Gravity Blanket Review

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Update: In the video above, which I filmed in October 2020, I compared four versions of the Gravity weighted blanket:

  1. Original microfleece Gravity blanket.
  2. Large queen size.
  3. Cooling Gravity blanket.
  4. Microfleece Gravity blanket with the new zipper system.

Since I filmed it, Gravity no longer makes the original version. All of their blankets now have the new, upgraded zipper system.

Because the written article below is a video transcript, I’ll leave the section describing the original Gravity blanket. Just be aware that number 4 is now the standard microfleece Gravity blanket.


Full Review / Video transcript


Hi! I’m Ethan Green from No Sleepless Nights, and in this video/article I’m going to be talking about the Gravity blanket.

As you can see, I’ve got a few different ones here. I thought It would be interesting to try out the different options that they offer, so you can decide which one might be right for you. I’ll also be comparing the Gravity blanket to some of the other brands of weighted blankets that I’ve tried this year.

I’ll be talking about the original Gravity blanket, which is the single size with the microfleece duvet cover. Then I’ll be talking about the queen size with the same microfleece duvet cover. I thought it would be interesting to try out the single and the queen, and discuss why I prefer the single size generally.

Then I’ll look at the cooling weighted blanket, and explain why even though I don’t think it’s exactly cooling, it is more breathable than the original microfleece.

And finally, I’ll be discussing the new zipper system, which is something that I really like. This is a way that Gravity have decided to get around the problem of being very slow tying and untying the duvet cover if you need to wash it. With their new zip system around three sides, it just makes life much easier and much faster.

1. Original Gravity blanket with the microfleece cover

Note that this version has been discontinued. Please see number 4 below for the current version of the microfleece Gravity Blanket.

man reading on the sofa with the Gravity weighted blanket draped over his shoulders

So, let’s start off with the original Gravity blanket – the single size with a microfleece duvet cover.

The first point to note is that the microfleece external cover of the original gravity blanket has a lovely soft and cozy feel to it. And I really like the intricate, stitched grid pattern, which looks very stylish. Most weighted blankets I’ve used just have a simple flat finish or sensory dots. So the Gravity blanket definitely impresses aesthetically.

To remove the duvet cover there’s a zip down one side, which is neatly tucked into the seams and is robustly attached with strong stitching.

The original Gravity blanket, or generation 2 as they call it, has 16 loops and ties even on the single size to attach the duvet cover to the inner weighted blanket. And each loop has an additional button if you want to use it. So that’s double the number that most brands use for single sizes.

The plus side to that is that it keeps the cover nicely attached and helps stop the internal blanket from pooling in the corners. The downside is that it takes a lot longer to remove it for washing. However, the latest generation 3 Gravity blanket has a new zip system which is much faster, and I’ll be talking about that later in the video.

Inner weighted blanket design

hand on top of the Gravity blanket inner section

The internal blanket has a soft cotton cover with polyester fiber filling and glass pellets to provide the weight, which is standard for weighted blankets these days. The individual pockets that contain the beads are six by six inches.

Some companies, like Baloo and Weighted Evolution, for example, do have smaller pockets. But six inch squares is perfectly acceptable – especially since the stitching seems robust enough to keep the beads from spilling into neighboring pockets.


One potential downside is that only the cover can be machine washed. You’d need to hand wash the internal cover if you choose to. This isn’t uncommon though; probably half the brands I’ve used have the same washing advice.

Using it around the home

As for actually using the Gravity blanket, the soft feel and the warmth of the microfleece version makes this a good one to use while relaxing on the sofa. I also think that the pleasing aesthetic design makes it more likely that you’d want to use it outside of the bedroom.

I’m not going to address in detail how well weighted blankets work in general in this review, but I will say that both my wife and I feel the Gravity blanket is relaxing to use on some level.

Weight options and price

Price and size update since filming: The single is now only available in 15 lb or 20 lb weight. They currently cost $250.


Another downside though is that they only have a 30-day return policy and warranty. They also have quite strict rules about returns, so it’s worth reading them on their website. Just make sure that you keep the original bag that it comes in. And as with most weighted blankets, you would need to pay for the return shipping costs.

Using it for sleep

As for sleep, the look and the soft feel means this is one that I’m happy to use in my bedroom, either on its own or on top of other bedding. It’s 72 by 48 inches, so if you share a bed you can easily keep it to your side. I can’t guarantee it will help everyone sleep better, but like using it on the sofa my wife and I do feel that the weight and the pressure have a relaxing effect.

If you’re a hot sleeper I’d probably recommend the cooling duvet cover, which I’ll discuss later. But if you’re not a particularly hot sleeper or you actually want some warmer bedding, I think the Gravity blanket with the microfleece duvet cover is a good choice.

2. Queen size Gravity Blanket

man using the queen size Gravity blanket in bed

Now let’s take a look at the queen size version, or the queen/king as it’s sold on their website, which is a whopping 90 by 90 inches and 35 lb in weight.

This one really is very large. And even though I can understand why some people might want it on their bed because it looks more harmonious rather than having a single size blanket on top of a queen or a king-sized bed, I do think there are many reasons to choose the single size over the queen or king.

Less portable

Firstly, a 35 lb blanket is much less portable than even the heaviest single. So casually taking it from room to room isn’t so easy. And combined with a larger surface area, it’s less convenient to wrap around you on the sofa, make your bed or remove the cover. Admittedly, if you do use it on the sofa you can create a very satisfying cocoon effect with it!


It’s more expensive than the single size (currently $300), so if you’re the only one using it you can save money with a single. On the flip side, if you and your partner both want one, two singles would be much more expensive.

