The 9 Best White Noise Machines

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dreamegg d3 pro white noise machine

As Marie de Rabutin-Chanta once said, “We like no noise unless we make it ourselves.” Considering she lived in the 1600s, I can’t imagine what she’d say if she visited me in New York City!

If you’re being disturbed by noise you can’t control, there are various options for blocking it out, such as earplugs, headphones, speakers, or a white noise machine.

The main reasons to use a white noise machine are:

  • They can replace disruptive or intermittent noise with a constant background noise of your choosing.
  • They are easy to use.
  • The power consumption is usually very low.
  • You’ll have different sounds to choose from.
  • Even if you don’t need to block out other noise, the sounds can be relaxing to listen to.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the best white noise machines I’ve used in my home for relaxation and sleep. I’ve been using and testing sound machines for over a decade, and have published more than 25 video reviews, here on my website and on my YouTube channel. So I have a very good idea of the range available, and what makes a good or a not so good one.

To help you find what you’re most interested in, here are the main sections:

Which type of white noise machine to choose?

In the photo below, you can see five of the white noise machines I tested before writing this article. The top two (Dohm Uno and Snooz) contain a real fan. The bottom three (Dreamegg D11, LectroFan Evo, Yogasleep Travel Mini) play different selections of white noise, fan, and nature sounds.

photo of five white noise machines: dohm uno, snooz, lectrofan evo, dreamegg d11 and the yogasleep travel mini.

If you like the sound of fans, but don’t want air blowing around your room, you might like a white noise machine that contains a real fan. It’s not a common design, as most just use recordings. The recordings can be pleasant to listen to as well, but don’t sound quite as authentic.

If you like white, pink, or brown noise, some white noise machines come with a good selection of noise colors. If they have pink or brown noise, that can be more relaxing to listen to for extended periods of time than intense white noise.

White, pink, and brown noise also tend to mask external noise better than fan sounds or nature sounds. So if you specifically need to block out loud external noise rather than just listen to relaxing sounds, it’s worth considering those with multiple white noise options.

If you like nature sounds, such as rain, waterfalls, or crickets, keep in mind that each white noise machine will have a different selection of nature and ambient sounds.

Size and portability are also important factors to consider. Some fit in the palm of your hand, while others need more space on a table.

Finally, some have additional features, such as a nightlight, headphone jack, or a rechargeable internal battery. I’ll make it clear which devices have those features in the following sections.

Overview of the white noise machines

Lectrofan Evo

lectrofan evo

Price: $$

The LectroFan Evo is the best white noise machine overall if you’d like a range of white noise and fan sounds and a good speaker that can handle the deeper pink and brown noise. Importantly, it’s the loudest white noise machine I’ve tested and the most effective at masking external noise. The only downside is that it only has two nature sounds, so it’s a white noise specialist really. The auto-off timers, headphone jack, robust design, and portable size make it a convenient device for the home or travel.


snooz white noise machine

Price: $$$

The Snooz is my recommended sound machine if you’d like one that contains a real fan rather than recordings. The sound is soothing to listen to and you can adjust the tone. It has 10 volume settings, with the maximum being surprisingly loud and very good for masking external noise. An accompanying app opens up a wide range of additional features, such as daily timers, auto-fade, and nursery calibration.

Dreamegg D3 Pro

dreamegg d3 pro white noise machine review

Price: $$

The Dreamegg D3 Pro is the best white noise machine to pick if you’d like the option to listen to nature sounds as well as white noise. It has 29 soundtracks in total, with 15 nature, 7 white noise, and 7 fan sounds. Adults appreciate the high-quality nature recordings and the decent speaker. Parents might like this one too, with two lullabies and a fetal tone to play to kids. The internal battery means you can place it where you like in a room, but it can also be plugged in and left running.

Sound+Sleep Special Edition

soundsleep special edition white noise machine

Price: $$$

The Sound+Sleep Special Edition has the most sound options overall. It offers 16 main categories, with four variations of each, making 64 in total. The loops are longer than most other sound machines and undetectable in most variations. It has a unique feature, the responsive volume setting, which automatically adjusts the volume according to the ambient noise levels. This is a larger device that’s not as portable as most though.

Yogasleep Travel Mini

yogasleep travel mini

Price: $$

Just as the name suggests, the Yogasleep Travel Mini is the best white noise machine for travel because of its tiny size and internal battery. It fits in the palm of your hand and is the lightest sound machine I’ve ever seen. The dimmable nightlight with its warm glow is helpful in unfamiliar bedrooms at night. It only has six sound options and the speaker is less powerful than the average device, so it isn’t ideal for masking loud external noise. But it’s a good choice if you want some gentle, relaxing sounds on the go.

