The 10 Best Sleep Masks For Light Blocking And Comfort

image of a woman wearing a sleep mask, with the words 'sleep in darkness at any time'

Light: can’t live without it, can’t sleep with it. So in those less than pitch black situations, a sleep mask can give you control over the balance between the light and dark.

I’ve tested many eye masks in the years since starting this website and regularly try new ones. I use them when flying (on a plane, not in my superhero outfit), and if I need to sleep in the daytime.

I also ask my partner to test them – she has long hair and prefers not to have to untangle it from the straps in the morning. So little details like the quality of the strap design matter to her.

So whether you need a soft eye mask to shut the world out or a contoured mask with room for maneuver, you should find the right mask for the job in the reviews below.

My top picks

Most effective light blocking:

Alaska Bear (see on Amazon)

Best contoured sleep mask:

Yiview (see on Amazon)

Most comfortable for travel:

Jersey Slumber (see on Amazon)

Best for cooling & headache relief:

Imak (see on Amazon)

1. Alaska Bear

Best sleep mask overall 

alaska bear silk sleep mask

If you need a lightweight and comfortable sleep mask that shuts out as much light as possible, the Alaska Bear is my top choice.

I find it completely blocks out light, even if the light source is quite bright. And it’s made from breathable natural Mulberry silk, which feels beautifully soft on the skin.

The straps are elastic and adjustable, so you can find the exact fit you need. And the strap adjuster is very small, so you won’t feel it when you’re lying in bed. There’s no velcro either, so you won’t get your hair tangled in the straps.

It’s also a great option if you need to sleep when traveling. It’s very lightweight and can roll up into a small space. So unlike some of the larger contoured masks, it’s a convenient choice.

Overall, the Alaska Bear does a simple job very effectively. If you’re looking for a contoured design, cooling or specially padded straps, you can find those features in the masks below.

But if all you need is a comfortable sleep mask which feels gentle on the skin, and reliably blocks out light at any time of the day, the Alaska Bear is a great option.

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2. Yiview

Best contoured sleep mask with deep space for eyelids

yiview contoured eye mask

If you need a contoured sleep mask with space for your eyelids and eyelashes, the one with the deepest eye cavities makes sense. And that’s exactly why the Yiview is my top pick for this style.

Out of the many sleep masks we’ve tried, it has the deepest space to accommodate eyelids. So if you’re worried about your long eyelashes being compressed by a normal mask, this is the one for you.

The internal padding contains light memory foam, with a contoured shape to fit over your nose. That helps reduce the amount of light that so often creeps in between the nose and eyes.

It has an adjustable elastic strap, with a velcro fastener. It’s well stitched together, so you shouldn’t find your hair gets stuck in the velcro. And once you decide how loose or tight you want it, you can easily pop it on and off without even undoing the velcro end.

My only criticism is that the external material is synthetic, so it doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as some of the others I’ve tried.

But it does the principle job of keeping you in darkness very well. And with the 3 for 1 offer, it also works out as one of the best priced sleep masks around.

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3. Bedtime Bliss

Shallower contoured sleep mask

bedtime bliss contoured sleep mask

The Bedtime bliss is another well-designed contoured sleep mask, though with less space for long eyelashes than the Yiview. But if you only need a little space for your eyelids, there’s still enough breathing space between the mask and your eyes.

The straps are adjustable and won’t bother your skin or hair. This is always a key point I look out for, so I was happy to find the mask is comfortable to wear, and you soon forget it’s there.

It blocks out light well considering the fact that it’s a contoured type. As with many sleep masks, you may find it lets in tiny slithers of light, depending on the shape of your facial features.

But on the whole, I think they’ve done a good job of creating as good a one-size-fits-all shape as possible. It also comes with a little fabric bag and a good set of earplugs, so it’s ideal to take on your travels.

I recently tried the new version, which is made from bamboo and cotton. It feels even softer, and has a slightly larger overall shape. So you might prefer that one if you plan to use it for longer periods of sleep.

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4. Jersey Slumber

Softest sleep mask

jersey slumber eye mask

Many sleep masks are made from silk and have a similar design, so it’s not always obvious what the difference is between them.

What I like about the Jersey Slumber is that it’s thoughtfully designed to be very comfortable to use all night long if you need to.

Firstly, the silk feels very soft against the skin, providing a gentle, comforting feeling for the eyes. And it’s long and wide enough to do a good job of blocking out the light.

Another notable point is the convenient strap, which avoids any potentially hair-tangling velcro. Instead, they’ve opted for an adjustable slider strap, and made it so thin and unobtrusive that you can sleep on your side with no problem.

If you’ve found silk masks in the past let in a little light around the nose, you might find that with this one too because the design isn’t as contoured as some others.

But otherwise, this is an effective sleep mask that ticks all the right boxes for comfort. And because of its soft and light shape, it’s a good choice if you need to sleep while travelling.

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5. Imak Eye Pillow

Can be cooled to relieve headaches, migraines and tension

imak eye pillow

The Imak eye pillow goes beyond simple light blocking, providing acupressure and cooling to the whole area around your eyes.

The exterior is made from a comfortable lycra material. It’s also considerably heavier than most other sleep masks, which you may find brings a feeling of comfort in itself.

