Cosi Home Weighted Blanket Review

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Cosi Home weighted blanket

In the photo above, I’m using the adult version of the Cosi Home weighted blanket. It has a double-sided cover and weighs 6.8 kg (15 lb).


The Cosi Home weighted blanket is an affordable option that may suit adults shopping on a budget. It’s robustly made, has a soft cover, and the weight is evenly distributed due to the small pocket sizes.

The main downside is the lack of different weight and size options, so it won’t be right for everyone. But if you’d like a double size weighted blanket for yourself or to share, the weight per square foot has a comforting feel without being too heavy.


  • Affordable price (I paid £40).
  • Robust construction.
  • Even and comfortable weight distribution.
  • Soft exterior cover.
  • Machine washable cover.


  • Limited size, weight, and color options.
  • Less stylish and breathable than some brands.
  • Inner blanket lacks softness.

Why I chose the Cosi Home weighted blanket

I’ve reviewed a wide range of weighted blankets over the last few years and generally find them relaxing to use. Most of the ones I’ve tried have been American brands, so I decided to see what I could find while in the UK.

I also wanted to pick a relatively affordable one, as I know not everyone wants to pay upwards of £250 or $250 for a premium weighted blanket.

After searching online for a couple of hours, I settled on the Cosi Home weighted blanket, and bought it on Amazon for just over £40. This was a sale price, with the ‘normal’ price listed as £79.99. I think both prices are quite reasonable (as long as the blanket doesn’t disappoint, of course).

I hadn’t heard of the Cosi Home brand before. Taking a look on their website, they have quite a broad selection of sleep products. Their about page says they were launched in 2017, that they have a head office in London, and have warehouses in the UK, Europe, and North America.

Packaging and first impressions

In my experience, weighted blankets tend to involve a lot of packaging because of their size and weight. I sometimes complain how a small item bought on Amazon can arrive in a ridiculously oversized box. In this case, however, the box was a tight fit, resulting in the corners of the the weighted blanket box being a bit squished.

photo of the Cosi Home weighted blanket in its original box

The blanket itself was also wrapped in plastic though, so it was well protected and looked in good condition when I unwrapped it.

photo of the Cosi Home weighted blanket in its plastic wrapper
photo of the Cosi Home weighted blanket folded up on a table

It comes with a drawstring carry bag if you need to store or transport the blanket. The bag seems robust to me, and I prefer this style to the large plastic carry cases some companies use as it takes up less space in a cupboard when you’re not using it.

photo of the Cosi Home weighted blanket in a drawstring carry bag

Design and materials

Like many weighted blankets, the Cosi Home consists of an inner section that provides all the weight, and a detachable cover to provide softness and make it easier to clean. The insert and cover are held together by a series of loops and ties, with a zip down one side.

Cosi Home describes the blanket as having a multilayered design on their website, saying:

An innovative 9-layer structure with enhanced padding, ultra-strong dual stitched edges and a smaller quilted pattern ensures the ultimate experience.

In the diagram below, which is from the Cosi Home website, you can see the layers:

diagram showing the layers of the Cosi Home weighted blanket

I prefer not to cut into weighted blankets to double check the design, but I can tell you how mine looks and feels, and what the listed materials are.

Inner weighted section

The inner section evidently has seven of the nine layers. Probably the most common design I’ve seen for weighted blankets is to have glass microbeads contained in stitched pockets, surrounded by either polyester or cotton fill to help keep them evenly distributed.

The Cosi Home also uses thousands of glass microbeads to create the weight. There are two layers of polyester padding and polyester sheets above and below them to keep them in place. And then the outer visible layer of the weighted section is made from cotton.

This inner section had one main point that impressed me, and one that was somewhat disappointing.

Firstly, I really liked how small the pockets are. As you can see in the photo below, they are 10 cm squares (4 inches) and appear to be robustly stitched.

photo of the internal pockets of the cosi home weighted blanket, with a tape measure showing they are 10cm squares

The small pockets helps ensure more even weight distribution, as there isn’t so far the beads can go when you move the blanket around. I’ve seen some companies make them with squares 50% larger, and it does make a difference in how the blanket feels.

Although there’s only single stitching between the pockets, the edges are double stitched, which is another plus point where durability is concerned.

Where the blanket didn’t impress me so much is the quality of the cotton exterior. They use 115 GSM Twill Cotton, which didn’t feel soft to me. Compared to premium blankets I’ve used, such as the Baloo for example, I wouldn’t use the inner section without the cover because it doesn’t feel so smooth on the skin. Still, that’s what the cover is for.

The cover

The external cover feels much softer than the internal weighted section. It’s made from polyester minky and is double sided.

In the photo below, I’ve arranged mine so you can see both sides.

photo of the two sides of the Cosi Home weighted blanket cover

One side is blue, with sensory dots. Many weighted blankets include sensory dots, and it is kind of hypnotic to run your hand over them – not that I spend much time doing that while I’m asleep (to my knowledge!)

The other side is listed as grey, but to my eye it has a touch of green in the grey. This side doesn’t have sensory dots.

The cover has a lovely soft feel to it, which is typical of minky. So that gives you the option to either use it on top of your normal bedding, or to drape it over you when relaxing on the sofa.

Personally, I prefer to have a bedsheet or duvet between me and the weighted blanket, but if you like the feel of minky, the Cosi Home could be your only bedding if you wanted to reduce the number of layers over you in warmer weather.

The ties and loops system to attach the cover

In my experience, removing and re-attaching weighted blanket covers can be time-consuming and fiddly, usually taking several minutes even when you’ve got the hang of it. For that reason, the fastening system is one of the key points I look out for when reviewing them.