Dreamegg D11

dreamegg d11

Price: $$

The Dreamegg D11 is the ideal white noise machine for parents to use in a kid’s bedroom. It has 11 sounds, several of which are specifically for kids, such as a lullaby and music box. It has a convenient internal rechargeable battery and lanyard so you can hang it out of reach. The inclusion of a soft nightlight means you don’t need a separate nightlight in their bedroom. It’s small and portable, but has a louder speaker than other comparably sized white noise machines.

Yogasleep Dohm Uno

dohm uno white noise machine

Price: $$

A real internal fan creates the soothing sound of rushing air in the Yogasleep Dohm Uno. Like the Snooz, you can adjust the tone, but not the volume. It’s a very simple device, with no auto-off timers or additional features. It’s the quietest white noise machine I’ve tested, so it’s not very effective at masking external noise. The sound is authentic because of the real fan, but it’s best used just for relaxation, not sound blocking.

LectroFan Micro 2

lectrofan micro 2

Price: $$

The LectroFan Micro 2 is another good white noise machine for travel because it’s so small and light. It has 11 sounds, most of which are white noise or fan sounds, with just two nature sounds. You can connect via Bluetooth to play your own music, but the speaker isn’t powerful enough to play music loudly. It has an internal rechargeable battery, which is convenient for placing in a room away from a power outlet or even outside.

Big Red Rooster

big red rooster sound machine

Price: $

The Big Red Rooster is a basic, low-cost device with one unique point: you can power it either with the power adaptor or with three AA batteries. It’s very uncommon for white noise machines to have the option to use standard batteries. It only has six sounds and a very basic speaker though, so it’s not the most effective at blocking external noise. However, it does have auto-off timers and is very easy to use as the sound options are clearly labeled on big buttons.

Comparison tables

In the table below, I’ve rated each white noise machine out of 10 in some key areas: the sound/speaker quality, the volume and sound masking, the loops, and how portable they are.

The sound and speaker quality score is based on how good the recordings and sound reproduction is, and how well I think the speaker handles sounds that should have some bass, such as brown noise, waterfall, or thunder.

The volume and sound masking score is based on two points: how loud I measured a white noise sound track on the maximum volume from one meter away with my decibel meter, and how well I found it masked external noise from outside my bedroom at night.

For the loops, I timed all the soundtracks I was able to. Longer is better usually, as well as whether they have noticeable breaks or sound very repetitive.

The portability is based on the physical dimensions and the weight. A higher score means they are smaller and/or lighter.

The blue links will take you to the websites of Amazon or Snooz.

& Sounds
& Sound
Sound+Sleep 99103
Travel Mini
Dohm Uno
Micro 2
Big Red

In the next table, you can compare the white noise machines on some of the key features I look out for when testing them: the auto-off timers, the inclusion of a headphone jack, if there’s a nightlight, and if it has to be plugged in or contains a rechargeable internal battery.

D3 Pro
Sound+Sleep XX
Travel Mini
Dohm Uno
Micro 2
Big Red

In the final table, you can compare the number and type of sound options each device has.

10 white noise
10 fan sounds
2 ocean surf
SnoozReal fan inside
Adjustable tone
D3 Pro
7 white noise
7 fan sounds
15 relaxing sounds
Special Edition
12 white noise
8 fan sounds
44 relaxing sounds
Travel Mini
2 white noise
1 fan sound
3 nature sounds
1 white noise
1 fan sound
9 relaxing sounds
Dohm Uno
Real fan inside
Adjustable tone

Micro 2
4 white noise
5 fan sounds
2 ocean surf
Big Red
1 white noise
5 nature sounds

My video reviews

In the first video, which I made back in 2019, I compare a range of white noise machines, including several that are still in my top nine: the LectroFan Evo, the Sound+Sleep Special Edition, The Dohm Uno (called Marpac Uno at the time!), the LectroFan Micro 2, and the Big Red Rooster. I also discuss some key points to consider when buying a white noise machine.

In the video below, I discuss the Snooz:

In the next video, I cover the Dreamegg D3 Pro in detail:

In the video below, I discuss the Yogasleep Travel Mini:

The white noise machines in detail

1. LectroFan Evo

The widest range of white noise and fan sounds, and the loudest maximum volume

lectrofan evo white noise machine

The most important job of a white noise machine is to block out external noise by replacing it with a sound that’s more relaxing and constant. So it helps to have different sounds to choose from so you can experiment to find the most effective one to combat whatever external noise is bothering you.

It’s also useful to have a good range of volume so you can block out louder noise if you need to, but turn it down when it’s quieter outside. The LectroFan Evo has a good range of sounds (22 in total) and incremental volume controls, so there’s a lot of flexibility to find the right combination of sound and volume for your particular setting.