It has ergo beads built into the mask, which provides pain relief and relaxation due to the massaging pressure of the beads on your face.

You can leave it in the fridge or freezer for a short while to get a cooling effect, again helping with pain relief and relaxation. It stays cool for 20 to 30 minutes on average, which seemed to be about the right amount of time to help soothe my eyes.

The weight means it stays on your eyes and blocks out light effectively. And it has a contoured space for the eyes so you can move your eyelids and eyelashes.

With the combination of acupressure and cooling, the Imak eye pillow is more than a simple sleep mask. If you suffer from headaches, migraines or puffy eyes, this is one to try.

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6. Dream Essentials

Ideal if you need more space for your eyes and eyelashes

dream essentials eye mask

The Dream Essentials sleep mask has deep eye sockets, created with inbuilt foam that maintains the shape. That allows you to open your eyes freely, even if you have long eyelashes.

I like the material, which differs from the more common choice of silk these days. Instead, the inside is made from natural cotton that feels gentle on your skin, with a plush fabric on the outside.

They get the strap design right with this mask, opting for a simple slider which you can get a tight fit with if you want to keep that last slither of light out.

Note that they also make a mask with velcro – the Infinity mask – which isn’t such a great choice if you have long hair.

Interestingly, it has two small pieces of cloth attached to the nose contour. The idea is that you can position them to block out any remaining light if the mask shape isn’t immediately the perfect shape for your face.

My only criticism is that the foam padding around the eyes can apply more pressure around the eyes that a simpler mask design. I didn’t find it an issue personally, but I can imagine some people might do.

Overall though, the Dream Essentials might be the ideal choice if your eyes/eyelashes need more breathing space than most other sleep masks tend to offer.

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7. 3D Sleep Mask by PrettyCare

A wide memory foam contoured sleep mask

pretty care 3d sleep mask

The Pretty Care 3D eye mask is made from memory foam, yet it’s surprisingly thin and lightweight. What I liked is that it feels soft, yet maintains a contoured shape with ample space for your eyelids and eyelashes.

It does a great job of blocking out light, and the adjustable strap has a reliable velcro fastener to keep it in place. I think there’s enough on the strap to suit head sizes at both ends of the spectrum.

You also get 2 masks in the pack, along with 2 sets of earplugs. I’ve seen some complaints online that the mask comes apart at the edges faster than others, but I didn’t find that with the mask I bought.

Overall, I think the Yiview, Bedtime Bliss and 3D mask are all good options if you want to try a contoured style sleep mask.

I think the Yivew has deeper space for the eyes, and the Bedtime Bliss perhaps sits tighter on the face. The 3D has the largest overall surface area of the three, so might be a good choice if you’re worried about too much light creeping in.

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8. Everest Essentials

Comfortable silk sleep mask

everest essentials silk sleep mask

The Everest Essentials sleep mask is similar to the Alaska Bear and Jersey Slumber in many ways. It’s also made from a beautifully soft silk fabric which feels comfortable against your face.

The straps are easy to adjust and are suitable for a wide range of head sizes. There’s no velcro either, so it’s less likely you’ll wake up with your hair stuck in the straps.

It has a wide size and shape, and I find it does a good job of blocking out the light. It’s quite malleable, so if you’ve had problems shaping eye masks to your face before, you might find you can block the light better with this one.

It comes with a pair of foam earplugs and a little travel case. And it has attractive packaging, making it a good gift idea.

Overall, if you’re looking for a silky soft eye mask it’s one to consider, especially if you’ve had difficulty getting the right fit with previous masks.

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9. Purefly

Lightweight mulberry silk mask


The Purefly sleep mask has a lot in common with the Alaska Bear and the Everest Essentials. To the point that when checking them over to write this section, it took a moment to work out which one was which.

It’s made from lightweight and breathable Mulberry silk, which feels soft on the skin. And being breathable, it’s more pleasant to use in bed than the more synthetic materials.

It also has an elastic adjustable strap with no velcro at all. So long hair is safe from getting caught and matted, and it will fit any head size.

It’s actually larger than it looks in the photo, and so blocks light very well. I found there was no sign of light entering around the edges, which is exactly what you’d hope for.

All in all, there’s not really much to separate this from the other silk masks. It would be nice if it came with a carry case, but I can’t fault the mask itself.

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10. Mzoo

Memory foam bubbles with ample space your eyes

mzoo sleep mask

The Mzoo sleep mask impresses at first glance, arriving in a neat little box rather than the plastic wrapping that most tend to. And the mask itself looks stylish – kind of like sleek black goggles, but blacked out of course.

It has plenty of space for the eyes and eyelids to rest in, rather than feeling the material pressed up to your eyes like silk masks do. And rather than opting for a thin contour, they’ve used memory foam to create a bubble effect that feels comfortable in the night.

I found the light-blocking is excellent, and the overall shape seems to fit nicely across the nose. The strap is wide and has a sliding buckle, which is preferable to velcro.

I’m not sure it’s ideal for side sleepers though, as the size makes it a little clunkier than silk masks. But on the whole, if you like eye cavity designs, this is one that’s worth trying.

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