The Best Free White Noise Apps And Websites

image of a dog listening to white noise from a fan

There are many free sources of white noise, ranging from normal fans to smartphone apps, online white noise generators, and epically long YouTube videos.

Some require an internet connection at least to begin with, but most apps and audio downloads can then be listened to offline. In this article, I’ll be recommending some of my favorite options. Please note that there are no paid links below.

White noise in the home

Here are some sources of white noise that you might already have available in your home.

A fan. A good option for warmer months if you like the soothing sound of rushing air.

An untuned television channel. If you don’t mind the intense sound and light emitted.

An unused radio frequency. Another quite intense sound, much like the TV.

Other appliances like a hoover or hairdryer. I don’t recommend these – neither your ears nor your utility bills will benefit from them.

Waterfall, rain or ocean sounds on YouTube or Spotify. You can find recordings that last all night. They range in quality, but you can find some really good ones with a little searching.


There are an ever-increasing number of white noise apps on both Google Play and the Apple app store. Many of them are free, and only have a paid version to remove adverts, access more sounds or special features. But in my opinion, you can find great white noise and nature recordings without paying anything.

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

1. White Noise Lite by TMSOFT

white noise lite app screenshot

White Noise Lite has a beautiful interface, with a huge selection of high-quality nature sounds to choose from. It has an excellent mixing feature, allowing you to combine up to five sounds and adjust their individual volume, pitch, variance, and speed.

You can even upload your own recorded sounds to add to your mixes, and then share them with others. The paid version allows you to access other people’s recordings and mixes. As an example, my current favorite mix features the Amazon jungle, with a quiet campfire and wind chimes.

Android / iOS

2. Relaxio White Noise Generator

relaxio white noise app screenshot

The Relaxio white noise generator allows you to play one or more nature sounds at once, with two different types of white noise. It’s as simple as you can get, with a pretty visual interface giving you control over the type and volume, and options to save your favorite mixes. It does have ads at the bottom of the screen though.


3. White Noise Baby by TMSOFT

white noise baby app screenshot

White noise baby offers a range of white noise sounds for parents to play, with several timer options or continuous play. It recommends different sounds for newborns, infants, toddlers and parents, with a decent range of white noise types.

It has an interesting feature of including a monitor that listens out for a child’s crying and plays a sound automatically if you want it to. And there’s a sceen rattle to use during the day, with visuals and sounds to entertain them.

Android / iOS

4. MyNoise

mynoise app screenshot

MyNoise is a white noise generator that gives you the ability to adjust the sounds to your liking. So within the white noise setting, you have 10 sliders to alter the amount of bass, mids and trebles you hear.

Along with the main category of white noise, you have rain, spring walk, temple bells and a warp speed for sci-fi fans! It even has a binaural beat machine which is fun to experiment with and not seen in most white noise apps. My only complaint is that the volume seems quite low. But with headphones or for quiet listening, it’s a good free app.

Android / iOS

Websites with white noise players

If you prefer to listen to white noise on a website rather than an app, there are a few good online generators to try out. Here are my recommended websites:

1. My Noise

See at website screenshot

My Noise is the website version of the phone App listed above. It has a simple sound mixer with sliders to change the frequencies, so you can play around with it to find the exact sound you want. It also has a number of presets, such as white, pink and brown noise, and even a speech blocker. It’s free to use, though they will ask for your email after a set time elapses.

2. White Noise Player

See at

tmsoft white noise player online screenshot

White Noise Player by TMSOFT has just six simple sound color buttons and a volume slider. The max volume is pretty good too, which makes this a useful player. It has the usual white, pink and brown noise, but also offers grey, blue and violet for some variety. TMSOFT also makes some good white noise phone apps, which you can find out about on their website.

3. Noise Online

See at

screenshot of the sound options at the website

Noises Online is a free online white noise machine that looks pretty and has a superb range of sounds to choose from – 30 at the time of writing.

By clicking each icon you can add more sounds to your mix. So if you want the sound of an ocean with some thunder, rain and birds to go with it, you can have it.

You can also experiment with the liveliness and tone settings, and save your favorite mixes. It’s simple, full of high-quality sounds and a delight to use.


I’m not going to list many YouTube options, as there are so many to choose from it’s relatively easy to find ones you like. Just searching for ‘long rain recording’ or ‘rain and thunder recording’ or ‘pink noise black screen’ will set you on the right track of exploration.

Your suggestions

Do you have a favorite app, website or other sources of white noise I haven’t covered? Let me know in the comments below.

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