It has a wide range of white noise and fan sounds, ranging from standard bedroom fan sounds to a hairdryer and industrial fans. And I like how it doesn’t just have intense white noise, but deeper colors like pink and brown noise too.

I personally find brown noise much more relaxing, especially when I’m trying to sleep. Think powerful waterfall or TV static, and you can imagine the two ends of the spectrum it offers.

The speaker quality is excellent compared to most white noise machines, and it had the loudest maximum volume when I did a volume test of noise machines. So it’s capable of blocking out louder noise that might be reaching your bedroom, such as noisy neighbors, music, or traffic.

The white noise itself is dynamically generated rather than using recordings, which results in a constant sound that doesn’t loop or go silent before repeating.

In the photos below you can see the Lectrofan’s Evo’s easy to use buttons and the headphone jack

close up photo of the lectrofan evo's buttons
close up photo of the lectrofan evo headphone jack

It also has two useful features that make it more flexible to use: a headphone jack for private listening, and auto-off timers if you don’t need to listen to white noise all night. That’s also a good feature if you’d like to play white noise in a kid’s bedroom, as it’s best not to play it to them all night.

I also like the minimalist design and the fact that it’s relatively small, so it’s easy to transport. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have an internal rechargeable battery, but the option to power it either with the included power adaptor or USB cable gives some flexibility.

The main downside is that if you’d rather listen to nature sounds from time to time, the LectroFan Evo only has two ocean surf sounds. They sound more like white noise than the ocean really, so this isn’t a sound machine I’d recommend if you’d like a decent range of nature sounds.

Key points to consider

  • It has an excellent range of white noise and fan sounds: 10 white noise, 10 fans, and 2 ocean surf.
  • It has deep brown and pink noise that some people will like more than white noise.
  • The maximum volume is very loud, and it’s good for masking external sound.
  • There are plenty of incremental volume levels if you don’t need it too loud.
  • The speaker is good, and the sounds have no looping or breaks.
  • It’s small and lightweight, making it good for travel.
  • The buttons are easy to use and clearly labelled.
  • You can have it on a timer from one to eight hours, or continuous play.
  • Must be plugged in to work. Comes with a power adaptor and USB cable.
  • Minimalist design and feels sturdy.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.

Overall, if you’d like a white noise machine for your home or office that has the widest range of white noise and fan sounds to choose from, and the loudest maximum volume, the LectroFan Evo is my number one choice.


You can usually find it for between $50 and $60 in the US, and it’s recently been over £50 in the UK. Considering you can find budget devices for around $20 – $30, this does make it a bit more expensive. However, the Snooz and Sound+Sleep are around $100, so it’s not the most expensive by any means.

If you’re not bothered by the two ocean surf sounds or headphone jack, you can save yourself some money and get the LectroFan Classic instead as the other 20 sounds are very similar.

Where to buy

You can find it on:

See my full lectroFan Evo review to find out more about it.

2. Snooz white noise sound machine

Contains a real internal fan that’s relaxing to listen to, with a good volume range and extra features.

snooz white noise sound machine

The Snooz is the first of two white noise machines I’ll be looking at that have a real fan inside them. What I like about this style is that the sound is authentic. No matter how realistic the fan recordings are in some devices, you can tell the difference when you listen to one that actually has a fan inside the casing.

One of the common criticisms of other machines that have internal fans is their typically low volume. The Dohm Uno, for example, is very quiet compared to the Snooz.

The Snooz has 10 volume settings, based on the fan speed, and the maximum volume is the loudest of any I’ve tested that use a real fan. In fact, it’s louder than many standard white noise machines with a speaker and recordings.

You can also adjust the tone of the sound by rotating the side cap, which changes how the air flows through the case. There’s a nightlight of sorts on the buttons, which gives just enough light to see where things are in the bedroom. It’s not a particularly warm glow, but it’s a useful feature nonetheless.

In the photo below, you can see the Snooz app on my phone. The number in the center is the current speed/volume setting.

snooz sound machine with the smartphone app

Both a pro and a con is the accompanying app. It’s a con in that some advanced features can only be accessed with the app, like the timers. That’s not exactly universally user-friendly and I would have liked to see a manual timer button.

But for those who do have a smartphone, I like how you can set multiple timers per day of the week, with a fade in and fade out option that I’ve not seen on any other device.

The Snooz looks great aesthetically, which helps offset the fact that it’s the second most expensive white noise machine in this article. Even so, it might not be the right choice if you’re on a tight budget as you can get reasonable white noise machines with recordings for half the price of this one.

