Kalms Night One-A-Night Review

photo of the Kalms Night One A Night 354mg valerian sleep aid

I took the Kalms Night One-A-Night sleep aid for a week in the hope that it would help tame the insomnia and anxiety that had crept back into my life.

If you’re interested in trying a herbal remedy to help you relax or sleep better, Kalms is a well-known brand in the United Kingdom. You can buy it over the counter in many shops and pharmacies, such as Boots and Holland & Barrett.

Kalms Night contains valerian root extract as the main ingredient, which is also used in several other sleep aids, such as Sominex Herbal and Nytol Herbal.

In this review, I’ll be discussing my experience of taking Kalms in two different years, and how I felt a mild sedative effect with no side effects both times. I’ll also look at the research evidence that it works and some other key information if you’re thinking of trying it yourself.

My experience

A single tablet that’s easy to swallow

A few months ago, I tried the original Kalms Night version. With that one, you have to take up to four tablets per night instead of just the single one that you take with the aptly named Kalms One-A-Night.

My first impression of the One-A-Night version was that I preferred only having to wash down one tablet. Admittedly, it’s twice the size as each of the Kalms Night tablets, but it’s coated with an artificial sweetener and easy enough to swallow.

Another benefit of it being sweet coated is that you don’t get such a strong valerian taste as you do with similar products, like Nytol Herbal.

photo of the back of the Kalms One-A-Night box, showing the ingredients and directions for use.

Deciding how well it works

Just to be clear, my way of judging how well sleep aids work is very subjective. I don’t do any tests in a sleep lab, and just take them in my natural home setting. I write notes on how I feel after taking them, how I feel in the morning, and how I feel during the day.

I do use a sleep tracker (a Fitbit Versa in this case) to see how my total sleep time and sleep score look compared to previous weeks. However, I prefer to trust my own observations most of all. Experience has taught me that the way I feel the next day is the best way to judge how effective a sleep aid is in improving my well-being.

During the day

I decided to take the Kalms One-A-Night in two different situations to try to really gauge if I could feel any effects – in the middle of the day, and then at night later in the week.

I first tried one in the middle of the day while working on my laptop, for three days in a row. I didn’t notice any sedative effect and I didn’t suddenly become more relaxed after taking them. This doesn’t necessarily mean nothing is happening though as they aren’t meant to knock you out.

It did make me realise that it would be perhaps trickier to judge if they were helping me with anxiety more than sleep though. I’m pretty busy during the day (as is my mind!), so I’m not entirely sure if I’d notice a small effect.

That said, the reality is that I didn’t notice anything special happening. Things that stressed me out continued to stress me out. I know they are supposed to be taken at night, but I was curious to see if I would notice a sedative effect when taking them during the daytime. The answer was no.

How I slept when taking Kalms One-A-Night

On the fourth day, I didn’t take a tablet during the day, but waited until bedtime instead, which is when you’re supposed to take the Kalms One-A-Night really. The clue is in the name!

I took one tablet each night before bedtime for three nights in a row, and I do think I felt a mild sedative effect each night. Whether it was a real sedative effect, placebo effect, or tiredness due to not sleeping well lately is hard to say. I did, however, sleep a little better each night than I had done recently.

My thought in the morning was that it had taken me slightly less time to fall asleep, and that I’d slept throughout the night with less wakings on all three nights. My sleep tracker data also backed that up, though the overall sleep time was only better by a few minutes. Still, every minute counts.

I mentioned that I’ve been having sleep problems recently, which I believe has been caused by feeling under a lot of pressure for various life reasons. Maybe the calming effect of the valerian helped me drift off a little easier, even if I hadn’t noticed much of an effect in the daytime earlier in the week.

No side effects for me

I had no noticeable side effects during the week I took Kalms One-A-Night, which is great. I often get side effects with antihistamine sleep aids, such as a dry mouth, headaches, or groggy feelings in the morning. And melatonin also gives me vivid dreams sometimes.

