How To Keep Cool At Night: 15 Ways To Beat The Heat

a ceiling fan in a bedroomIf you’re anything like me, feeling too warm in bed can trigger an uncomfortably sweaty night of clock watching.

Keeping your bedroom at a relatively cool temperature is a key ingredient for a good night’s sleep, though it’s one that’s often overlooked.

Fortunately, there are some practical ways you can keep your body temperature down, even on the hottest of summer nights.

Here are some great ways to keep your bedroom, bed, and body cool and get the refreshing sleep you need.

1. Don’t let strong sunlight and hot air in during the day

Keep all the windows and doors shut during the day (a little opening for ventilation is ok).

If you have curtains, blinds or shutters, keep them drawn all day. This is a trick that those in hot countries have known for centuries, and can reduce the temperature of your home dramatically.

2. Allow air to circulate

Open the windows when the temperature drops in the evening to allow some (hopefully) cooler air to flow into your house and bedroom.

If you have an upstairs, attic or loft, open any windows or hatches up there to allow rising heat to escape.

3. Use a special bed fan

Fans can work wonders and you have several different options, depending on your budget and need for serious cooling.

You can use a normal fan and point it at your body, install a ceiling fan, or get one of the latest high-tech cooling gadgets, such as a BedJet.

If you use a normal fan, try putting a container of ice in front of it. An effective trick is to fill a couple of two-liter plastic bottles with water and freeze them. Then stand them just in front of the fan to cool the air.

a bedjet system cooling a bed

4. Install air conditioning

It’s an expensive investment, but worthwhile if you live in an unbearably hot region. And if you already have it, just not in the bedroom, try moving your bed temporarily in extreme weather to be closer to the unit.

5. Sleep on a cooling mattress pad

There are a few good cooling mattress pads which you can use either for your head or whole body.

They work by transferring your heat to other parts of the mat which you’re not lying on. Some can be put into the fridge for a while to provide even more cooling.

6. Take a cool shower before bed

Even if you don’t like cold showers, a warm one to freshen up will still help. Avoid hot baths in the couple of hours before bed as it takes a long time for your body to cool down.

7. Do exercise earlier

Don’t do intense exercise in the few hours leading up to bedtime. It takes too long for your body to return to its normal temperature, and can keep you feeling hot and sticky in bed.

8. Eat earlier

Don’t eat the biggest meal of the day late in the evening. Digesting food raises your body temperature, so it’s better to eat big at lunch and have a light snack in the evening.

9. Choose cotton or linen bedding

Invest in the highest quality cotton or linen bedding you can afford. Sleep only with a sheet covering you instead of any thicker bedding like duvets or blankets.

The material you both sleep on and have covering you can make a huge difference to how cool you feel at night.

light cotton bed sheets

10. Cool your bedding before bed

Put your sheets in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for a while before going to bed. I know it sounds odd, but it can really help to keep you cool for just long enough to fall asleep.

11. Wear cotton nightwear

Wear light cotton nightwear rather than synthetic material, no matter how smooth velvet or silk might feel on the skin. Either that or sleep in your birthday suit!

12. Keep hydrated

Make sure you keep hydrated during the day and in the evening. Try not to drink alcohol, tea or coffee before bed. Keep a drink of water by the bed to sip during the night.

13. Keep some space between you and your partner

If you sleep with a partner, keeping some space between you rather than snuggling up will help you keep cool.

It helps if you have a big enough bed, of course. And if necessary, you could try using separate bedding rather than sharing one cover.

14. Use a slatted bed frame

Using a bed frame which has slats might help a little with temperature regulation, rather than a solid divan bed base.

15. Falling body temperature

Try to lower your body temperature before you go to bed. A falling body temperature is one of the signals your brain uses to produce more melatonin, which then makes you feel sleepy.

That’s one reason a shower before bed helps – even if it warms you initially, your temperature then starts to fall again when you get out.

Readers’ suggestions

There have been some great suggestions from readers in the comments below, so I’ve started a separate list of the best ones. Thank you all for taking the time to share your ideas!

  • Wet and freeze some socks to then wear in the evening (might result in a wet bed though…)
  • Eat a Popsicle or frozen food before going to bed.
  • Put a cold towel on the head before and when in bed.
  • Move your mattress to the floor since heat rises.
  • Put ice inside a wet cloth in a bag, and place it inside the pillow.
  • Change your night clothes if you feel too hot.
  • Wear as little as possible in bed.
  • If you have long hair, tie it up to allow body heat to disperse better.
  • If you can, put up a reflective or white shade on the outside walls that get the afternoon sun.
  • Put some cold water in a jug or bottle in the fridge. Then put it into a hot water bottle to make a cold water bottle!