It also won’t suit people who want a range of white noise, fan and nature sounds as it only has the fan sound.

Key points to consider

  • It uses a real fan instead of recordings, so it sounds richer than other devices, but doesn’t blow air around the room.
  • There are 10 speed settings, which changes the volume.
  • The maximum volume is much louder than other fan-based sound machines.
  • You can twist the cap to change the tone.
  • It has an optional night light coming from the buttons.
  • The accompanying app opens up more features, such as timers and auto-fade.
  • You can program any length timer for each day of the week.
  • Nursery calibration feature to keep the volume lower for children.
  • Stylish design and robustly manufactured.
  • Lightweight, so it’s good for travel.
  • Needs to be plugged in (comes with a six foot cord and power adaptor).
  • No headphone jack.
  • More energy efficient than a standard large fan.
  • 100 night trial period and one year warranty.

On balance, if you enjoy listening to fan sounds, and have been frustrated by the lack of sound masking because of the low volume of other mechanical fan style white noise machines, the Snooz is a solid choice.

It’s the combination of having a real fan, good volume range, tone adjustment, and flexible timer options that make it one of the most effective white noise machines I’ve used. It’s pleasant to listen to and it masks external noise well – exactly what a white noise machine is supposed to do.


The Snooz costs $99.99 in the US and nearly £150 in the UK, making it one of the most expensive white noise machines I’ve bought.

Where to buy

You can find it on:

See my full Snooz review to find out more and see it in action.

3. Dreamegg D3 white noise machine

Reasonable price, 29 sounds, good bass, and an internal battery make it a good white noise machine

dreamegg d3 pro white noise machine

So far, I’ve looked at a white noise machine with a real fan (the Snooz), and one that specializes in white noise and fan sounds (the LectroFan Evo). Now let’s consider some with a range of nature sounds too.

I’ll start with the Dreamegg D3 Pro because I think it strikes a good balance between the type and quantity of sounds it offers, speaker quality, price, and useful features. There are white noise machines coming up that might beat the Dreamegg D3 on some of those points individually, but the Dreamegg is an effective all-rounder.

For starters, it has 29 sounds to choose from. There are 15 nature/relaxing sounds, seven white noise, and seven fan sounds. It has some of the classics, like rain alone, rain with thunder, sea waves, and crickets. There’s also a lullaby and heartbeat sound, which makes me think the manufacturer was thinking of parents when they designed it.

Conveniently, the white noise, fan sounds, and nature recordings have been split into three category buttons. That means it’s quicker to cycle through them to find the exact sound you want. It might seem like a trivial point, but it’s better than cycling through all the sounds by pressing one button repeatedly.

The speaker itself is surprisingly clear and very loud on the maximum volume. It gave the LectroFan Evo a run for its money when I tested their volume levels, both reaching over 70 decibels when I measured them from a meter away. It also has respectable bass for a white noise machine, which is unusual as they tend to be lacking in that department.

It has a convenient internal rechargeable battery that takes just two hours to charge and will last for over eight hours. This also makes it useful for parents, as you can place it wherever you like in a room without needing to think about the power source. And the auto-off timers help prevent it from running for longer than really necessary.

Below, you can see the headphone jack and how small it looks on a shelf:

dreamegg d3 pro headphone jack
Dreamegg D3 Pro in bedroom

If you’re going to use it yourself, there’s a plug for a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening. Using it that way can also potentially block out more external noise, especially if you have good headphones. It’s also a useful feature if you share your bed and your partner doesn’t want to listen to white noise at night.

My main criticism is that a couple of the sounds have a white noise sound added in the background. You notice it with the campfire, pendulum, and drip sound tracks. But with the other sounds, you don’t notice any added noise.

Another criticism is that it only came with the USB cable when I bought it and I had to ask them to send me the power adaptor separately.

Key points to consider

  • There’s a good range of sounds: 17 relaxing sounds, 7 fan, and 7 white noise.
  • The relaxing sounds are: birds, sea waves, gentle surf, lullaby, music box, rain, rain & thunder, brook, campfire, crickets, drip, pendulum, train, shushing, fetal tone.
  • The speaker is good, with loud maximum volume and good bass that capably masks other noise.
  • It has an internal rechargeable battery that will last for eight or more hours. You can plug it in instead though so as not to worry about battery life.
  • It’s easy to use, with clear buttons.
  • The sound categories are conveniently split into three buttons.
  • Auto-off timer of 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Takes a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.
  • Includes a USB cable to power it.
  • Small and portable. The battery adds a little weight compared to other smaller devices though.
  • 60 day money back offer, and 365 day warranty.
  • Reasonable price.

