

The photo below is taken from my video review of the Spoonk mat.

photo of a man (the article author Ethan Green) touching a spoonk acupressure mat

When you first see the 8000 stimulation points that you lie on, a little skepticism naturally arises. Once you settle though, the warm sensation that arises in your back is surprisingly calming and enjoyable.

The Spoonk mat is a personal favorite of mine, helping me unwind after long days working at my computer. So for the insomniac who struggles with back pain or stress, this is a gift I recommend trying. It also makes an interesting talking point and a fun challenge!

As with most acupressure mats, the price hovers in the $30 – $40 range. There are a few different brands making these mats nowadays, but I don’t think you need to pay more than that to get a good one. There’s a neck massager and massage ball included for this price, both of which feel good to use.

2. Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones

Comfortable headphones that will rock you to sleep

In the photo above, I’m using the Sleepphones. They are the most comfortable headphones I’ve used when lying on my side or front.

If you enjoy falling asleep while listening to music, radio, or even watching TV, the AcousticSheep headphones are a unique way to make it a more comfortable experience. They are particularly good for side sleepers, who often find normal headphones a little uncomfortable to use in bed.

The speakers are flat, individually padded, and then tucked neatly inside the fabric headband. The flat shape and double padding combine to let you lie in any position, block out a little outside noise, and not worry about your partner hearing your music.

In the photo below, I’ve removed the speakers so you can see how flat and comfortably padded they are.

The speaker quality is more than good enough for music, radio, podcasts, video, or even games. Since they work via Bluetooth, you don’t have a cable in bed connecting to your device. And you can choose between a cooler fabric for hot sleepers or cozy fleece for winter months.

The headband can be machine washed and it’s easy to remove the speakers. With their comfortable design and decent speaker quality, the SleepPhones are a great way for insomniacs to drift off to sleep in their own private little audio cocoon.

They cost just under $100 for the wireless version that I use, while the corded version costs just under $40.

3. Bearaby Napper Weighted Blanket

A stylish and breathable blanket that hugs you to sleep

bearaby napper weighted blanket

Above, you can see how stylish my Bearaby Napper looks, which is why I think it works equally well in the living room or bedroom.

Using the concept of deep touch pressure, a weighted blanket applies gentle pressure over your whole body, often described as feeling a little like being hugged.

The idea is that it stimulates serotonin production and reduces cortisol, leading to less stress and more relaxation. My own experience has been that it does feel relaxing to use, and is particularly good in colder months of the year when you’d naturally add layers to your bed anyway.

The Bearaby is unique in the weighted blanket world in that it doesn’t use artificial filler and thousands of microbeads. Instead, it has a giant organic cotton weave to create the weight. It’s a more eco-friendly weighted blanket made by a company that values sustainability.

Below, you can see how the Bearaby Napper conforms to the shape of my body, creating the hug effect weighted blankets are known for.

bearaby napper

The Bearaby really shines in both aesthetic appeal and how breathable it feels. The cotton weave and rich color look beautiful on the bed or the sofa. The weave creates natural air holes, so it’s more breathable than standard weighted blankets. If you want some extra warmth though, you can use it on top of your bedding for an extra winter layer.

As for the price, the Bearaby Napper costs between $199 and $279 depending on the size, which is a typical price for high-quality weighted blankets.

So if you know an insomniac who likes a good hug, and who enjoys a little comfort in life, the Bearaby weighted blanket is a wonderful choice.

4. BedJet 3

High-tech wizardry that can cool or heat the bed

bedjet 3

Above, I’m using the advanced remote to set the temperature and fan speed of My BedJet 3.

Some people find they sweat their way through the sticky summer nights, and then shiver their way into bed in the winter; others just wish that mind control worked on their body’s thermostat.

The BedJet 3 brings a bit of high-tech magic into the bedroom, doubling as an effective bed cooling system in the summer, and a great alternative to heated bedding in the winter. It’s essentially a very advanced fan system, with a lot of control over the way the air flows over you.

In this pic, I’ve got the BedJet 3 set up at home. You can put the base unit under the bed or next to it. You can also change the position of the tube and nozzle so that the air flows over different parts of your bed and body.

bedjet 3

Using the remote control or a phone app, you can control everything from the fan speed to the temperature, and even program changing temperatures throughout the night. And for couples who can never agree on the ideal bedroom temperature, you could upgrade to the dual-zone version with separate units and remotes.

If normal fans or heated bedding have disappointed in the past, the BedJet 3 will rise to the challenge of keeping the insomniac comfortable while they sleep.

Just keep in mind that this is the most expensive gift I’ll be discussing, costing well into triple figures, so it’s one for those who are feeling particularly generous.

5. Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 wake up light.

Fall asleep and wake up easier with a sunset and sunrise simulator

lumie bodyclock shine 300-nightlight-feature

Here, you can see the Lumie’s gorgeous deep sunset hues, and me doing my best to look like I’m sleeping for the photo!

Do you know someone who struggles to wake up during the winter months? Perhaps they often seem grumpy in the morning, and don’t exactly face the day with a spring in their step?

Not everyone finds it easy to start the day with a smile, especially when it’s still dark outside. That’s where the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 wake-up light can make all the difference.

A short while before your chosen alarm time, it will turn on with a warm red glow and slowly increase in brightness over 15-90 minutes. It gently fades through deep reds, oranges, yellows, and finishes on a brightness of your choice.