So I was pleased to see that I could take the Kalms One-A-Night without worrying about needing strong coffee or a cold shower to wake myself up properly in the morning.

Do keep in mind that this was just my experience though; some people might have a reaction to the valerian. For example, Heathline.com discusses possible side effects like heart palpitations, dry mouth, upset stomach, vivid dreams, headaches, and mental fogginess.

My conclusion & would I take it again?

I don’t think the Kalms One-A-Night improved my daytime stress levels, but I do believe I slept slightly better on the nights I took it.

The problem is that it’s so hard to tell whether something which is only meant to have a light effect is actually working or not. As I said, it could be a placebo effect, which has been demonstrated in research studies as a real effect for various health concerns – even pain relief.

It could also be a combination of the placebo effect and any other steps you’re taking to cope with anxiety or sleep problems.

So my belief is that if you think a sleep aid helps, then that’s arguably good enough. You just might never really know for sure exactly how much it’s helping directly, or how much the act of taking a sleep aid is contributing to your confidence that you’ll have less trouble sleeping.

Personally, I would take Kalms One-A-Night again if I needed to because of the (possibly) mild sedative effect, natural herbal ingredient, lack of side effects, low cost, and easy availability.

Eight years later – trying it again

I originally published this article way back in 2014, which is when I first took the Kalms Night One-A-Night. Eight years later, in April 2022, I saw it on a local supermarket shelf and decided to give it another go.

The packaging and information seemed pretty much the same as when I first took it, with the same ingredients. And the effect it had on me was very similar too. This time, I used the latest version of the Fitbit, the Fitbit Versa 3. The sleep tracking has improved, so it was interesting to see if it would show any objective improvement in my sleep.

I took it for a week again, and the effect was very similar (as far as I can remember). No discernible sedation during the day or reduction in stress levels that I could tell. Once again, I do think I felt slightly more relaxed when going to sleep, with both my mental observations and sleep tracker data suggesting a slight improvement in the time it took me to fall asleep, as well as the total sleep time.

Nothing miraculous, with no more than ten minutes more sleep on average each night. Still, that’s ten minutes I’ll gladly take.

Further information

Who makes it?

Kalms is a brand owned by the UK company Lanes Health, which has been operating for over 90 years. They also own several other health product brands, such as Pro Plus and Olbas. You can find out more about them on Laneshealth.com (not a sponsored link).

The five types of Kalms

There are five different types of Kalms. The first two are intended for anxiety during the day, the two night versions to help with sleep, and the latest one is for fatigue.

1. Kalms Day

Kalms Day are made to help with mild anxiety. The ingredients are valerian and hops, and you take two tablets, three times a day. They used to contain gentian as well, but that was removed.

2. Kalms Lavender

Kalms Lavender is a capsule containing lavender oil 80 mg, and is intended to help with anxiety. Lavender does have some research evidence for its sedative properties.

3. Kalms Night

As you’d imagine from the name, Kalms Night are intended to help you sleep. You take four tablets one hour before going to sleep. Each pill contains valerian root extract 96 mg, so you can take less than four if you prefer.

4. Kalms Night One-A-Night

Rather than having the option to take less tablets if needed, Kalms One-A-Night is a single pill at a stronger dosage of valerian root extract 385 mg.

5. Kalms Rhodiola

Kalms Rhodiola was created to help with stress-related symptoms, such as fatigue, exhaustion, and mild anxiety. It’s in tablet form, containing the root of the Rhodiola rosea plant. You take two tablets per day, one before breakfast and one before lunch.

You can find out more about the different products on the Kalmsrange.com website (not a sponsored link).

What evidence is there that Kalms One-A-Night work?

Because it’s classed as a herbal remedy/supplement, UK law doesn’t require Kalms to undergo the same rigorous clinical trials as prescription sleeping pills. The same applies in the United States, for example, where supplements don’t need to be passed as safe and effective in clinical trials either.

So, no scientific research on the effectiveness or safety of Kalms has been done.