Overall, the Dreamegg D3 Pro is a good choice for parents. However, there are a couple coming up that also have nightlights that are worth considering. They have fewer sounds to choose from though. So if you do want to play white noise to a child and prefer the widest range of sounds rather than a nightlight, the Dreamegg D3 Pro is perhaps the better option.

If you’re buying for yourself rather than a child, the Dreamegg D3 Pro has a good balance of features and sounds, and for a reasonable price that will suit lower budgets.


It’s usually sold for under $40 in the US and under £40 in the UK, which puts it in the low-mid range of sound machine prices.

Where to buy

You can get it on:

At the moment, I’ve only seen it sold on Amazon. You might be able to find it on eBay though.

Find out more about it in my full Dreamegg D3 video review.

4. Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep Special Edition

If you’d like the widest range of sounds and extra features

sound+sleep special edition white noise machine

The Sound+Sleep Special Edition is an outlier compared to the minimalist design most white noise machines have, with an extensive set of sounds and lots of additional features you’ll rarely find on sound machines. That creates extra weight though, so it’s the heaviest and least portable device in this comparison.

The Sound+Sleep has 16 main categories on a central dial, and a separate button to choose between four variations within each category. That makes 64 different sounds to choose from, which is significantly more than all the other brands of white noise machines I’ve seen.

Admittedly, some variations just add extra detail, such as adding thunder to the rain. Others sound very different, such as a train ride or boat ride.

I like how you can decide to have birds with the brook, wind with rain, or just keep it simple. And like the LectroFan Evo, it also includes a good range of white, pink, and brown noise, as well as a choice of soft fans or more industrial styles.

As for the looping, you really don’t notice it when the variations are selected as the sounds appear to be quite random. I still haven’t managed to spot the loops on many of the sounds, which is a good sign.

One feature that’s unique to this device is the optional responsive volume. If you select that, it will automatically change the volume according to the ambient noise levels it detects in your room.

It takes a couple of seconds to catch up, so it’s not ideal for brief loud noises. But for lengthier volume changes, it’s a neat feature that might help reduce how often external noise wakes you up.

The Sound+Sleep has a useful headphone jack for private listening, multiple auto-off timers, and two USB ports to charge your smartphone or other devices. It’s not the same as using a fast charger, but I found it does the job in the nighttime.

There’s an audio-in cable, so you can play your own sounds or music through the speaker. It’s uncommon for white noise machines to have an audio-in, and I liked having the flexibility to play my favorite Spotify playlist through the speaker from time to time.

The speaker itself produces clear sound with decent maximum volume, and I’ve found it’s capable of masking noise coming from outside the room.

Below, you can see the USB outlets, the audio-in, and 3.5mm headphone port:

photo of the side of the sound+sleep special edition, showing the headphone jack and USB ports

The main downside is that it needs to be plugged in at all times to work, using the included power adaptor. It’s also larger than most other white noise machines I’ve tested, so it’s one to keep in the bedroom or office rather than travel with.

The Sound+Sleep devices (there are a few versions) are also one of the most expensive white noise machines out there, so it won’t suit people on a tight budget.

Key points to consider

  • Exceptional range of sounds: 12 white noise, 8 fans, and 44 nature/ambient variations.
  • The main categories are: rainfall, ocean, brook, city, baby, rides, home, crowds, meditation, small fan, large fan, white noise, pink noise, brown noise, waterfall, and meadow.
  • Good speaker quality, with reasonably loud maximum volume.
  • Looping is undetectable on most sounds.
  • Responsive volume feature that adapts to the ambient noise levels.
  • Headphone jack and audio in.
  • Two USB outlets to charge other devices.
  • Easy to use, with labeled categories and a large dial.
  • LEDs can be turned off to reduce light at night.
  • Timer of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.
  • Fun curved shape, but large and not ideal for travel.
  • The most expensive in this comparison.

Overall, with so many different sounds and features, the Sound+Sleep is a very versatile white noise machine. It’s probably best suited to those with more to spend, who want the best variety of nature/ambient sounds, and who like their tech to be rich in features.

If you’re looking for a cheap and portable device with a handful of sounds, and you’re not bothered by extensive features, this one won’t be right for you though.


It currently costs over $110 in the US and around £150 in the UK.

Where to buy

You can find it on:

See more details in my Sound+Sleep Special Edition review.

5. Yogasleep Travel Mini

A tiny white noise machine with a nightlight and internal battery, ideal for travel

yogasleep travel mini white noise machine with nightlight

The Yogasleep Travel Mini really does live up to its name: it is indeed surprisingly mini, easily fitting in the palm of your hand, and it’s ideal for travel because it’s so lightweight. It’s the smallest and lightest white noise machine I’ve seen so far.

