The Best Weighted Blankets For Relaxation And Sleep

Weighted blankets are designed to apply gentle pressure to your body, helping you relax and potentially even sleep better.

One of the key explanations for how they work is that your body releases serotonin in response to the feeling of compression.

Known as a ‘happy hormone’, the idea is that a little serotonin boost might help with anxiety, stress, relaxation and sleep. How effective weighted blankets truly are at helping people sleep is still a topic of ongoing research though.

Choosing a weighted blanket

As long as you choose the correct weight (10% of your body weight is usually recommended), then it should do its job. Beyond that, it’s a matter of finding one that’s made from material you find comfortable and that meets your budget.

Weighted blankets have a reputation for being fairly expensive – partly because they are more complex than your average blanket. But I suspect the fact that they are in fashion also plays a role in hiking the prices up.

So over the last year, my wife and I set out to see if it’s absolutely necessary to spend big, or if a cheaper blanket will work just as well.

And surprise, surprise, we didn’t find that the price was an important factor in how well they worked. From the cheapest to the most expensive, they all gave us the same feeling in bed: you can get the same effect if you spend $70 or $270.

So whether it works or not will be down to how you react to the concept in general, not whether the manufacturer somehow managed to make one with magical properties that none of the others have!

1. Quility

Gets the balance just right between cost, comfort and design

Fill: glass beads | Cover: included

quility adult premium blanket

The Quility is the weighted blanket that my wife and I both agreed provided the best value. It still comes in at around $100, depending on the size. But that’s less than half the price of the high-end brands we tried.

And really, it did the job just as well, while still looking and feeling like a piece of bedding we’d want to use on our bed in the long run.

The choice of available weights is great – as low as 5 pounds (36″ x 48″) for children, right up to 30 pounds (86″ x 92″) for adults. Some weights also come in lengths for taller people, such as for 20 pounds (either 60″ x 80″, or 86″ x 92″). This means it will suit more combinations of body shapes and sizes than brands like Bearaby and Gravity.

It has seven layers, starting with a 100% cotton outer layer. Then there are several polyester layers that keep the internal beads securely in place, prevent leakage, and increase the overall padding.

I liked that it includes a Minky duvet cover, which feels incredibly soft and adds warmth in the chilly winter months. My wife was a huge fan of that cover, saying it feels nicer on her skin than the other types we tried.

You might not want to use it in the summer though, as the sheer number of layers already makes this one of the warmer weighted blankets I tried. On that note, despite being warm, it still somehow manages to be reasonably breathable.

Like many others, the internal blanket must be hand washed or dry cleaned, while the cover is machine washable. And there’s a straightforward returns policy if you’re not happy with it.

One small issue is that it’s somewhat fiddly to attach the cover to the blanket as there are several ties to fix it in place. But once you manage to navigate that process, it stays securely in place.

The Quility isn’t the cheapest option out there, but neither is it among the most expensive. So with the great design, quality materials, and the wide range of sizes and colors, it’s a great option.

2. Bearaby Napper

The most elegant weighted blanket to use on the couch as well as the bed

Fill: heavy layers of organic cotton | Cover: not required

bearaby classic napper

Weighted blankets are usually made with huge numbers of tiny beads inside them. The Bearaby Napper takes a more sustainable path and uses heavy layers of hand-knitted organic cotton instead.

I personally love how this results in such a stylish and effective blanket. It also means it’s more breathable than most others as it has space for air to flow, rather than being a solid unit filled with artificial materials. You can use it on its own, but my wife likes to put it on top of a lightweight comforter on cold nights to add some extra warmth.

The lack of beads also avoids the problem some blankets have with the filling moving out of place. That just doesn’t happen with the Bearaby, and the weight will always be evenly distributed.

Aesthetically, this is a beautiful weighted blanket. The large weave design looks great, and it feels like a blanket you’d reach for when you feel the need for some creature comforts. I really like the gentle feel of the cotton, and along with the weight of the layers, it has me feeling relaxed in minutes.

Below: me relaxing with the Bearaby while reading. My wife and I were united in liking this one.

The Bearaby comes in three weight and size combinations: 15lbs (40″ × 72″), 20lbs ( 45″ × 72″) and 25 lbs (48″ × 72″). This means there isn’t a kid’s size though.