However, the gov.uk website does show that Kalms One-A-Night has been granted a traditional herbal registration.

What evidence is there that valerian works?

An alternative avenue to explore is whether the ingredient valerian has been found in any other research to help with sleep. The answer, according to research, could be summarized as ‘sometimes’.

As I wrote in my article about valerian, it does have some research evidence showing a sedative effect, but it’s not consistent from one study to the next.

Interestingly, in 2020, a team of researchers in Japan and the UK conducted a meta-analysis of many previous studies of valerian’s effectiveness for sleep and anxiety to work out why the evidence is so inconsistent.

They suggested that the variable results could be explained by researchers using different quality valerian extracts in each study. They have one positive conclusion that gives some room for optimism:

In conclusion, valerian could be a safe and effective herb to promote sleep and prevent associated disorders. However, due to the presence of multiple active constituents and relatively unstable nature of some of the active constituents, it may be necessary to revise the quality control processes, including standardization methods and shelf life.

Shinjyo et al.

What others say

It’s always interesting to see what other people have to say and to check websites that have large numbers of customer reviews.

When I checked Amazon.co.uk, there were over 700 ratings for Kalms One-A-Night, with an average score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. 57% of people gave it 5 stars and 6% gave it one star.

Many people say they work really well and help them sleep better, while others say they don’t help, or only help a little bit. This is a common pattern with non-prescription sleep aids that I’ve seen with several others.

I read through 50 reviews of each star (which took a while!) and discovered some interesting points about side effects too. Most people didn’t mention any or said that there were none. The most common side effect I read was about strange dreams.

Since first writing this review, there have been many comments from readers describing their experience. Once again, some say it worked well, but others aren’t so convinced.

This raises a key point: it’s very hard to predict whether Kalms One-A-Night will work for you or not.

Your expectations and previous experience of sleeping or anxiety pills might also play a role. If you’ve taken strong prescription medication before, you might find the lighter effect of Kalms just isn’t enough, or takes some adapting to.

However, if you’ve never dabbled in the prescription heavyweights before, then the gentle calming effect might be enough.


As per the instruction leaflet, the active herbal ingredient is:

  • Valerian root extract 385 mg (equivalent to 1.54-1.93 g of valerian root).

And the other ingredients are:

  • Extraction solvent: Ethanol 60% v/v.
  • Excipients: Maltodextrin, Colloidal Anhydrous Silica.
  • Core: Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose, Talc and Silicon Dioxide.
  • Coating: Hypromellose, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Macrogol, Saccharine Sodium.


The manufacturer has the following warnings on the patient leaflet:

  • Don’t take it if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Don’t consume excessive amounts of alcohol when you take it.
  • Avoid it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You should avoid driving, operating machinery or tools.
  • You should consult your doctor or pharmacist if you’re taking, or have recently taken, any other medicines, including those that make you drowsy or any other non-prescription medicines.

Possible side effects of Kalms One-A-Night

The manufacturer only lists two possible side effects. If you experience these or any other adverse symptoms, stop taking them and consult your doctor:

  • Nausea.
  • Abdominal cramps.

The other versions have different possible side effects, so please make sure you read the label carefully before taking them.

To find out more about the potential side effects of valerian itself, take a look at the WebMD.com article on valerian or the Rxlist.com article.

Have you tried Kalms?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts about any of the Kalms range. Have you tried them, and if so, what effect did they have on you?


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  1. Hi I have just failed my first driving test. I was extremely nervous and felt a bit anxious, in which case nerves get the better of me. I couldn’t focus properly like I usually would and found my heart was racing with worry. Do you think it would be helpful to take kalms day time to help with the nerves for next time? Thanks.

    • Hi Becky
      Sorry to hear you failed first time. I also failed first time, and I think it was mainly due to nerves too! I didn’t take anything to help though and passed the second time. Somehow it wasn’t so scary second time around. Taking Kalms is a personal choice, and not something I’d feel comfortable in advocating one way or the other. Perhaps talk it through with your doctor or family.