When I first bought it, I wasn’t sure if I would be disappointed by the low number of sounds (there are just six) and the lack of an auto-off timer, which is a key feature for me. However, I’ve come to realize that this white noise machine serves a very specific niche, and serves it well.

It’s the combination of portable size, nightlight, and an internal rechargeable battery that will make it so useful for some people. It’s a great device to use if you’re traveling away from home, and you perhaps don’t know the layout of the room so well, or a room where your kids are staying.

You don’t need to worry about where the power outlet is in the nighttime because of the battery, you can place it where you like in the room, and there are three brightness settings, so you can see what you’re doing in the dark.

In the photos below you can see the nightlight in action in a bedroom in my house, and the simple buttons on the underside:

yogasleep travel mini with the nightlight on in a bedroom
yogasleep travel mini buttons close up

As for the sounds, there isn’t a lot of variety: two white noise, three nature, and the Dohm. The Dohm sound is interesting, as it’s a recording of the YogaSleep Dohm (see below). The Dohms are notoriously large and heavy, so the YogaSleep Travel Mini gives those who love the sound of the Dohm fan a way to listen to it on their travels.

The stream and ocean surf are pleasant to listen to, and on loops of around one minute, which isn’t bad for a white noise machine considering some are just 20-30 seconds long.

The white noise and brown noise are good too, but the small speaker lacks bass so the brown noise isn’t as deep as you might be used to. The thunderstorm also doesn’t sound very deep, though is quite nice to listen to. And being such a small speaker, the maximum volume isn’t particularly loud.

My main criticism is of the buttons though. They are all on the underside and very small, which makes them tricky to locate in the dark. The nightlight obviously makes it easier, but I’m not sure this sound machine will suit people with finger sensitivity issues or difficulty with their sight.

A second major downside is the lack of an auto-off timer, which I think would have been good to include, even if it made the device a bit bigger.

Key points to consider

  • Very small and lightweight, so it’s ideal for travel.
  • The nightlight has a pleasant glow and three brightness settings.
  • Six sound options: white noise, brown noise, stream, gentle surf, original Dohm, thunderstorm.
  • The sounds are relaxing to listen to, but won’t mask loud external noise.
  • The internal rechargeable battery lasts around eight hours with sound, or five with sound and nightlight.
  • There’s a cord included so you can hang it up.
  • It comes with a USB cable, so you can leave it plugged in to play for longer.
  • Stylish design.
  • 101 night trial and one year warranty.
  • Reasonable price.

On balance, the YogaSleep Travel Mini is a great option if you’re traveling and space in your luggage is in short supply. The nightlight and battery also make it very convenient to use in rooms you’re not used to.

However, if you’re not on the go much, then I think there are better options with more sounds to choose from. And if you’re at home with loud noise bothering you, I imagine a bigger speaker would serve you better.


It costs around $25 – $30 in the US, and around £35 in the UK.

Where to buy

You can find it on:

Find out more in my Yogasleep Travel Mini review.

6. Dreamegg D11

A good choice for parents who want to play white noise to their kids

dreamegg d11 sound machine with the nightlight turned on

The Dreamegg D11 is another good choice if you’re a parent looking for a white noise machine you can leave in a kid’s bedroom.

It doesn’t have as many sounds as the Dreamegg D3 Pro, with just 11 instead of 29. It does have a nightlight with a lovely glow though, which makes it potentially more useful if you’d like to be able to easily find it in the kid’s room to change the settings in the night.

And of course, many kids like to sleep with a nightlight on, so you don’t need to buy a separate one, or take two devices with you if you’re staying away from home.

As for the sounds, it seems to me that they have focussed heavily on sounds that parents can try in the hope that one or two help their kids relax and fall asleep. For example, there’s a music box, lullaby, shushing, fetal tone, fair sound, and vacuum – all sounds that adults would be less likely to choose I think.

The loops are around 90 seconds long, which is very good for a white noise machine, especially a smaller one. And the speaker quality is clear and surprisingly loud for its size. I was definitely able to mask a lot of external noise using this small device, which I wasn’t expecting.

Like the D3 Pro, the Dreamegg D11 also has a rechargeable internal battery. So you can place it where you like in a bedroom, or even hang it up using the included lanyard. I’ve managed to get more than eight hours out of it from a single charge, which is enough for a night.

It has auto-off timers of 30, 60, and 90 minutes or the option for continuous play. Considering the other two very small white noise machines in this article don’t have timers (the YogaSleeep Travel Mini and the LectroFan Micro 2), this is one of the main reasons to choose this one if you’d like a portable device.