The whole blanket is machine washable in cool or warm water, and you don’t need to use it with a cover. They have a 30 days returns policy, which is ample time to decide if it, and weighted blankets in general, will work for you.

My main criticism is that it’s very expensive because of all that hand-knitted cotton, ranging from $249 to $279 according to size. So this is one for people who don’t mind spending extra for an item that will look great. Just don’t expect it to actually help you sleep better than a weighted blanket that’s half the price.

3. Gravity Blanket

A plush weighted blanket made from high-quality materials

Fill: glass beads | Cover: included

gravity blanket

The Gravity blanket is one of the more famous weighted blankets out there, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that was widely covered by the media.

And when you use it, the Gravity will widely cover you too, with a pure cotton inner blanket filled by eco-friendly micro glass beads, and a micro-plush external duvet cover if you need it,

Both the inner blanket and cover feel beautifully soft, which adds to the whole sensation of being hugged to sleep. And the beads are stitched into little sections to keep them in place and ensure even weight distribution. For me, it felt like a high-quality piece of bedding and was a pleasure to relax and lie under.

The original Gravity blanket is made in a single size (72″ x 48″) and comes in three weights: 15, 20 or 25 Lbs. But they now also offer a queen/king size (90″ x 90″) which weighs 35 Lbs.

Conveniently, the removable duvet cover is machine washable. But the blanket itself either needs to be cleaned by hand or dry cleaned.

You have a 30 day returns window if you’re not happy with it. When I checked, I noticed you have to return it in the original plastic packaging though. So make sure you keep that, just in case.

My main criticism is also a major positive in the winter! It’s a little warm under the Gravity blanket if you use the duvet cover. And while that’s fantastic in the cooler months, it was a little too much in the summer for me. And even without the duvet, I found the Gravity slept warmer than some others I’ve tried.

It’s one of the more expensive of the weighted blankets in this review. So I think it’s only going to suit people looking for a premium quality weighted blanket made by a recognizable brand, and don’t mind paying extra for it.

4. Mosaic Kids Weighted Blankets

Best weighted blanket for kids, with a wide range of fun themed patterns

Fill: BPA-free, hypoallergenic, FDA-compliant plastic microbeads

two mosaic kids weighted blankets - one with a star wars pattern and one with a dogs pattern

Please note that it’s recommended that children under the age of eight shouldn’t use a weighted blanket unless it’s approved by a medical professional.

Many weighted blanket brands simply add a smaller weight version for youngsters. But Mosaic goes one step further and opens up a whole world of fun designs that many kids will appreciate.

Having said that, they also have plain colors for teens who have grown out of animal patterns! But if your child is obsessed by Star Wars, the Avengers, cats, dogs, butterflies or dinosaurs etc, Mosaic has got them covered.

Depending on the style you choose, the shell with either be pure cotton or 100% polyester Minky. Both feel very soft, so the choice is a personal one. The cotton version is perhaps better for kids who tend to sleep hot though. The fill consists of plastic micro-beads, sewn into small squares to keep them in place.

They come in three sizes geared towards kids and teens: small size (38″ x 50″), throw size (38″ X 60″), and twin size (42″ X 72″). You can then pick the appropriate weight, ranging between five and twenty pounds, depending on the size.

Conveniently when caring for kids’ bedding, the whole blanket is machine washable. And they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, in case Spiderman went out of fashion overnight.

The main issue is that the plastic microbeads make the blanket feel a little like a giant flat beanbag in some respects. But hey, kids love beanbags. Secondly, the funky designs seem to make them more expensive than the budget brands that also cater to kids.

It’s the pattern choice, size range and machine washable points that make this a good avenue to pursue if it’s for a child. But I wouldn’t ignore other brands with small sizes if you’re on a budget and the kids don’t mind plain colors.

5. Layla

Double-sided cover, with a luxurious feel and extra warmth

Fill: high-density micro glass beads | Cover: included


Layla has branched out from their popular mattress to make a stylish and luxurious feeling weighted blanket that will especially suit people who feel the cold at night.

The fill is made from tiny glass beads, neatly sewn into small hexagonal sections. It’s carefully designed so that the beads make minimal noise when you move, which is a plus. That’s achieved using poly-fill batting, which results in some extra warmth – handy in the winter, not so much for hot sleepers in the summer.