  2. Hi there, I have difficulty swallowing tablets and note that they clearly say do not chew these tablets. Is that because they think it will taste bad and put you off. I don’t believe that the once a night ones are time released are they? Do you know what the impact might be of chewing or grinding these tablets up? Many thanks.

    • Hi Kim
      To be honest, I’m not sure. It might be the taste, but also just the way they are digested and absorbed by the body being important.

    • Hi Kim
      Personally I wouldn’t break or chew the tablets, some tablets are designed to be absorbed in the stomach, some in the gut and some in the deep dark crevices of the bowel :)
      Usually tablets that are suitable for breaking will have a distinct line for snapping the caplet, I know these are herbal but unless you’re specifically told to break a tablet I wouldn’t.

  3. I have sleep stress, no problem going to sleep or staying asleep, but I wake and feel like I’ve run a marathon, lifted weights and been run over by a bus! It’s awful but I can’t stop it because I’m asleep. I feel worse after sleep when I should feel better. Would the kalms night time help this situation?

    • Hi Karen
      Thanks for your comment. To be honest, I’m really not sure that Kalms would help with what you describe. How long do you feel like that the next day? Have you spoken to anyone about it?

  4. Next week I am having an eye operation and I feel very anxious. I have some Kalms tablets here for taking in the day but I have lost the box where it tells you the dosage! Can you tell me please?

    • Hi Rosemary
      I prefer not to give advice about dosage. There are different boxes and types, so I recommend going online and checking with the type you have on their website.
      All the best with the operation.

  5. I feel so tearful, anxious, feeling sick, butterflies in my belly. I’m just wondering if they would work for me I need something for during the day.

    • Hi Kerry
      I can’t say if they would be right for you or not. What I would say is that if you regularly experience all of those symptoms, it might help to speak to a medical professional for some support and guidance if you haven’t already.

  6. I am thinking of taking a kalms night to reduce my anxiety around going to the toilet (I am chronically constipated and on lots of prescribed laxatives) has anyone found this helpful with this type of situation? Or will the kalms further the constipation and reduce the effect of the stimulant laxatives I take at night

    • Hi Roger
      Thanks for your comment. I know valerian can cause some people stomach problems, so I would talk this through with your doctor.
      On another note, have you ever spoken to a nutritionist to get an assessment of your diet and health? I don’t know the cause of your problem, but in my personal experience, a change in diet can work wonders for both constipation and diarrhea.

    • Hi Roger, I wonder if you had looked at your diet regards constipation (I’m sure you probably have). I have suffered for years with this problem also irritable bowel (bloating, stomach pain etc.). Last year I discovered an article about indigestible fiber (vegetable and fruit skins like potato skin, Aubergine, courgette, apple, plum, peach etc. also don’t eat oranges) causing constipation so tried eliminating that from my diet and hey ho, constipation is almost completely gone. I also discovered the low FODMAP diet recently and with a few tweaks I now have no digestive or Bowen problems whatsoever. I also find that a couple of ripe kiwi fruit each day work wonders in terms of good digestible fiber. Good luck.

    • Hi Ang
      I personally don’t find valerian leaves me feeling particularly drowsy, especially compared to many other sleep aids.

    • Hi Michelle
      I don’t think anything terrible will happen from a higher dosage of valerian. But if it happens again, I’d contact a doctor if you’re worried about it.

    • Hi Tracey
      I’d probably stick with one personally. You could write to the company on their website to see what they say though, or ask your personal doctor.

  7. Hi, I am taking trihexyphenidyl and seem to be suffering from anxiety more since taking this medication.
    I am thinking of trying Kalms as well as the medication. Does anybody know if this is advisable or has any experience of trying this mixture?

    • Hi Carol
      If you check sites like drugs.com you can find an interaction warning for trihexyphenidyl and valerian. So I would discuss this with your doctor. I’d also mention to them that you’re suffering from anxiety since starting on it to see what they say about that.