Below, you can see the four main buttons of the Dreamegg D11, and the lock button to prevent kids from changing the settings:

dreamegg d11 side angle showing the main buttons
underside of the dreamegg d11 sound machine showing the lock button and the model number

My main criticism is about the lack of sounds for adults and the lack of a rain sound, which is a popular one. There’s just one white noise and one fan sound, so I think they could have added one or two more instead of the vacuum and fair, which aren’t so relaxing to listen to.

Then again, I think it’s fairly obvious this sound machine was made for kids, even if they do say adults will like it too.

Key points to consider

  • 11 sounds to choose from: ocean, brook, lullaby, music box, shushing, vacuum cleaner, fetal tone, fair sound, crickets, white noise, fan.
  • The maximum volume is loud, masking external noise well.
  • It’s small and lightweight, making it convenient for travel.
  • It has a pretty nightlight, with constant or pulsing modes.
  • It has an internal battery, or you can power it with the included USB cable.
  • There’s a child lock to prevent them from changing the settings.
  • Lanyard to hang it from a shelf or door handle.
  • Auto-off timers from 30 to 90 minutes.
  • 60 day money back offer, and 365 day warranty.
  • Good price.

Overall, I think the Dreamegg D11 is a good option for parents because of the sound choice tailored to young kids, and the warm nightlight glow. The internal battery, timers, and portable size also make it a good one for traveling.

In fact, unless you’re really struggling for space in your luggage, in which case the YogaSleep Travel Mini is the best choice, I’d probably recommend this one out of all the smaller white noise machines that were designed with parents in mind.


The price is reasonable, costing just under $30 in the US and just under £40 in the UK. This puts it towards the budget end, which might suit parents who are being careful with their expenses.

Where to buy

You can get it on:

Find out more in the Dreamegg D11 review.

7. Yogasleep Dohm Uno

If you’re on a tighter budget and would like a white noise machine with an internal fan

dohm uno white noise machine

The Dohm Uno is the second white noise machine with an internal fan that I’ll be looking at. Just to clear up any confusion, it used to be called the Marpac Dohm until the company rebranded as Yogasleep.

The Dohm Uno is a very simple device – so simple that it only has one button. That button turns the internal fan on and off. And the fan pushes air out of small holes around the casing, which makes the rushing air sound.

The only option you have to adjust the sound is to twist the cap, which slightly changes the tone of the rushing air sound as it flows through the holes. You can’t adjust the speed, though there is a version that has two speeds – the Dohm Classic.

And that really is it – there’s nothing else to do with the Dohm Uno. It does a simple job, and it does it well as the resulting sound is authentic and relaxing to listen to. As with the Snooz, the use of a real fan sets it apart from the devices that only use recordings of fans.

Key points to consider

  • Produces the authentic sound of rushing air as it has an internal fan.
  • Very easy to use, with just one large button to turn it on and off.
  • You can adjust the tone by twisting the side cap.
  • Sturdy design that should last a long time.
  • Needs to be plugged in for it to work.
  • 101 night trial and one year warranty.

My main criticism is that the sound produced is quieter than the other white noise machines, and significantly quieter than the Snooz. So if you’re looking for a device to mask external sound, it will struggle to block out loud noise coming from other rooms or outside. The Dohm Uno is probably best suited to relaxation then, not heavy-duty sound masking.

And if you’re looking for additional features like a headphone jack, internal battery, or auto-off timers, you won’t find that with the Dohm Uno. It just doesn’t have any additional features at all.

Despite the lack of volume and extra features, if you like the idea of having the authentic sound of air made by a real fan, the Dohm Uno is one to consider if the Snooz seems too expensive as it costs significantly less.


It’s just under $35 in the US and around £35 in the UK, which is less than half the price of the Snooz.

Where to buy

You can find it on:

See it in action in my Dohm Uno review.

8. LectroFan Micro 2

A portable white noise machine and Bluetooth speaker

photo showing the lectrofan micro 2 with the speaker flat and the speaker on an angle

There are very few white noise machines that have Bluetooth speaker functionality. So if you’d like to be able to play your own music as well as listen to the built-in white noise options, the LectroFan Micro 2 is the one I’d recommend.

As well as doubling as a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a very capable white noise machine, just like the other LectroFan versions. It doesn’t have as much variety as the LectroFan Evo, but it still has a good selection of 11 sounds. It has four white noise variations, five fan sounds, and two ocean surf.

It’s good that it has some deeper white noise too, as most white noise machines that only have one white noise option tend to stick with the more intense classic white noise. Having some pink or brown noise gives more options for people who find deeper noise colors more relaxing (like me).