Your ideas

Have you got any tricks I haven’t included in this list? Have you tried any of the ideas here and found they did or didn’t work?

I’d love to hear how you cope with hot temperatures and what you think helps keep you cool.

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  • Don’t wear anything flowy – wear small tight things to sleep even if you wear a night gown take it off and just wear underwear

    • Hi
      Thanks for your suggestion. I agree that less clothing is a good thing. And clothing that can bunch up and trap more warm air is best to avoid.

    • Hi there
      Wearing as little, and light, as possible is the best way to keep cool where bed clothing is concerned.

  • To lower the body temperature before you go to bed, wet some face towls in very cold water, wringle them out and them put them under your armpits. This will lower your body temperature very rapidly.

    • Hi Amparo
      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I might try this one this evening and see if it does help or not.

    • Hi Jackie
      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I quite like that one, so will add it to the list now!

  • Try sitting up instead of lying down, I don’t know why but it works like a dream. You can also fill a bag with ice, wrap it in a cloth and put it in your pillow.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Bethany
      Thanks for your comment. It might feel good because of the effect it has on your blood circulation. But sleeping sitting up isn’t recommended for various health reasons. Using ice can help – as long as the bag has no leaks!

  • One of the ways to keep bedrooms cool is by placing shade cloth against the outside walls, the walls that get the afternoon sun. The shade cloth is left on during the summer months. We found that the bricks heat up during the day, so by leaving the windows open at night for cool air, all we got was hot air, heat from the bricks.

    • Hi Martyn
      Thanks for your comment and excellent suggestion! I haven’t heard that one before, and it does make sense. I imagine it won’t be possible for everyone, and will depend on factors such as the size and accessibility of the walls. But if it can be done, I can see how it could help. I’ll definitely be adding this one to the list.

  • What I would do is freeze some socks and wear them at night because there’s tons of pin points and nerves in your feet so keeping your feet cold will keep your body cool

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your comment and interesting suggestion. As someone who regularly goes to bed with ‘hot feet’ as I call it, I can understand the concept of cooling the feet down. Personally, I find just a quick rinse in cold water in the shower or bath before getting into bed works wonders though.

  • In bed and it’s hot I take the duvet off and it’s too hot!!!!!if you live in Britain try using a very lightweight blanket and put a cold flannel/wash cloth on your the day freeze a bottle of water then the ice will melt and the water will be icy cold(or do the ice bucket challenge ???)

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your comment. Actually, getting your body temperature down before bed is a good idea. Not sure about the ice bucket challenge as a sleep technique though…

  • ive found wearing as little clothing as possible helps.(guys underwear only, girls naked, possible boyfriend or husband will appreciate, or just in underwear and bra). This helps because the less clothiing you have on, the less heat gets trapped by them. Tthis allows yourr body heat to escape unhindered

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your comment. I agree that it’s good to wear less clothing in the hotter months. I guess it also partly depends on having the right kind of bedding too, and also being happy to wash the bed sheets regularly.

    • Totally nude really helps you keep cool. We have no air conditioning and don’t need it we have only used our fan 2 times this summer. We usually just go nude in the house. We pull blinds to stop sun. Works great.

  • I’ve noticed that if you change whatever you’re wearing when you get too hot it helps. I guess it has something to do with the clothes you’re putting on being room temperature and not your body temp.

    • Hi Sam
      Thanks for your comment and your suggestion. I think that’s a good idea, especially if you like to sleep with clothes on. If it’s really hot, sleeping with as light a material as possible is great. And perhaps if you do find it hard to sleep, getting up and changing your night clothes might provide some brief respite – especially if it’s so hot you’ve been sweating in them.

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your comment and that’s not a bad suggestion! Even lowering the bed frame or putting the mattress on a floor covering might help a little.

  • I just wanted to know something – if my boyfriend won’t for the life of me turn on the ac and its 86 inside our house what would be best for some one that has copd and Asthmaa? its hot as hell help please cant sleep!

    • Hi Tanya
      Thanks for your comment. Why won’t your boyfriend turn on the air conditioning? If you have conditions which are making it difficult for you to be comfortable at night, I think perhaps you need to have a serious talk with him about working together to find a temperature that works for you both.
      You can also try out the ideas in the article – there are lots of good things you can do to try and bring your temperature down. But if it’s the air itself which causes you problems, you might find you need to do something to bring some air flow in – either with the air con or perhaps a bed fan.

  • Try eating a Popsicle or some frozen food before getting in bed. Try putting a cool towel on your head before and during bed. It really helps calm and soothe your body on those hot, hot, HOT summer days

    • Hi there
      Thanks for your comment. That’s a great idea for people who suffer from ‘hot feet’ – myself included! I might have to give that a go.

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