    • Hi Dillys
      I don’t see why not. Lavender is used by many people to help them sleep. You could try experimenting to see if the time of day you take it makes a difference.

  8. It’s now 5.3am & I’ve been awake all night. I’m on 100mg of Sertraline but am a little stressed at the moment as my house is on the market. In fact, I’ve developed eczema which I’ve never had before. I bought some Kalms Day last week and took 6 in one go at around 2 am. Absolutely no effect on me! Might try Kalms Night & see if they work??? Not hopeful though.

    • Hi Fern
      Thanks for your comment. First of all, I’d say to be careful mixing Sertraline with Valerian.
      I know stress can be a horrid thing to deal with, and it’s normal to feel stressed where house moving is concerned. But my advice would be to find natural ways to tackle the stress rather than taking more Kalms unless your doctor recommends it.

  9. I took 2 Kalms Night last night and was up being sick all night. I am not a stranger to supplements and they are my first port of call but, I find it strange the first time I took 2 of these I have been ill all night.

    • Hi Jen
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant experience. I wouldn’t take them again until you speak to a doctor about it.

  10. I have just had my second night of the one a night and I feel sick ! On the plus side I have managed to sleep but with very vivid dreams – I know it says to stop but I really need to sleep

  11. I suffer from depression and currently taking tablets for it but I have huge anxiety and fear of fireworks. so as soon as supermarkets started selling the fireworks on the 15th October I’ve been taking kalms capsules and although they leave a horrid aftertaste, think that’s the rapeseed oil, they work brilliantly for me. between my depression tablets and kalms I feel a lot better and definitely a lot more mellow than I was before. I’m starting to enjoy my job more and I’m slowly getting back to my old self before I had my daughter 2 years ago (when the depression started). I highly recommend the kalms capsules they work better than the tablets.

    • Hi Emma
      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. It’s great that you had such a positive experience with Kalms. I hope you continue to improve and get fully back to your old self.

  12. I actually sleep fine, but have a lot going on at the moment and get very anxious and stressed about stuff. I was thinking of trying something like this as it’s herbal and not a big fan of taking medicines if I can help it. But worried about driving if it can make you drowsy? Does anyone have any experience of this?

    • Hi Annie
      Thanks for your comment. I think the best thing to do is check the current patient leaflet and Kalms website for their advice. I’ve seen in the past that they say don’t drive if you feel sleepy, not that you just shouldn’t ever drive when you take the valerian daytime ones for example. But they might change that advice, so it’s always good to check what the manufacturer recommends. You can find copies of the patient leaflets online if you search for it.

      • Herbal remedies are not regulated the same way pharmaceuticals are. Thats why they dont have to list many side effects on their box. So i dont know how trustworthy it is to read a herbal drug leaflet.

        But you are correct. Dont drive if you take these.

        Valerian works great for some people but not everyone so pls be aware of and do some
        Research into paradoxical reactions and the vicious cycle they can cause if you don’t realise its coming from the medicine.

    • This is not just a herb, it’s a powerful herb. I thought herbal was the same as organic then i learned that Valerian is natures valium which means it interacts with the chemicals in your brain (GABA). Try some chamomile tea also before u step into this, i had a really bad experience because i didn’t know what valerian was and or how it works. So do your research

  13. I don’t sleep consistently well so occasionally I tried night Kalms. They did make me feel calmer and less agitated but I think they have to be taken a couple of hours before bed time as the effects can last until the next day. You can feel a bit drowsy. I just use them when I have a run of bad nights so I get one night at least of proper sleep.

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your comment. Which version of Kalms did you take exactly? I found the ant-histamine version dragged into the next day more noticeably than the valerian.

  14. Hi
    I’m 14 going on 15 and that means I am starting my GCSE’s and when I have had past examinations I was stressing too much and stayed up all night as I couldn’t sleep. My GCSEs are really important to me and I want to get good sleep so I pass. would I be able to take these to help me sleep?

