BedJet Review: For Winter Warmth & Summer Cooling

photo of the bedjet and app closeupThe BedJet is one of the most intriguing sleep products I’ve tried in a long time, promising to both cool and warm your bed as the seasons change.

I normally use a simple bed fan in the summer, and my partner likes to have heated bedding for the shivery winter nights. So in theory, I liked the idea of having just one device that can do both jobs.

I was particularly interested to find out how well the dual zone concept works. My partner and I often sleep in separate beds, with different temperature needs being one of the main reasons.

If the BedJet offered a way for us to have completely different temperatures in the same bed, it might make it easier for us to sleep together more often. So to find out if this would be possible, I ordered one from and put it to the test.

Easy Installation

photo of the different bedjet parts ready for assembly

The parts of my BedJet, with photo instructions that make installation and set up very easy

The first thing to note is that the instruction manual is very comprehensive and easy to follow. It’s quite a long manual since the BedJet has so many features, so it’s good that there are clear photos showing you how to install it.

There are only 6 main parts to assemble really, and it’s easy to do so. You slide the base mount under your mattress, and slot in enough extender links to get the nozzle to sit on top of your mattress.

Then you attach the air nozzle to the hose, slot the hose into the base unit, and that’s it for the actual parts. Plug it into the mains, turn on the base unit, press cool or heat on the remote and the air starts flowing.

It took me 15 minutes from opening the instruction manual to assembling it and turning it on. So it’s relatively straight forward to get going.

image of my bedjet set up in my bedroom

My BedJet set up and ready to go. The air nozzle needs to sit on top of the mattress, with a cover over the top.

First test

After setting it up and positioning the air hose directly in front of my feet, I turned it on to give it a quick test run.

After selecting the cool setting on the remote control, I turned up the air flow to max and waited. And in under 30 seconds there was a cool air flowing over my feet and legs, steadily working its way under the covers to the top of the bed.

It was impressively quick to work, and on maximum setting surprisingly powerful. It felt great, with a more targeted air flow than a normal fan, and having cool air flowing between the bed sheets was a delight. So far so good.

Fast temperature changes

After a couple of minutes enjoying the cooling, I set it to turbo heat to see how quickly it would change over. And that was an even bigger surprise – the BedJet switches between cooling and heating in no time at all.

It takes a little longer to go back to cooling, but the change from cooling to heating is very fast. And the turbo heating was so powerful, the bed was toasty warm in less than a minute.

The normal heat mode was much more gentle, and it was easy to find an air flow setting that felt pleasantly warm. I’m not a fan of heating, but the gentle flow of warm air did feel quite pleasant on the skin. My partner, however, had a big smile on her face and was wiggling her toes in delight!

First impression

My first thoughts then were that the BedJet is clearly a powerful and effective device. I liked that it’s so easy to install, and you can use the basic remote control to get it going without needing the App. And the heating and cooling both appear to give a wide range of temperature and power options.

Impressed so far, I was keen to see exactly what it’s capable of, and how well it performs over the whole night.

Find out more at


How it works

It’s important to first note that the BedJet doesn’t create cold air. Instead, it blows a powerful, targeted stream of fresh room temperature air. And that disperses the body heat and moisture that accumulates under the bed sheets.

The instructions state that it works best when the room temperature is less than 79 °F (27 °C). So it’s not a replacement for air conditioning in extreme heat.

How it feels

The air the BedJet blows definitely feels cool when I use it. I tried it when the room temperature was hovering around the 79 °F threshold, and it was more than powerful enough to keep me feeling comfortable.

In fact, the maximum setting is so powerful, I don’t generally use it on more than 70% power, and even less as the night progresses.

Both the remote control and the App let you change the air flow in 5% increments, so there are 20 possible power settings. It’s great to have that fine level of control, making it easy to find the cooling level that does the job and feels comfortable.

For me, the cooling was much more effective than a normal fan at the side of the bed or a ceiling fan. And far superior to the cooling mattress pads and gel pads I’ve tried.