I like that the cover is dual-sided, with 300 thread count cotton on one side, and a plush mink-like fur on the other. Both sides are comfy to wrap around your body, so you can choose whether you want the fluffier effect of mink or the smooth soft cotton feel.

There are three sizes available: 15 lbs twin (48″ x 72″), a 20 lbs queen (60″ x 80″), and a 25 lbs king (80″ x 87″). This isn’t as flexible as brands like Quility, but similar to Bearaby and Gravity in terms of the size choice available.

The blanket can be machine washed cold, and tumble dried low. So you don’t need to make a trip to a crowded laundrette or pay extortionate prices for dry cleaning.

One major plus is that Layla has a more generous trial period than most weighted blanket sellers. They offer a 120 nights trial period, with a 100% money-back guarantee. They also have an unusually long five year warranty.

My main criticisms are that it’s not ideal for hot sleepers, and that it only comes in one color and three sizes. But if you match those sizes, sleep cold and like that stylish grey hexagonal design, this is an excellent weighted blanket.

6. Luna

Best value breathable weighted blanket for hot sleepers

Fill: glass beads | Cover: included

luna organic cooling cotton blanket

I’ve found that weighted blankets sometimes feel like fabric incubators as the layers and individual pockets trap the heat constantly generated by your body.

When you’re a naturally hot sleeper, this obviously isn’t ideal. If your budget doesn’t stretch to the breathable Bearaby, the Luna weighted blanket does a reasonable job of keeping some of the heat at bay, and at a much lower price.

Luna says their blankets are “carefully constructed for breathability”. It won’t actively cool you, but it will help reduce how much heat is trapped. It does that by having air channels built into the layers and by using light 400 thread count organic cotton cover rather than polyester Minky.

The weight is created by glass beads, sewn into small sections as usual. All that weight and the need for fabric to contain the beads will, of course, stop it from being as breathable as normal lightweight bedding. But I found the heat build-up was at least better than most other weighted blankets.

The Luna blanket comes in a wide range of sizes, from 5 lbs (36″ x 48″) for kids, up to 25 lbs (80″ x87″) for adults, with seven more sizes in between. And there are several color options to choose from.

The cover can be machine washed, once you manage to undo all the ties that are keeping the internal blanket in place!

My main concern is that the promise of cooling will appeal to some people, but then disappoint when they realize there is still some heat build-up. So try to have realistic expectations – think ‘more breathable than others’ rather than ‘magic active cooling’.

The price is very reasonable compared to many weighted blankets and the cotton has a lovely creamy softness. So with the long 100 night trial period, it’s a good opportunity to see if a weighted blanket can work for you if you’re worried about overheating at night.

7. YnM

Best budget weighted blanket, with an excellent range of sizes and colors

Fill: glass beads. Cover: sold separately.


For a considerably lower price than most others, the YnM still looks well designed and feels comfy and relaxing to use.

The weight is created by glass beads, sewn into small sections and contained in multiple layers to prevent leakage. It’s noticeable that they haven’t tried to save on design costs here, and the small compartments help keep the weight evenly distributed.

They haven’t over-stuffed it with fiber-fill either, so it retains a level of breathability. As I mentioned with the Luna though, ‘breathable’ with weighted blankets is a relative term!

Still, it does have a much lighter feel than many competing budget models. The inner blanket cover is made from cotton, which is soft but not quite as smooth as the more premium blankets.

The YnM caters to a very wide range of sizes, from 5 lbs (36″ x 48″) all the way up to 30 lbs (80″ x87″) for larger adults. It also comes in weights that very few brands offer, such as 12 lbs, 17 lbs, and 22 lbs. And at the time of writing, there are 22 colors and patterns available.

My main criticism is that the duvet cover is sold separately. Secondly, while they advertise it as machine washable, that only applies to blankets weighing under 15 lbs – otherwise, it needs commercial cleaning.

On balance, the YnM is a good option if the high cost of weighted blankets has been a barrier. With a 30 day trial, you have plenty of time to decide if the balance of price, quality and relaxing effect on your body and mind is right or not.

And you can reduce the cost dramatically by only buying the weighted blanket insert. Then just use it on top of a sheet or comforter, and wash it as needed. That’s what we did, and have had no issues other than the fact that it doesn’t look or feel quite as glamorous as the others in its naked form. But then again, who does?