    • Hi Oliver
      Thanks for your comment. I completely understand – GCSEs are important, and like any milestone exams, can be a stressful time. I think considering your age, this is something to discuss with your family. It’s not my place to advise you on whether you should or shouldn’t take a sleep aid. Even though it’s available over the counter, my opinion is that it’s wise to talk with your family about how you’re feeling, how stressed you are, and see if they can help you to find coping mechanisms. I’d also be tempted to look up ways to relax and deal with anxiety. There are lots of good websites that offer simple techniques and advice for teenagers experiencing stress. There’s also a section on this site discussing relaxation techniques, if you look at the main menu.

  15. I have literally always had insomnia all my life and I have anxiety. I am also on Tylenol with codeine for fibromyalgia. My question is, is this able to be taken with that? I was taken off of my amitriptyline which was the only thing that EVER seemed to help in my entire life and I tried prescription and over the counter things. I’m dealing with literally falling asleep at the kitchen table now and I don’t know what to do. I’m completely fatigued all day long from not sleeping all night, and it’s not like I don’t try. I toss and turn the entire night long. I was also diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and it makes my body feel like it’s vibrating inside.

    • Hi Crystal
      Sorry to hear you’re having such difficulties sleeping. To be honest, I don’t know if you can take the Kalms with your current meds. That’s something you need to talk to your personal doctor about. I think it’s probably a good idea to speak to them as soon as you can anyway considering how bad your sleep is at the moment.

  16. Hi I’ve been on kalms for over a month now the blister 84 pack for just under £5. have 6 a day 2 in a morning at 8ish am, then 2 at 12pm ish then 2 between 4 and 5 always after a meal. And they work great for me. I sleep better had bad anxiety still get odd moments feeling anxiety but nowhere as much. The only thing i have noticed if i miss a day i become really moody unless i was moody any way lol. Make u bit sleepy too.

    • Hi Claire
      Thanks for your comment. It’s great that they work so well for you. I would caution using them on an ongoing basis though, especially if you notice mood swings when you don’t take them. Have you spoken to your GP about how you feel? They might be able to help you tackle your anxiety through other means too.

  17. Hi
    I have just purchased kalms night and kalms day , can i take both of them together …. example the 6 kalms day throughout the day and the 4 kalms night before going to bed??

    • Hi Matthew
      Thanks for your comment. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, but it seems that it would be taking more than the recommended dosage. You could always contact Kalms through their website to ask them.

  18. My son (19) has been taking calms for anxiety. Last night I found him in a drunken-like state in the middle of the night but he was also disorientated and thought it was daytime and about to take a shower at 4am ( he told me he’d taken calms but also Tesco herbal sleep aid tablets. I note that these also have Valerian in. Reading up on side effects of them both could it cause these symptoms if he has “overdosed” on them? They may be herbal but I am very concerned about his use of them and would welcome advice.

    • Hi
      Thanks for your comment. I think even though valerian is usually considered very safe, taking more than the recommended dosage isn’t a good idea, as you already know.
      Even though Kalms themselves don’t list many side effects, other medical sources do list further possible side effects of valerian. For example, dizziness, ‘brain fog’ resulting in being in a daydream like state, drowsiness etc. So perhaps it’s possible that he woke in the night in a confused state. Maybe it was due to the valerian, maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it was from sleeping more deeply and waking up disorientated, which does happen to some people.

  19. I have been using Kalms for about 2 years. They work very well to relieve anxiety and help me cope day to day with stress. I am perimenopausal and these help with night sweats too. I take 2 at night, 2 in the morning and occasionally if needed 2 after lunch.
    I am slightly concerned as the new bottle I purchased calling itself Kalms Day does not have the hops or gentian in. I don’t know why this has changed or if it will have the same results.

    • Hi Andrea
      Thanks for your comment. There are different versions of Kalms, so you might have bought the different one without knowing at the time. If you prefer the old one, you can probably still get it.

    • I have to agree with Andrea: they’ve changed it. I am not amused.