So I think this quote from the manual seems justified:

This method of in-bed cooling has been demonstrated by infra-red cameras to provide the most rapid removal of body heat and body moisture from a bed of any product on the market today

If cooling is your main need then, the BedJet gets a big thumbs up from me. I found I felt cooler, was sweating less in the night and the air flow in the AirComforter sheet (see below) kept me cool without disturbing my sleep.

photo showing the bedjet nozzle going into the aircomforter sheet

You can have the air flow directly onto your skin, or if you prefer between your top sheet and comforter. The photo shows the most efficient option – the AirComforter, which helps spread the air evenly in your bed.


How it works

In many ways, the heating is even more impressive than the cooling; the BedJet is capable of warming your bed so quickly, it redefines the meaning of ‘pre-heat’.

It works with a ceramic stone heating element, which heats the air flowing over it. There are 20 incremental settings on the normal heat mode, giving you air temperatures ranging from 72 to 104 °F (22 to 40 °C).

And the turbo heating, which works as a pre-heat or quick burst, is capable of raising the temperature of your bedding by up to 30 °F above ambient in under 5 minutes.

How it feels

It’s impressively effective, and like the cooling setting, kind of unnecessary to use the maximum heat settings unless your bedroom is a frozen ice box.

It was nice to have such effective heating without the smell of dust or lint (thanks to the ceramic stone). And it’s good to know that there are no wires or electricity in the bed with you.

My partner absolutely loved the heating, as she’s less than fond of the colder nights here in England. So for her, the heating is perfect; it keeps her feet warm, her body cozy and stops her waking up in the night feeling chilly.


The manufactures claim the BedJet has the highest level of safety for an air heating device. The ceramic stone doesn’t get hot enough to cause problems, the casing is cool to touch and there are no wires in your bed.

There are also several auto shut-off features which add an extra layer of safety; the turbo heat, for example, can only be used for 5 minutes in every 30.

The App features

Although there’s a remote control, it’s very basic and the App is where the magic happens. It works via Bluetooth for all android and iPhone smart phones, and gives you extensive control.

bedjet app

Air flow and temperature

Both the remote and the App let you adjust the airflow. But the App let’s you adjust both the flow and the temperature, which is helpful for finding the best combination.

Auto-off and continuous modes

The BedJet gives you complete control over how long you have the heating or cooling on for, which is one of the ways it really shines compared to other heated bedding products.

There’s a default of 5 mins for the turbo heat, 20 for the normal heat and 10 hours for the cooling. But you can increase these to 10 mins for the turbo heat, 4 hours for the normal heat and 12 hours for the cooling.

It’s great to have that level of control, though a shame you really need to use the App to get it right. You can use the remote to increase the time, but you have to press the timer button and count the beeps. A screen on a future version of the remote would be an obvious improvement I think.

Suggested temperatures

If you’re not sure what temperature will work best for you, you can experiment using the visual thermometer on the App. And there are some one click suggestions to try – desert breeze, gentle warmth and night sweat dry.

Interestingly, BedJet recommend trying the heat on the lowest setting if you have night sweats. So it’s helpful to have that option clearly available on the App.

Biorhythm sleep sequence

You can see in my screenshot the cycle the App first recommended based on my wish to stay cooler

The biorhythm sleep sequence is probably my favorite feature. It allows you to program temperature changes as the night progresses, even switching off after a few hours and back on again in the morning.

This allows you to do things like warm the bed when you first get in, then slowly cool you down (which helps promote sleep), and wake you in the morning with gentle warmth.

It takes a while to work out what works best for you, but there’s a helpful questionnaire based on your usual feeling in bed to try out and adjust from there.

I think this feature might prove a little too complex for people who aren’t so tech savvy and find it tricky to navigate phone Apps. But if you like the idea of having complete control and experimenting with temperature, it’s a fantastic feature.

And once you do find your ideal cycle, you can save it in the memory to use again. And with the option to save more than one pattern, it’s another thoughtful touch from the manufacturer.
bedjet app screen 2

Dual zones and the AirComforter

There are two ways you and your partner can have different temperatures on your side of the bed. And both require the AirComforter to work to the best effect.

The AirComforter is a high quality 100% cotton top sheet with 2 individual hollow cavities, with openings to slot the air nozzle into.

If you have one BedJet, then the person who most needs to alter the temperature of the bed can use it on their side, while the other sticks with the normal room temperature. And if you have 2 BedJets, you can each control the temperature on your side of the bed.