Below, I’m using the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 as a reading light. When I’m ready for sleep, I just hit the sunset button and it will slowly fade out.

man using lumie bodyclock shine 300 as a reading light

With nature sounds or radio to add to the sunrise effect, it’s a calmer way to begin the day than with a jarring phone ringtone. If you have trouble sleeping, you can reverse the process as the sunset simulator will slowly fade to black or a nightlight color, helping you relax and fall asleep.

It costs around $150, which is at the more expensive end of wake-up lights. You can find cheaper models, but the color transition tends to be less smooth.

6. Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask

The perfect way to rest your eyes and sleep in complete darkness

alaska bear sleep mask

In the photo above, I’m using the Alaska Bear during the daytime and managed to completely block out all light.

If you’re a sensitive sleeper, the tiniest slither of light through the curtains or the glow of electronic devices is enough to keep you awake. And if you’re fond of daytime naps, it’s even more likely the room will be too bright to completely switch off.

The Alaska Bear was my favorite sleep mask when I tested a wide range of different shapes, sizes and materials. The natural silk feels pleasant against the skin, the straps hold it in place without being too tight, and most importantly, it does an excellent job of shutting out the light.

The sleep mask is breathable, easy to clean, and can be used time and time again. For those that need complete darkness to fall into a deep sleep, this is a sleep mask that will draw the curtains on the world for a short while.

At just under $10, this is the most budget-friendly gift on the list, while still being one that many people will appreciate.

7. LectroFan Evo White Noise Machine

A great way to mask external noise and fall asleep

lectrofan evo white noise machine-2

Above, you can see the LectroFan Evo I use. It’s long been my favorite white noise machine for pink and brown noise.

Many insomniacs struggle to sleep if there’s even the slightest noise in the house. A good set of earplugs is the most common way to block out noise at night, but there’s an alternative that can work well for some people.

White noise is a simple and effective way to mask sound coming from outside the bedroom. Some people also find it helps them concentrate when studying or working if the outside world is full of distracting noises.

The LectroFan Evo is an excellent machine, known for its minimalist design and high-quality white noise production. With a choice of fan sounds, white noise or ocean surf, you can block out whatever noise the outside world is throwing at you.

It might not be everyone’s idea of peace and quiet, but many insomniacs find it provides relief from the sound of passing cars, music, dogs, television, or even that creaking pipe somewhere under the floorboards.

For under $50, the price is good for a white noise machine. In my experience, $30 – $50 tends to be the sweet spot to ensure a good sound machine.

8. Fitbit Versa 3

An activity and sleep tracking smartwatch for those who like to know how much they sleep

fitbit versa 3

Above, I’m wearing my Fitbit Versa 3. I like being able to see my stats on the watch itself rather than always having to open up the app.

The Fitbit Versa 3 is a stylish smartwatch and a great motivator to improve both your fitness and sleep. It has Alexa included at the touch of a button, so you can send messages, check the news and weather, set alarms, and much more.

Where sleep is concerned, you’ll get a fascinating breakdown of your sleep stages, with a detailed app that even compares your sleep to other people your age and your last 30 days.

With a constant heart rate monitor, it does a wide range of activity tracking, such as steps, floors climbed, calories burned, and how much exercise you squeezed into your day. It has inbuilt GPS which runners will love, and swimmers can use it to track endless lengths in the pool.

The idea is that the Versa 3 will encourage insomniacs to be more active during the day, and more attentive to their sleep patterns at night. If nothing else, they’ll have a futuristic new gadget to keep them entertained.

You’re probably looking at between $150 and $200 for the Fitbit Versa 3, which is to be expected for one of the more advanced Fitbits.

9. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

A Lavender pillow spray with a pleasant and calming fragrance

this works deep sleep pillow spray

Here you can see the spray I used. The white spray bottle comes in a blue recyclable cardboard box. Call me weird, but the pretty font was one of the things that made me choose this one over similar sprays!

Lavender is a very popular scent, with entire businesses built around aesthetically pleasing white and purple lavender products. When it comes to its nighttime use, there is some research backing up the potential for lavender to help us relax, and perhaps sleep a little better.

The easy-to-use pillow spray by This Works contains a wonderful blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetivert that’s more earthy and subtle than lavender sometimes is on its own.

I bought the pillow spray and used it every night for a week. Never has my pillow smelled so good! It didn’t exactly smell bad before (I think…), but I much preferred the fresh fragrance of the three essences to my usual laundry detergent. There’s just something about tickling your senses with a calming scent that puts the finishing touches to all the other good bedtime habits we ideally have.

Costing around $30, this is a neatly packaged and potentially helpful sleep gift that will be appreciated by the insomniac who enjoys aromatherapy, and of course, those who are already fond of lavender.

10. Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp

A relaxing glow if you need some visual warmth in the bedroom

himalayan glow salt lamp

No Christmas market is complete without a glowing stall selling Himalayan salt lamps. When you have dozens of them together in the dark, they are hard to resist.

If you don’t fancy carrying one around with you while shopping in person, you can find many online – such as the Himalayan Glow here. They are reported to have various health benefits, though the evidence seems to be mostly anecdotal really.

However, I’m a big believer in the power of lighting to temporarily change your mood. Turning off the main lights in a living room or bedroom and just having one or two soft lamps always puts me in a more relaxed mood. And soft lighting is also a key ingredient if you’re aiming for a romantic atmosphere.

So even though I can’t promise a salt lamp will help improve your sleep, it’s hard to imagine the warm glow having no effect once you dim the normal room lights, put on some relaxing music, and switch off from the outside world.

The price is good too, at under $20. If you do see one in a market stall though and can carry the weight around, shopping local is always a good thing.