      The packaging looks almost identical but now says “Kalms Day” instead of just “Kalms”, has a different barcode and, most tellingly, has a yellow “New Formulation” band across the top.

      Neither Tesco nor Boots seem to be stocking the old one any more. :-(

      My partner just spent £8 buying three boxes in Tesco for me and now I have to decide whether or not to take them back and will they accept it if I do?

      I would love to know why this change was made? Does the government no longer approve herbal medicines containing hops and/or gentian root? Is it just cost-saving? Enquiring (sleepless) minds need to know.

      • Hi C.B
        Thanks for your comment. Both Boots and Tesco will refund you if you have the receipt – I know because I’ve done it myself.
        I don’t know why they changed the formula – perhaps an email to them through their website will find out?

      • I did email kalms about this and they said the hops and gentian are still in the tablets but they can’t put it on the packaging – I can’t remember Why.

      • I have been taking the old formulation with hops and gentian for a while and found they worked well for my anxiety, and menopausal symptoms which I notice are not listed on the new packets. I don’t find the new formulation works as well, to the point where I’m thinking of having to go down the allopathic route for anti-depressants, which I’ve been trying to avoid! Very disappointed.

  20. I suffer with bruxism which causes a chronic headache every morning and sometimes migraine. After using a mouth guard for 2 years, I got used to it and the headaches returned. My GP put me on a mild dose of an anti depressant, which seems to work up to a point. I have also started to use Kalms one-a-night, in the hope that it relaxes me further and helps to stop me clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth. I really think it is helping and I am definitely sleeping better.

    • Hi Cheryl
      Thanks for your comment. It’s interesting that you feel the Kalms might be helping. Did you check with your doctor that it was ok to combine the anti-depressant and Kalms?

    • If you are grinding your teeth during the night, and it wakes you up that is both a sign of stress building up, been there. Basically I found I was stressed, and some may say the days events are playing in your mind whilst asleep. I’m about use Kalms, as stress, anexity relif.

  21. I started taking Kalms One-A Night a month ago. For the first few weeks I was definitely falling asleep faster and not waking up during the night. I stopped taking them at the end of the packet and my usual lying in bed for over an hour awake, came back. I started them again this week and am not having the same faster falling asleep, that I had when I first used them. It is suggested that you can have one late evening and another half an hour before I go to bed, I will try this and see what happens.

    • Hi Liz
      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your view on the Kalms. Unfortunately, rebound insomnia, as it’s called, is a common issue with sleep aids. Have you tried other techniques to improve your sleep too?

  22. I suffer with Parkinsons desease and often find it difficult to have an uninterrupted nights sleep. I have started taking Kalms night one a night tablets and after taking just one dose found I had the best nights sleep in ages. I have now been taking them for a week and the results are amazing. I am getting a good nights sleep … I am so happy.

    • Hi Albert
      Thanks for your comment. It’s great that you’ve found something that’s made a difference and is helping you sleep.

  23. Hi,

    Unfortunately, Kalms night has not been effective for helping me sleep (I have been taking 2 nightly for a month).While stronger sleeping tablets knock me out, these just give me nausea. My 3 hour sleeping blocks ( I have depressions and anxiety for which I take antidepressants ) have not changed as a result of taking Kalms Night.

    I also find that it has caused my skin to itch (scalp, back) more. I have dry skin anyway, but the kalms tablets seem to have flared it up. I don’t see itchyness as a possible side effects of Kalms Night, so I may be sensitive to one of the other ingredients? Have you had any one comment on skin problems using Kalms Nights? Did you have any skin problems?

    Another issue I have with Kalms Nights is the off putting smell of the tablets, and the smell it leaves in your hands.

    I think I may have to find another stronger sleep aid, after talking to GP.

    Have you found other sleeping aides that worked for you?

    Thanks in advance

  24. I suffer from stress and not sleeping because of my job and I have been taking karms for a year now they have reduced my stress right down I feel much happier and I generally sleep better although the effect seems to be wearing off and I am waking at night again , does. your body become immune to valerian?