We used an AirComforter with 2 cavities and just one BedJet to keep the cost down. We figured that if one us is happy with the ambient room temperature in the summer or winter, the other can take their turn to have the BedJet on their side.

I was a little skeptical that the sheet would keep the chosen temperature to one side of the bed, especially when using the heating, but it does work very well.

It’s particularly good at keeping the cooling on one side. But even the heating doesn’t spread much unless you lie right up against the divide in the middle.

photo of the bedjet air comforter

The AirComforter does a great job of keeping the air and temperature to just one side of the bed if you need it to. With extra bedding on top, the air still flows well through the cavity of the box sheet.

Sharing a bed

The effectiveness of the dual zones was a key point for us, as it was something that might help us sleep together more often. Especially in the winter when I don’t like too much heating, and in the summer when my partner doesn’t enjoy a bedside fan blowing all night.

We’ve now had a chance to test the BedJet in both warmer and cold weather, and have been very impressed. The AirComforter does enable us to add heating or cooling without making it unbearable for the other in bed. Considering it’s a cotton sheet, it does an excellent job of keeping the temperature to just one side.

Having said that, I do think you need a big enough bed to allow a little space in the middle around the dividing line so you don’t feel any of the temperature flowing through the AirComforter cavity.

And I also think there’s only really a need to get 2 BedJets if you both feel you need to adjust the temperature of the bed. If one of you is happy with the normal room temperature, you can just use the AirComforter and a single unit, and save some money.

The bottom line though is that we’re able to share a bed more often now, as the key factor of temperature can be controlled by us. So as far as we’re concerned, the AirComforter is a useful extra.



  • Effective at both cooling and heating, removing the need for separate devices.
  • No wires or electricity in the bed.
  • Easy and quick to assemble, with clear instructions.
  • Designed to be very safe, with a range of extra safety features such as an auto shut-off.
  • 20 cooling settings, helping you sleep in hot weather and cope with night sweats.
  • Turbo heat warms the bed in just 5 minutes.
  • 20 air flow settings with the normal heat mode.
  • Wide range of heating temperature choice.
  • Range of auto-off and auto-on features.
  • Remote control or smart phone App gives you 2 control options.
  • Dual zones and AirComforter give 2 people complete control over their side of the bed’s temperature.
  • Programmable temperature changes during the night helps you sleep comfortably.
  • Option of an aromatherapy accessory kit to attach to the nozzle.
  • Responsive and helpful support option by telephone or email.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • The cooling loses some of its effectiveness if the bedroom air temperature is very hot.
  • The physical remote control is basic compared to the App, and doesn’t give you full control. It doesn’t have a screen telling you the current setting or timer options.
  • The biorhythm cycle is quite complicated to understand and program properly. So people who aren’t tech savvy might find it confusing.
  • The air has to flow from the foot of the bed. So if you only need cooling or heating to upper parts of the body, it won’t do that.
  • It makes noise similar to a large fan at maximum settings (though on settings more typical of all night use it’s very quiet).
  • For the dual zone to work effectively, you really need to use the AirComforter, which then decides the look and feel of your bed sheets.


My partner and I are both very pleased with our BedJet. It makes it easier for us to sleep together, considering we have completely opposing opinions about the ideal temperature for the bed and bedroom.

We love the fact that we no longer need a giant fan looming over the bed in the summer. And on colder nights, it does a fantastic job of keeping her warm and cozy without making me feel like it’s still the summer.

The cooling is what most interests me, and I think it’s definitely better than a normal fan or any other specialist cooling product I’ve tried. But ironically, even I agree with my partner that it’s the heating that makes it such an impressive device.

The range of features and programmable heat settings is very impressive, and sets a high bar for any other heated bedding products to follow.

There are a few criticisms, but really the only thing that lets it down is the remote control. But then again, the App is fantastic, so BedJet can be forgiven for that.

Overall, I think if temperature has a big impact on your sleep, the BedJet is absolutely one to have on your radar as you weigh up the pros and cons of different cooling and heating options.

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, you’ll be able to find just the right temperature to sleep comfortably all night long.

Where to buy

You can find the BedJet on if you’re in the United States. But I recommend checking their official website – – where they sometimes have special offers. And if you’re not based in the US, they do ship globally if you order directly from their website.


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