Less flexible to use in bed with two people

My main concern is using it in the bedroom. If you share your bed and one of you doesn’t fancy using it one night, or feels uncomfortable or too hot in the night, it’s not so simple to keep it to just one side of the bed.

And even if you sleep alone, when you change position I’ve found you can’t easily tug the edges or the corner to adjust the way the blanket lies over you because it’s so heavy.

In my experience then, unless you really can’t bear how it looks visually, it’s much better to have the flexibility and the ease of use of one single size blanket per person.

3. Cooling Gravity Blanket

man reading on the sofa while using the cooling gravity blanket

Is it really cooling?

Now let’s talk about the cooling duvet cover. Personally, I’ve got a bit of a thing when companies use the word ‘cooling’ and it doesn’t actively cool you. It’s just less hot or slightly more breathable than other options.

However, I know that’s perhaps me just being a bit pedantic about the word ‘cooling’ and they have to use some word to describe it after all! But I do think it’s worth noting that even though it says cooling weighted blanket, it’s not really cooling – it’s just more breathable. So let’s take a closer look and I’ll explain how that works.

The cooling is in the more breathable cover

A key point to understand is that the inner weighted blanket is the same for the original and the cooling weighted blankets, so any cooling is all done with the cover.

On their website, they say it’s “built with a special technical fabric that is breathable and moisture wicking”. The actual label describes it more simply as 100 polyester. To be fair though, a lot of athletic wear is made from polyester.

Cover design

If you compare the two covers, you can feel that the microfleece is noticeably fluffier and the cooling cover has a much flatter finish. And although the standard cover feels softer, I do like the smooth feel of the cooling cover and I can see how it would be more breathable.

It has the same stylish grid design. And the zip, stitching, and ties are equally robust. Like the microfleece version, you can only machine wash the cover though.

In the photo below the cooling cover is on the left and the microfleece on the right:

close up photo of the microfleece and cooling covers of the Gravity blanket

Use around the home

To use around the home, I think the cooling cover has enough aesthetic appeal to have out on the sofa. It’s not as cozy and snug as the microfleece, but it’s still comfortable and will suit people who just don’t like microfleece at all.

Weights and price

Price update since filming: It comes in the same weight options as the microfleece version, so there’s a 15 lb and 20 lb single, along with a 35 lb queen/king size.

The price is $250 for the single sizes, and $295 for the 35 lb blanket.

How cool is it for sleep?

The most important question then is how it feels in warmer weather, especially if you’re a hot sleeper who really wants to try a weighted blanket. I definitely think it’s more breathable and cooler than the microfleece Gravity blanket. But it’s not cooling, just to be pedantic once again.

Compared to other weighted blankets I’ve tested this past year, I think the Bearaby and the Baloo are even more breathable. The Gravity blanket is better than the Luxome, the Layla, Weighted Evolution, YnM, and Quility, for example.

So on balance, I personally prefer the cooling cover as I’m a naturally hot sleeper. But my wife, in contrast, prefers the soft cozy feel of the signature Gravity blanket. So really, it’s down to you and your choice.

4. Gravity Blanket with the new zipper system

Update: This is the current microfleece Gravity blanket model at the time of my last update (26 January, 2024)

close up photo showing the new zipper system of the generation 3 Gravity weighted blanket

Finally, let’s take a look at the option which I’ve been most excited about and I really like, which is their new system for attaching and removing the duvet cover.

If you’ve had a weighted blanket before, you’ll know that having 8, 12, or 16 ties can be a real chore to undo and do up again every time you want to wash it. It can just take a really long time.

With the zips around three sides and ties on one, it just makes life much easier and much quicker. So let me explain how that works and how much faster it is as well.

Same look to the cover and first step in removing it

The generation 3 Gravity blanket that I have looks exactly the same on the outside. The first step in removing the cover is the same too with the zip on one side. And actually, that side also has some ties – so you can’t completely escape them.

Zips on three sides

The other three sides all have zips and zero ties. And that really does make removing the cover much, much easier. I really like how Gravity have clearly listened to people’s concerns about the ties, and they’ve come up with a new solution that works really well.

I put the upgraded zipper fastening system to the test and timed myself removing the cover three times. On average, it took me three minutes to remove the cover and nine to attach it with the ties. With the new zipper system, it took one and a half minutes to remove and five minutes to attach, which is much quicker.

text showing how long it takes to undo the cover of the generation 2 and generation 3 Gravity blanket: 3 minutes with the ties and 1.5 minutes with the zipper system


My main complaint is that the internal weighted blanket seems to have slightly larger pocket sizes, measuring six by seven inches instead of six by six. I’m not quite sure why they’ve increased that size.

And like the previous blankets, you can’t machine wash that internal blanket. But personally, I’m willing to forgive both those points considering how much more convenient the new zipper system is.


The single is only available in 15 lb or 20 lb weight. They currently cost $250.

Final verdict

It’s kind of difficult to give a final verdict because I’ve looked at different versions. But overall, I really like the Gravity blanket for several key reasons: I like the attention to detail that’s gone into the design; the quality of the materials used; the robust manufacturing process; and how they feel on the skin.

If I was buying for myself all over again, which one would I choose with the knowledge and experience that I’ve got now?

Well, I think I would go with the single size, with either the microfleece or the cooling cover, both of which are good. If I wasn’t a hot sleeper I’d probably stick with the microfleece cover just because it’s a bit softer and feels nicer against the skin. For hot sleepers, I’d definitely choose the more breathable cooling cover.

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