    • Hi Susie
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve seen some reports that you can develop a tolerance to valerian over time. It’s great that it helped you so much for so long. But perhaps a year is a long time to be taking them, especially if you took them every day. I’ve also seen advice that it’s good to take a break from valerian from time to time.
      Have you tried other self-help methods to manage your stress levels? Something I highly recommend, for example, is mindfulness. It can help both with daily stress and anxiety, and also at night time with sleep.

      • Hi Ethan
        Thank you for your advice. What evidence is there to suggest it might be unhealthy to take kalms over a longer period of time, my stress was getting to a unhealthy level with very vivid graphic nightmares most nights leading to 2 -3 hours sleep. I tried acupuncture, and hypnotherapy which helped a bit, my next step was the Doctors possible antidepressants which I want avoid. Kalms have made such a difference to me I really don’t want to back to how I was. I feel so much better all round. Many thanks Susie

        • Hi Susie
          You’re welcome. I think the best thing is to do some research into the long-term effects of taking valerian, rather than kalms specifically, as you’ll find more information about that. Having said that, the truth seems to be that the long-term effects aren’t well understood yet.
          Here’s what webmd say on their website:
          “The long-term safety of valerian is unknown. To avoid possible side effects when discontinuing valerian after long-term use, it’s best to reduce the dose slowly over a week or two before stopping completely.”
          So from that, I imagine it’s up to the individual and their doctor to make a wise decision based on their personal situation.

  25. Hi just wondering if I can take kalms in the day along side night calms? If so what dose do people recommend suffering badly with my nerves in the day and waking 3 times a night get only a few hours sleep I would like to take both for the time being thank you.

    • Hi Vikki
      Thanks for your question. I’m not totally sure to be honest. I think it would be better to ask either your doctor or ask directly through the Kalms website.

    • Hi Kim
      Thanks for your question. To be honest, I’m not sure what Kalms recommend about mixing the two tablets. I don’t know of any specific reason valerian and lavender can’t both be taken. But if you’re not sure, you could always try contacting Kalms or asking your doctor.
      You can find the Kalms contact details here.

  26. i suffer with anxiety and mild depression , I tried 3 different antidepressants and suffered with bad side effects so the doctor took me off them, I use to use lanes quiet life herbal tablets and they helped me a lot but I can no longer get them and to buy them online is far to expensive,, I started taking kalms 6 a day and I have suffered awful sickness and stomach problems after only one day, I dare not take anymore because of this ,, has anyone else had these problems, thank you

    • Hi Jojaza
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you reacted to badly to the Kalms. Some people do have those side effects, but I think it’s usually because of the valerian rather than the specific brand of sleep aid. Have you had similar problems with other valerian products?

  27. I use the day Kalms for stress/anxiety and to help me sleep as I struggle to sleep for more than an hour. I have to take around 3 to send me off to sleep and can sleep up to 4 hours which is amazing for me. I also notice a difference in my stress levels if I take them properly for a few days

  28. I’ve been in zopiclone 7.5 for insomnia for ten years but due to liver disease gp has decided to stop them and suggested I find a herbal remedy avoiding nytol as it contains the same ingredient as zopiclone and not suitable for anyone with liver issues , I have trolled the internet this evening and everywhere I look kalms come up as best natural sleep enhancing remedy but can’t find any referral to wether they can be taken by people with liver issues and wondered what your knowledge or take on this may be . I found your article very interesting and informative

    • Hi Mylene
      Thank you for your compliment about the article.
      I think the thing to do is to check if you can take the main ingredient – valerian – if you have liver disease. That brings up clearer information than searching for kalms specifically. And the answer to that question would be no. Here’s a link to the mayoclinic website, which states clearly you shouldn’t take Valerian if you have liver disease.

  29. Fantastic . The depth of my sleep is so much better so feel better during the day. I am not aware I am anxious but my sleep was rather fragmented.