I was pleased to discover that the Cosi Home ties and loops system was well designed. There are 10 loops and ties, and importantly, the loops are large enough that you can get the ties through relatively quickly. The ties are rigid enough that you don’t need to fold them to get them through the loops, which makes the process much smoother.

In the photo below, you can see one of the tie and loops:

photo of one of the loops and ties used to attach the Cosi Home cover to the weighted blanket

Once you’ve got the ties in place, there’s a zip down one side to completely conceal the inner section. It’s a small zip that’s neatly tucked inside the fabric, which is good as it looks fairly subtle when it’s on your bed.

Weight and dimensions

One issue I have with the Cosi Home is the lack of choice in weight and dimensions. At the time of writing this article, they only have one adult size and one kid’s size to my knowledge. I don’t know why they have such a limited choice, but it means their weighted blanket won’t be right for many people.

Adult size dimensions:

  • Weight: 6.8 kg (15 lb)
  • Length: 203 cm (79.9 inches)
  • Width: 152 cm (59.8 inches)

My own mattress is a UK king size, which measures 200 x 150 cm. So it means the weighted blanket doesn’t hang off the sides, and would only hang over the sides of a double or smaller.

Having said that, it’s still quite wide and long for a blanket of this weight. Some weighted blankets have the same weight contained in a blanket made for one person, resulting in more weight per square foot.

I think the Cosi Home was probably designed for sharing because of the size, or maybe for one person who wants to change positions in the night on their larger bed without having to drag a smaller blanket with them while half asleep!

How it feels to use the weighted blanket in bed

Now we’ve looked at the design and materials, how does the Cosi Home actually feel when you lie under it? I’ve already mentioned that the cover is soft, which is great, but the effect of the weight and how breathable it is are key to how a weighted blanket feels to use.

The weight works

First of all, it doesn’t feel as heavy as most other weighted blankets I’ve tried. I’ve used some in the US, for example, that weigh twice as much, but with a smaller surface area.

After two weeks of using the Cosi Home, my partner and I agreed that the weight feels just about right. It has a snug feel without being claustrophobic (some people might still find it too heavy though).

As odd as it might sound, one of my tests is how it feels on my toes when I lie on my back. Heavy weighted blankets can apply a lot of pressure and make me bend my feet outwards, which I don’t find comfortable.

With the Cosi Home, I can lie on my back happily without feeling too much pressure on the ends of my toes. So as far as the weight is concerned, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it suited both me and my lighter partner (I hover around 85 kg / 187 lb).

In the photo below, I’m using the Cosi Home with the reverse side on top.


I got my blanket in January, and it’s been cold at night since. Adding all that extra material has been fine so far because the extra warmth has been a welcome touch. But I doubt I’d use it in the summer months because of all the synthetic material. Minky isn’t the most breathable material, so I think this is one for cold weather or naturally cold sleepers.

Yes, you could remove the cover and just use the insert, but as I mentioned earlier, the external material of the inner section isn’t very soft.

Does it really feel like a hug and help you relax?

Weighted blankets are designed with a unique goal in mind: to provide what’s known as deep pressure stimulation, leading to a feeling of reassurance and relaxation.

My view is that if it’s true that weighted blankets work in that way, then any that weighs what it needs to weigh should work, regardless of the brand, colour, sensory dots, number of layers, or price.

I think how well it conforms to your body shape can somewhat influence how comforting it feels, and the Cosi Home does have reasonably good contouring.

Man sleeping under the Cosi Home weighted blanket

I don’t really think it feels like a hug, a concept which I consider to be a bit of a marketing gimmick that pervades the entire weighted blanket industry. A hug involves another person’s warm body and ideally a shared experience with the desire to show affection of some form. A blanket can’t do that.

What it can do is give you the feeling of being more tightly tucked into bed than normal bedding usually provides, which I admit has some kind of mysterious calming effect. Whether you find it more or less calming is impossible for me to predict. We are all different, and that extends to how we feel when lying under a weighted blanket in our own bedroom.

Cleaning the weighted blanket

It’s important to note that only the external cover can be machine washed. The internal section needs to be spot cleaned or dry cleaned

The photo below is of the cover care label. As you can see, it’s fine to machine wash it at 30°C and tumble dry low.

Cosi Home weighted blanket cover care label

I like it when a weighted blanket cover can be machine washed and dried as it’s much easier than cleaning the entire blanket. Even those than allow you to wash the whole blanket, such as the Bearaby, can take a long time to dry.

Price and warranty

As I discussed at the start, the Cosi Home cost me just over £40 on sale on Amazon. I haven’t kept an eye on the price to know if there are regular sales, or if it’s likely to go up in the future. This price makes it one of the more affordable weighted blankets I’ve seen in the UK.

If you get it on Amazon, you’ll have their standard 30 day warranty. If you buy it on their website, you have to contact them within 14 days, and return it unopened and in the original box.


The Cosi Home is good value for money if you’re looking for a low cost weighted blanket. The robust stitching and tight pockets to keep the microbeads in place should ensure it lasts for a decent amount of time. I like the soft exterior cover and the sensory dots, though it might feel too warm for some in the summer months.

I think there are more elegant and more breathable weighted blankets, but they typically cost two to three times more. It’s a shame it only comes in one adult size and weight as I’d like to see more variety and options, especially a single size rather than the large double.

The blanket has all the necessary ingredients to provide some reassuring pressure while you relax or sleep under it. Whether it works for you or not will depend on your general reaction to weighted blankets rather than any specific feature of this one.

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