I like the fan sounds too, and think there’s enough variety in the five to cater to most tastes. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the ocean surf sounds. Just like the Evo, they sound too digitally generated for my liking. Still, the undulating sound might appeal to you more than steady white noise.

One key feature is that it has an internal rechargeable battery, which you charge with the included short USB cable (a bit too short maybe). The battery life is superb though, lasting up to 40 hours with white noise and 20 hours with Bluetooth audio input. This is considerably longer than the YogaSleep Travel Mini, Dreamegg D3 and D11.

If you do use it with Bluetooth and your own music, don’t expect incredible bass though. It just doesn’t have the bass you might be used to with high-quality larger speakers or headphones, so it’s not going to be a party speaker by the pool on holiday.

Despite the lack of bass, the speaker is louder than I expected for such a small device, and I found it was capable of masking a lot of ambient noise coming from other rooms and outside. I also like that you can swivel the speaker, so you can point it upwards to fill the room with sound or to the side if you prefer.

In the photo below, you can see how small the LectroFan Micro 2 is when it’s on my bedside table next to a glass of water. It’s very portable, but won’t rattle your windows with bass!

The main downside is that there isn’t an auto-off timer. I think this is a basic feature for a white noise machine, so I was surprised to see it omitted. Another potential issue is the tiny buttons. If you have finger sensitivity issues, or need to operate it in the dark, you might find it a bit frustrating to use.

Key points to consider

  • 11 white noise sounds included: 5 fan sounds, 4 white noise, 2 ocean surf.
  • You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, giving more flexible sound choice.
  • Decent speaker quality at mid to high frequencies, but lacks bass.
  • Loud volume for its size, so it will mask a good amount of external noise.
  • Very small and lightweight, so it’s convenient for travel.
  • Internal battery with great battery life.
  • No timers or headphone jack.
  • Reasonable price.

Overall, the LectroFan Micro 2 is a convenient white noise machine for travel because of its small size, Bluetooth speaker option, and internal rechargeable battery.

For parents, I’d probably stick with the Dreameggs or YogaSleep Travel Mini. But for adults who intend to use it themselves, it’s a great choice if you’re on the go a lot and would like a louder speaker than your phone from time to time.


It’s a reasonable price, costing just under $35 at the time of writing, which is at the low-mid end of the price spectrum for white noise machines. In the UK, only the original Micro 1 seems to be sold still.

Where to buy

You can find it on:

Find out more in my in-depth LectroFan Micro 2 review.

9. Big Red Rooster

If you’d like to power your white noise machine with standard AA batteries

big red rooster sound machine

The main reason to consider the Big Red Rooster is that it’s the only white noise machine in this review that can be used with normal batteries. It takes 3 x AA, which aren’t included. It does come with a USB cable and power adaptor though, so batteries aren’t the only power option.

It only has six sounds, which isn’t a lot when you consider how many some of the previous devices have. On the plus side, it’s very easy to use the Big Red Rooster as each sound has a labeled button so you can quickly select them. Those buttons make a loud clicking sound when you press them though, which lets the device down in terms of the overall feel and quality.

As is so often the case with sound machines, the nature recordings are on quite short loops of under a minute, but they do sound reasonably relaxing to listen to. I liked the ocean, rain, and brook most.

The thunder is slightly problematic and needs to be kept at a lower volume, or it sounds distorted as the speaker struggles with the bass, and also rattles the casing a bit.

As for the sound masking potential, it doesn’t really have a powerful enough speaker to block out loud nuisance noise from outside your room. But it will help a bit with higher frequency sounds, and is fine for relaxation at night if you don’t need to block out noise.

Below, you can see the battery compartment on the underside of the Big Red Rooster:

photo of the big red rooster sound machine battery compartment

There are auto-off timers or 15, 30, or 60 minutes, which is a key feature I like to see, with little LEDs to tell you which one it’s currently set to. There’s no headphone jack or other additional features though, so it’s a very simple white noise machine compared to the previous ones I’ve discussed.

Key points to consider

  • You can use 3 x AA batteries to power it, or the included USB cable and power adaptor.
  • There are six sound options: white noise, rain, ocean, brook, summer night, thunder.
  • There are auto-off timers of 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • It’s small and very lightweight, making it portable for travel.
  • Low price.

Overall, the Big Red Rooster will be best suited to those who really want to power their white noise machine with batteries, and perhaps those who want a budget device.

Just keep in mind that the speaker quality, recordings, and overall design are noticeably lacking compared to some of the previous white noise machines.


You can usually find it for around $20 to $25 in the US, making it one of the most budget-friendly sound machines I’ve seen. However, you can expect to pay over £40 in the UK.

Where to buy

You can find it on:

Find out more about it in my Big Red Rooster review.

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